AMTL 2019 Travel Grant
This form is required to apply for travel grants for AMTL 2019. Please note that we will not be able to cover ALL costs, but rather provide partial funding, so please check with your institution if you can get additional funding before completing the form. Also, consider applying as an ICML student volunteer or for the ICML student travel award for additional funding. When applying, remember that AMTL has limited funding sources. Please be considerate of fellow participants and clearly state any other sources of funding that you may have; the goal is for authors of all the accepted papers to be able to attend.

Application guidelines:
** Funding depends on acceptance to present at AMTL 2019.
** Only one author per accepted paper will be able to apply for funding.
** We will prioritize students, members of underrepresented minorities, first authors of AMTL papers, non-US based authors, and first-time attendees to an international conference.
** Funding can only cover costs of travel, hotel, visa, and workshop registration. See important guidelines and restrictions below.
** Funding reimbursement will be provided after the workshop and based on the presentation of your receipts that support the requested funding level.
** Flight/train/bus costs are for direct travel to/from the appropriate transit hub (station or airport) in Long Beach. No detours, no stopovers [in the airline sense: no stops more than 24 hrs en route; shorter layovers are ok], no taxis, no rideshares, no special-price limousines, etc.
** Accommodation reimbursement will be fixed at the price of a student room (in shared accommodation).
Please be reasonable. If in doubt, ask first!
** AMTL will not cover meals/drinks/local transportation/parking/souvenirs or anything other than the items mentioned above.
** We, unfortunately, reserve the right to decline reimbursements for requests against the spirit of the grants.
** Notifications regarding funding will be sent by June 1st, and will provide applicants with an estimated support level from AMTL 2019.

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