Ride Request Form
Welcome to the online request form for Painted Bar Stables. Please fill out the following questions to request a reservation.

The more information you can give us about your schedule, the riding abilities of your group (or lack thereof), and any special needs you may have, the better we will be able to help make your ride the perfect atxperience. Please be honest and accurate and do not overestimate your group's current level of riding abilities.
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We only accept trail ride requests via this form. 
Due to volume and inundation we cannot accept them via phone, email, text, facebook or other avenues as it is too hard to track.
Dates & Notices of Importance

Trail Rides are unavailable during deer rifle hunting season. In 2023 this is November 18-December 10.

The only trail route open during Spring mud season will be our 1 hour and 1 ½  hour routes due to trail closures in the Finger Lakes National Forest March 15 - May 1st 

VINEYARD RIDES: Rides at the vineyard only happen on specific dates. We cannot go on other dates because of our arrangement with the vineyard and the need for trailering horses. Vineyard trail rides are only able to take 4 riders due to the fact that we have to trailer horses from our farm to the vineyard and are limited in the number of horses we can bring on the trailer.

How the Ride Request Process Works
1. When you submit a request, your information will go into our database. This request is not a booking... it is a request for a booking. This form enables you to request a lesson or trail ride but in no way guarantees the availability or reservation at the stables. No reservation is confirmed until you have paid your booking invoice sent by our booking system via email.

2. Once we receive your request, the owner of the stables will check the ride calendar to see if there are appropriate horses and guides available to take you riding .

3. If we have appropriate horse availability we will send you a booking invoice that you can pay online through our system. Be sure to read the entirety of that invoice as it explains our rules and requirements as well as details for your ride.


Erika is very careful about how we book our schedule because every horse in our barn is as unique as every rider that rides them. It may take a number of days to get back to you as we may be juggling the requests to best fit into our schedule.

Each horse has a different size, personality and skillset. Not only that, but each horse has a different preference for other horses that they work with, as well as a different saddles and tack that fit riders differently. We are very careful about which horse we choose for each rider and how we group them together for your group.

We are also very conscious of how we assemble multiple groups into one public ride. Because we only have so many lead guides, our public rides may include a few different groups of people gathered together with additional assistant guides to help throughout the ride. The dynamic between groups is paramount for us and is not simply determined by age and riding ability but a multitude of factors.

If you wish to not ride with other groups, please select that you would like a private ride at added charge.

Because of all of this, the more information you give us about each individual member of your group, as well as what your group as an entirety is looking for in a ride, the more likely we can make sure you are signing up for the ride you are looking for.
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