Local Progress 2018 Convening - Financial Aid
You requested and have been granted our standard financial aid package, which includes $200 towards your flight (excluding those traveling within Minnesota) and a room for 3-4 nights with double occupancy. Please fill out the form below by May 18th which details the hotel and travel components of the aid and also outlines instructions to upgrade your room and apply for additional discretionary aid, which will be awarded on June 1st. Please note that travel aid cannot be applied to room upgrades.

For those wishing to participate in the women's caucus training on Thursday morning, please plan to arrive on Wednesday evening (July 11). For those who would like to participate in city tours, please plan to arrive by 11am on Thursday (July 12).

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Thursday Programs (July 12) - Please check any options that you're interested in attending
Sunday Program
You have been granted our standard financial aid package which includes your hotel room at double occupancy for the duration of the conference. Please answer the questions below and Local Progress staff will make your hotel bookings accordingly.

Members who would like to upgrade to a single room can pay the difference of approximately $100/night.

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If you have a preferred roommate, please list your preferred roommate.
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As a recipient of the standard financial aid package, you are automatically eligible to submit a request for travel reimbursement of $200. Members will only be reimbursed for travel expenses accrued relating to attendance at the convening and will be required to submit receipts and a W9 in order to receive reimbursements.

We understand that flight costs will range significantly for Local Progress members in different jurisdictions, and also that Local Progress members have different levels of ability to have travel expenses covered by their offices. It is our goal to be able to have a financial aid package that accommodates for these differences. This amount of $200 has been estimated to cover at least 50% of the average flight or train cost from each region based on our research as of April 2018. If when you begin researching your flight, you find that that is not the case, you are welcome to apply for discretionary aid, discussed below.

Additional Discretionary Aid
Members may apply for discretionary aid to supplement the standard financial aid package. Discretionary aid will be awarded following the financial aid deadline on May 18th. Factors that will be considered in granting discretionary aid will be 1) whether the attendee is a first time attendee, 2) whether the attendee is unable to find an affordable flight, 3) whether the attendee has paid their own expenses themselves for other Local Progress events previously or 4) whether the attendee is an invited speaker or on the planning committee and 5) whether the attendee is unable to cover travel funds through their city council office budget.
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