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Please fill-out the following application for membership to Cedar City Gun Club.  Annual membership dues are $150 which will be collected prior to receiving a key to the club house and gate. An email confirmation will be emailed and begin the process upon form submission.
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I understand that this Cedar City Gun Club membership is for a Family (Immediate) Membership and annual dues are $150.  I also understand that this club has NO PAID employees so I am responsible for taking care of the club (trash removal, club house clean up, target restocking, hulls picked up,  and payment for all rounds shot.  I also will ensure all safety rules will be followed (eye protection, ear protection, no loaded guns unless on a station pad, guns kept down range, etc).  I also recognize that Cedar City Gun Club is a SHOTGUN ONLY club- no handguns, rifles, or assault rifles to be fired on premise.
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