RSVP for Fall 2020 Street Tree Planting
We're asking all volunteers to RSVP by November 14 so we can divide you into planting groups in advance. If you want to be in a group with a friend, please complete this form together. The third person in each group will be the group leader.
Full Name of Volunteer 1 *
Email of Volunteer 1 *
This is my _____ time volunteering for a planting. *
I'm willing to be one of the stake driving team. These volunteers will work alone. They'll each use a stake driver to drive the protective wooden stakes into the soil on either side of each tree once it's planted, then tie the tree to the stakes using provided tree ties. *
I can arrive earlier at 8am and help deliver trees, stakes, and mulch to their planting sites. *
Full Name of Volunteer 2
Only use this field if you will be volunteering with a friend.
Email of Volunteer 2 *
I/We volunteer to plant street trees on Saturday, November 21. *
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