Landowner Questionnaire
This information aids in our planning of monitoring visits and helps us identify any needs to address or resources with which we can connect you. We appreciate your participation!
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Your Name and Role (property owner, manager, other relationship to owner, etc.) *
Have you sold, transferred ownership, or adjusted the boundaries of your easement property, or plan to do so in the next year? If yes, please provide additional details such as sale date, purchaser name and contact information, planned listing date, etc.:
Mailing address(es) of your conservation easement property(ies) *
In addition to the address where you received the monitoring notice letter and this questionnaire, please provide any other, preferred contact information for yourself or others, and their role, we may contact about your conservation easement property (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.):
What is the ideal time of year for you to have us conduct our on-the-ground monitoring visit?
Is there anything LPOSC staff should be aware of when entering the property for scheduled monitoring visits? (i.e. pets, livestock, gates)
Please describe in sufficient detail any new or expanded land uses you undertook on your easement property since we last monitored it on the ground, or that you plan to undertake this year. Examples are construction or expansion of structures, conversion of land uses, forestry-related practices, etc.
The Conservancy is considering utilizing a drone to conduct aerial fly-over monitoring of some properties. Please rate your level of comfort with this type of monitoring. Rest assured that your property will NOT be monitored by drone without your explicit permission.
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Provide any additional comments, including whether neighbors may be opposed. (Again, rest assured that your property will NOT be monitored by drone without your explicit permission.)
Are any of your friends or neighbors interested in information on conservation easements? If so, please provide names and other relevant information. We would love to work with you to set up an informational meeting with them or otherwise provide information.
Any additional comments or questions for us?
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