SummerVoices 2018
This Adult Choral Workshop is for anyone interested in developing their choral and singing skills. The sessions will be led by Peter Butterfield and take place July 2-7 at St. Mary's Church (on Elgin Street in Oak Bay). The repertoire will be Henry Purcell's (d. 1695) The Fairy Queen and there will be elements of baroque movement integrated into the day program and included in the concert.

Participants who register for the full program (2:30-9:30pm) by May 20th will have two individual 15 minute coaching sessions with Sarah Fryer and Gary Relyea, our Vocal Coaches for this program. Evening only participants will have one 15 minute coaching session. All participants have the opportunity to audition for a solo which, in some instances, could be a small group singing, or singing part of an aria, instead of a full solo.

If you would like to participate but are a student and unable to afford it, please know that there are bursaries available. Please send an email in confidence to Alison McCallum ( with a short explanation of the need and how we could support your involvement.

If you are interested in registering for this fantastic week of music making and skill development, please submit this form by May 20, 2018. If you register after May 20, we cannot guarantee the individual coaching sessions or availability of printed score.

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All fees must be paid at the preview night (June 27) or at the FIRST rehearsal on July 2. Cheques are to be made payable to "Victoria Philharmonic Choir". Please add $10 if you would like a printed and hole-punched copy of the music.
Music in PDF format will be emailed to you. Early registrants are able to get a copy printed for you ($10 per copy, hole-punched). If you are registering after June 1, you have to print it yourself. *
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