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The Make Lively Maker Space will be a facility filled with digital fabrication tools, classroom space, and work space to fulfill the need for a supportive and empowering Maker Space in the North County of San Diego. This community resource will be a welcoming co-making location where people of all skill levels can learn, prototype, and/or incubate their small manufacturing or technology business.

We will have events for the DIY curious, classes to help you repair what you have, Make and Take parties, machine specific courses, and business skill mentors.

* If you work in Education and are charged with making a Maker Space we can help you understand the equipment and choose projects to get your school Maker Space up and running.

* If you are a Maker in need of studio rental space we can help.

* If you are a STEAM/STEM related club and need a place to meet we can help.

* If you are an organization helping people gain technical and manufacturing job skills for their future employment we can help.

Most of all this Maker Space is a Community Resource, it will reflect the people who join the community. Join us in planning a space that you will enjoy. Let’s Make Together.
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In order to choose a properly sized building, floor plan, and determine membership levels, we would be most thankful if you would fill out the survey below.
Do you wish to rent studio space?
What sized studio space would you prefer?
Will you be needing a scholarship to cover membership and/or classroom fees?
Are you an educator needing help to building your school Maker Space?
Are you a guardian needing help to supplement a child's STEAM education?
Are you a social maker? Do you attend Paint & Sip type events?
Do you make ___ ? Please check all that apply.
Do you want to learn how to repair what you have?
Do you prefer to rent the space/tools and be left alone to work?
Do you enjoy socializing with other Makers?
Are you running a small business, or are you interested in starting a small business?
Are you a Club / Supplier / Producer seeking a business alliance with a Maker Space?
What price range is a reasonable membership level for using the space three to four times a month? ($ per month)
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What price range is a reasonable membership level for using the space multiple times a week for small business production? ($ per month)
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Rather than a monthly membership, I would rather pay a small annual membership and then pay by reserved time at the workshop.
Someone the Make Lively Board should talk to about all of this is...
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Make sure the space is supporting... (kinds of projects, events, organizations, demographics)
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What kinds of things would you like to make at the space?
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What have you had trouble with making at home or at other maker spaces.
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