AGIS Working Group Request
The creation of official AGIS working groups needs to be approved by the Board. The purpose of the group, duration of the meetings and the expected outcomes have to be clear.

Responsibilities and funding of AGIS working groups

AGIS working groups are entitled to meet and may apply for a 1,000 Euros subsidy for an external expert plus a per capita grant of 35 Euros for meals and refreshments payable against receipts provided that:

• Official AGIS working group meetings are organized by an AGIS member school.
• Only AGIS member schools attend.
• The invitation and the agenda are sent at least 4 weeks in advance to the AGIS secretary who will distribute it to the members of the Board for approval.
• The invitation and agenda are sent out to all AGIS Schools and at least 5 AGIS schools must attend to qualify for funding.
• Participant lists and minutes of all meetings are registered with the AGIS secretary within 4 weeks.
• Receipts are handed in not later than one month after the event and before the end of the calendar year.
• No participation fee is charged.

Procedure for the approval of external experts:

• Working groups to send proposal to AGIS.
• The Board Chair will decide on proposed external expert on a case by case basis.
• For any approved external expert, AGIS would support the working group with 1,000 Euros in addition to the 35 Euros per working group member, as mentioned above.
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