Cat Pre-Adoption Application
This questionnaire has been designed to aid us in determining if the cat or kitten you're interested in will be a good fit for you and if your home is suitable for our rescue animal.  Please answer all questions honestly and feel free to add your own comments.  Thank you for completing this!
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Tess.  Rescued from the County shelter in Bonita at the age of 5 weeks.
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How many hours per day will this cat left alone? *
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Are there any dogs currently living in your household? *
If you have any dogs in your household please tell us about them (breed, weight, spayed/neutered, cat friendly) *
Do you have any cats in your household? *
If you have cats in your household, please tell us about them (age, weight, spay/neutered?, energy level, personality) *
The current cats in your household are: *
Have the cats in your household been tested for feline leukemia and did they test negative? *
If you have cats in your household, have they been tested for FIV and did they test negative? *
How would you introduce this cat to the current pets in your household? *
If you adopted a cat from us, would you keep it: *
Who will be responsible for the care of this cat? *
If something should happen to that person, who would take care of the cat?
Cats have been known to claw furniture, carpeting, and other items in a home.  How would you deal with this problem? *
How do you plan to provide for this cat when you go out of town? *
How did you hear about this cat? *
Adopters over the age of 70 are required to have a co-adopter under the age of 70.  If you're over 70, please list the name, phone number, and relationship of your co-adopter.
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