Pindaan:2 (2018)
This survey has been designed and developed as a mechanism to gather feedback from you as the alumni of our Undergraduate Programs. The focus of the survey is on how well your experiences as a student of our Undergraduate Programs have proven to be useful to you after graduation. Your honest opinion on this matter is greatly appreciated as part of our continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives.
Personal and General Particulars
1. Graduate Information
Graduation year *
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2. Overall, how satisfied are you with the quality of the program?
Employment and Professional Development
3. When were you first employed?
4. Is your current employment of the same field as the degree you received from UTM?
If not, why? Choose one best response.
5. What is your principal job function?
6. The number of employees under your supervision is:
7. Are you registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)?
8. Are you a professional engineer (PEng, CEng or equivalent)?
9. Are you pursuing or have pursued postgraduate studies in engineering field?
10. Are you currently enrolled or have you enrolled in any programmes for professional development? (e.g. executive diploma, MBA, leadership & management, etc.)
11. Are you currently actively involved in community services (professional societies, environmental projects, hospital/nursing home volunteers, community leaders, fundraising for non-profit organization etc.)?
Thank you very much for participating in this survey.
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