Student competition registration for MHCI 2020
In this year of the MobileHCI Student Competition, we envision the development of creative and sustainable methods of conducting user research in the fields of MobileHCI. The events around the COVID-19 pandemic have challenged and keep challenging us to think about alternatives to our daily routines when it comes to conducting research: Participants are locked in their homes, “the wild” is practically empty, our labs are closed and if we get our hands on someone, we can not go near them. This makes it very difficult for a community that has mobile, human and interaction in their name.
But this is also an opportunity to think about creatively tackling these problems and designing solutions in a way that they have a sustainable impact.

For details, please visit the full call for participation: LINK

We highly encourage multidisciplinary teams. Also teams consisting of students from multiple universities, cities or countries are highly encouraged.

Participate in the MobileHCI student competition and showcase your creativity to leaders in the field, turn your ideas into reality and experience the full program of MHCI!

If you have any questions please send it to:
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