AJB Mitaka Winter School 2019 お申込みフォーム (アフター/サタデー/一般生用)// AJB Mitaka Winter School 2019 Application Form (After/Saturday/External Student)
ご記入いただいた個人情報は、アオバジャパン・バイリンガルプリスクール三鷹キャンパスにおいて厳重に保管・管理いたします。アオバジャパン・バイリンガルプリスクールのホリデープログラム(Spring/Summer/Winter Schoolなど)の目的以外で使用することはございません。
All personal information above will be managed properly by Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool, Mitaka Campus and will not be used for any other purposes that are not relevant to the Seasonal Programs (Spring/Summer/Winter School etc.) of Aoba-Japan Bilingual Preschool.


③申し込み完了  ※持ち物などの詳細をご案内メールを送らせていただきます


Application procedure
① Submit this application form
Note: If you are using a school bus for the first time or if you do not know the bus stop/number, please contact us by email before filling out this application form. You will be informed of bus routes and stops via email.
AJB Mitaka email address: mitaka@aoba-bilingual.jp

② Complete the payment within one week

③ Admission is completed *We will send you an information letter with details such as things you need to prepare, etc.

Note 1) We will not refund or change the amount after the invoice is issued, so please apply after your schedule has been solidified/confirmed.
Note 2) After completing the application, please send a picture that clearly shows the face of the participating child to the above e-mail address. Snapshots taken with a smartphone can be used.
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