Digital SMD: Consent Form Response
You may be eligible to take part in a research study within the Department of Computer Science at Dartmouth College. The consent form gives you important information about the study. It describes the purpose of the research, the risks, and possible benefits. Please direct all questions to the principal investigator at
Please confirm that you have received a copy of the consent form for this research and reviewed it. *
I understand that the researchers may release the de-identified data as part of an online publicly-available dataset. I also understand that the researchers may want to use samples of the dataset for illustrative purposed in papers and presentations of this work for scientific or educational purposed. I give my permission to do so provided that my name will not appear. *
By typing your name below, you agree that the above information has been explained to you and all your current questions have been answered. You understand that you may ask questions about any aspect of this research study during the course of the study and in the future. By typing your name on this form, you agree to participate in this research study. *
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