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Knitted Knockers are accessible, affordable breast prosthetics for anyone who may need or want them. They can be worn with a regular bra and are easily washable.

🏳️‍⚧️ All genders welcome! 🏳️‍⚧️

Made with 100% pima cotton yarn with PolyFil stuffing that is removable/adjustable so you can adjust the size as needed (for example, if you have slightly different sized breasts or maybe you just want more or less chest some days!). An acrylic yarn option is also be available for swimming!

Knitted Knockers are always free, we just ask that you cover shipping costs!
The cost of materials for a pair of knockers is roughly $6-10.
Shipping out orders tends to be the biggest cost we incur, at roughly $10-15 per order, depending on the cup size.
Donations for material costs are greatly appreciated but never necessary. Please email me to ask about how to donate!
If a larger amount of donations is collected than is necessary to complete orders, the excess donations will be used to support mutual aid funds & campaigns for trans people in need!

Use this form to make an order for one or a pair of Knitted Knockers :0)

I am very pleased to announce that I have now joined the official Knitted Knockers group in my area and helping them expand the communities they provide Knockers to. I will still be accepting orders through this form, but I will now have the help of the official group to fulfill your order. As such, please note that any information given through this order form may be passed onto the larger group, for the sole purpose of completing your order.

Our team has been struggling to run at full capacity as life & COVID continues to get in the way. Please be aware that it may take much longer than usual to fulfill your orders at this time.
You will be contacted when it is ready to be shipped!

If you would like an update on where we’re at with your order, you can do so by emailing us at:

Thank you!
Teddy (they/he)


Knitted Knockers Canada's FAQ page:

Wear & Care Instructions:

If you or someone else would like a knitted packer, the order form is here:

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Give us an idea of what your colour preferences are. It’s suggested to give us 2-3 colour choices to work with and, if applicable, what colours would be unacceptable. Please note that our colour availability is dependent on our volunteer knitters and what they have access to!
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