2021-22 MNCodes Cohort Administrator Support Form
Hello Administrators! You have a staff member who is interested in participating in the 2021-22 MNCodes Cohort, which is offered through the non-profit, Code Savvy (www.codesavvy.org).  Administrator support is critical to the MNCodes Cohort members’ abilities to extend their impact and share their resources beyond the walls of their own classrooms.  We are asking that you take a few minutes to look over and complete this form to confirm that your staff member has support to meet all of the requirements of the Cohort.  The administrator support form is a necessary component to each application. We are unable to consider any applicant who does not have a completed administrator support form.  

Please feel free to contact us at educators@codesavvy.org with any questions. We appreciate your support of computer science education!  

Cohort informational website: https://mncodes.org/cohort/

Cohort preliminary 2021-22 schedule:

Code Savvy: http://codesavvy.org/

The MN Coding in the Classroom Leadership Cohort is an initiative of Code Savvy and a part of its educator training and workshops.
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Information about the MN Coding in the Classroom Leadership Cohort
The purpose of the MN Coding in the Classroom Leadership Cohort is to empower a network of visionary educators with knowledge and resources in computer science education so that we can help all students to realize their potential to become creators, not merely users, of new technologies. In doing so, we hope to help make Minnesota a world leader in K-12 computer science education.

30 K-12 and community educators from across Minnesota will be chosen to participate in the Cohort for the 2021-22 school year.  The Cohort will meet monthly from August, 2021 - May, 2022 with both both in-person and online participation options.  Most Cohort meetings will take place evenings or weekends (see the preliminary schedule for dates and details), and a travel stipend will be available to educators who live more than 50 miles outside of the Twin Cities.  

In November, 2022 Cohort members will help to facilitate a statewide coding education event, the MNCodes Summit, which will take place on a weekday.  We are asking schools to cover the sub cost (as needed) for Cohort members to attend that day.

An important piece of Cohort participation is the development and implementation of coding resources that align to Minnesota academic standards.  Additionally, all Cohort members are asked to develop and share professional development about coding in the classroom with at least 10 other educators. We are asking that Cohort members have the opportunity to implement integrated coding resources with students at their schools or educational settings and share their professional development session with educators within their schools, districts or professional networks.

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Will you support the Cohort applicant's participation in the MN Coding in the Classroom Leadership Cohort by allowing the delivery of professional development on coding in the classroom? *
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Do students in your school or learning environment currently receive coding education?
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What are your goals for computer science education in your school, district, or learning environment?
Would you be interested in learning more about other Professional Development opportunities through Code Savvy related to Computer Science Education for your school or district?
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Optional: administrators are invited to submit a separate letter of recommendation on behalf of the applicant.  Letters can be emailed to Andrea at educators@codesavvy.org.
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