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Fairview Attendance Policy
Fairview High School Attendance Policy
Daily attendance is paramount for the academic success of students at Fairview High School. Research indicates that
students who have a 95% attendance rate and pass all their classes, graduate on time and attend more consecutive
semesters in college. Your student’s attendance rate can be found on the summary page on Infinite Campus.
General absence info:
• Attendance line 720.561.5352 or email: vicki.brendefur@bvsd.org
• Fax 720.561.3111
• Only parents or guardians may excuse an absence
• We cannot interrupt class to pull a student for an appointment
• Always call in when your child is absent or tardy even if it will not be excused.
• In order to participate in extra-curricular events or practices, the student must attend 50% of classes or greater.
Excusing full days:
• Contact us on the day of the absence or before 10:00AM of the next school day
• Your student may be excused up to ten times without documentation. This total includes unexcused days too.
• The appropriate documentation from a doctor or a court or government appointment can be faxed, emailed or
hand carried to the attendance office.
• If an absence is not excused within 48 hours, it will remain unexcused.
Excusing single period absences:
• Only a doctor’s note, dentist note or court appearance can generally excuse single period absences
o Exceptions: Inclement weather or other isolated exceptions at the discretion of the Dean of Students.
• Notes to be used as documentation cannot be written by student’s own parents.
• This includes the first and last periods of the day.
If your student gets sick while at school & needs to go home
• Students must visit the health room to check out of school. The health room slip must then be taken up to the
attendance window before leaving school.
• When your student wakes up sick in the morning but decides to come to school later that day because the illness
has passed: The student must check in at the attendance window and the parent must contact the school.
Pre-arranged absences: (Getting absences excused for planned, future events)
• These are events that take your student out of school for partial or full days and include such things as college
trips, family vacations, non-school athletics, weddings, funerals, or recitals
o Have your student come to the attendance desk for a Prearranged Absence Form before the event.
o Form is signed by the student, a parent, all his/her teachers and later, by the Dean of Students
o We prefer that you turn in the form two (2) days prior to the absence.
Incorrectly marked absences by the teacher or sub (Oops slips):
• It is the students responsibility to get a correction form (oops slip) from attendance
• The teacher will indicate the correct entry and sign it.
• The student then takes the oops slip back to attendance
• Note, if your student is tardy more than 5 minutes, it is considered an absence but we always need students to
attend class even when late so they do not miss important material.
• When a sub incorrectly marks an absence or tardy, that student must plead case to classroom teacher.
Make-up Work for Absences:
• Students with excused absences must make arrangements with their teachers to make-up work within two days of
the absence with a time limit of completion not to exceed two weeks.
• Opportunities to make up labs, tests, etc. comparable to those given in class will be provided.
• No student can miss a class in order to make up work for another class.
• In accordance with Board Policy, students with unexcused absences shall not be allowed to make up missed work
unless specifically permitted by the principal.
Revised 4/30/2016
Fairview High School Attendance Policy continued
Attendance Policy Violation Consequences:
• Excused absences appear in green or gray on Infinite Campus with the designations EXC, DOC, ILL, ADM, or
COU. Unexcused items appear in red and pending items in yellow.
• For a second unexcused absence the student will receive one detention if the absence is not corrected.
o For repeated infractions needing correction, a detention may be assigned that will not be dismissed by
correcting it.
• Subsequent unexcused absences
o Third absence: Two detentions
o Fourth absence: Saturday school
o Parent notifications
 Phone calls will be made for multiple unexcused absences and an official letter will be sent for
any six absences in any one class or greater.
 After any ten (10) absences from a single period or greater:
• An official letter will be sent to parents
• All future absences will be unexcused unless we receive documentation from a doctor, a
court, or governmental agency.
o Attendance contracts can be created for students who miss a disproportionate number of days whether
excused or not. Reminder- the goal is always 95% attendance or better.
Detention & Saturday School:
• Your child will be notified for the specific dates they are to attend. It is their responsibility to remember but we
will send a notification email to parents when they have Saturday school.
• Students cannot be excused from detention or Saturday school for athletics, any extra-curricular activity, or by
parents for any reason. (Rescheduling is possible. Contact attendance)
• Detention: 3:30-4:30PM in room 813 on either Tuesdays or Thursdays
o If a student does not attend a detention, he or she must make up that detention and will be assigned to
an additional Saturday School.
• Saturday school: 8AM-12PM in room 813. Students may not arrive late.
o Students who do not attend an assigned Saturday school may be suspended.
Truancy Procedures:
Truancy procedures will be initiated for students under the age of 17 whose attendance is deemed by the administration to
be excessive and interfering with the student’s education. Specifically, the student and their parent/guardian will receive a
letter stating that further absences will not be excused unless documentation is provided by a doctor. If further absences
are accrued after the letter, the student will be referred to truancy court.
• This process will also be followed for students 17 and older, with the exception that after notification of excessive
absences, the student will be placed on an attendance contract. If the contract is violated, the student may be
withdrawn from the class or may be withdrawn from Fairview.
• As required by Colorado State Law and BVSD Policy, students are expected to be in attendance every day that
school is in session.
• For further information in the District’s Attendance Policies, please refer to Policy JED in the Student Rights and
Responsibilities Guide, and State Law (C.R.S. 22-33-104) which requires attendance at school for all students
until the age of seventeen
Agreement *
FAIRVIEW HIGH SCHOOL Academic Honesty Code Policy: All Fairview students are expected to respond to academic challenges with the highest degree of integrity and honesty, which means fulfilling assignments and/or exams in the manner in which they are intended and not participating in any behavior that gains an unfair advantage for any student.Common forms of cheating include: Plagiarism: Incorporating the information, ideas, words, graphics or artwork of another source(classmate, published author, or internet) into your own work without giving the originator the credit. Using a paper or project you created previously to substitute for a current assignment without asking permission (self-plagiarism). Telling your ideas for a paper to another individual and having them write your paper for you in their own words. Inventing of information; misquoting or quoting out of context.Test Taking and Homework: Copying from another’s test or quiz. Using any methods of gaining answers prior to or during a test, quiz, or other assignment. Having someone else take an exam. Working with others on an assignment that was meant to be done individually. Copying from a lab group other than your own.Collusion: Letting another student look on your test or quiz. Reporting to another student, in any manner, what is on a test or quiz. Helping someone plagiarize. Allowing someone to copy work that was meant to be done individually. Discussing an assignment with students who have not yet been assessed on the material. Sending a paper or program to a friend so that they can read the main ideas that you used.Procedures:Beginning of the year During the first week of school, all students will be required to sign the Fairview High School Academic Honesty Code. One administrator will be in charge of academic honesty. The administrator will file the signed Academic Honesty Codes in the students’ discipline files.Reporting Students report to any teacher. Teachers report directly to the administrator in charge of academic honesty, as well as to the counselor and the IB/AP administrator. All incidents of dishonesty MUST be reported. The administrator will also report to the parents in a timely fashion.Consequences The first time a student is caught cheating at FHS results in a zero for the entire assignment. For papers, this includes drafts, note cards, etc. associated with this assignment. An alternative assignment may be given at teacher discretion. The administrator, with teacher input, will complete the Violation of Academic Honesty Form and place it in the student’s disciplinary file. Colleges and universities may be notified. If several infractions of academic malpractice are discovered at the same time, the situation will fall under the category of a second offense. The second time a student is caught cheating at FHS results in a zero for the assignment and the student will not be allowed to make up the points in any way.There will also be a 1-2 day in-school suspension. In addition, if the student is an IB Diploma Candidate, a second offense may result in removal from the IB Diploma Program. Colleges and universities may be notified. If several infractions of academic malpractice are discovered at the same time, the situation will fall under the category of a third offense. The third time a student is caught cheating at FHS results in a zero for the assignment and the student will not be allowed to make up the points in any way.There will also be a 3-5 day in-school or out-of-school suspension and colleges and universities will be notified. In addition, if the student is an IB Diploma Candidate, a third offense will result in removal from the IB Diploma Program. At the discretion of the teacher, a student who cheats may not receive a recommendation for placement in advanced classes. Consequences are cumulative throughout the student’s academic career at FHS. Implementation: Students will electronically sign this document each year at registration. The Fairview High School Honor Pledge and definitions of cheating will be posted on the FHS website and printed in the school planners. The pledge itself will be posted in all classrooms, in the counseling department, in every teacher’s office, in the student achievement center, in the library, in the computer labs, and in the IB/AP office. The Fairview High School Honor Pledge: On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance as described in the Academic Honesty Code on this work and I have fully acknowledged the work and ideas of others. Teachers may require students to write the Fairview High School Honor Pledge on an assignment and sign it. *
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