GC Peer Review! Late Spring 2019 Sign-Up Sheet
Are you a Humanities student working on a dissertation or master’s thesis? Do you want more structure for your writing process and feedback on your writing this fall? Are you looking for a friendly small-group setting in which to share works in progress? We want you for GC Writing Services’ writing groups! We’ll meet to share writing, provide feedback, offer mutual support, exchange tips on process, and help each other meet accountability goals. Students will share work and feedback on a rotating basis. Peer critique helps students develop methods to assess and revise their own work outside of the workshop.

You are eligible if you are currently working on an article, dissertation materials (prospectuses, chapters), or a master’s thesis.

• Sign up for one of two weekly groups: one meeting Tuesdays, 6-8pm, April 2 – May 14 OR one that meets Wednesdays, 3-5pm, March 20 - May 1.

• Meet weekly in GC room 3312.

• We ask that each participant read and respond substantively (~2 pages) to about 20 pages of peer writing each week, and contribute 10 pages for peer critique every third week.

• Email writinghelp@gc.cuny.edu with questions or with inquiries about joining a remote group.

• We will use your @gradcenter email address for communication purposes, so make sure you are checking this address.

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I agree to attend all meetings (the Tuesday series OR the Wednesday series), to give about 2 pages of double-spaced written feedback per week, and to share 10 pages of work in progress every three weeks (~20 pages total). *
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