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Thank you for your interest in the Boston Cyclists Union's "Everybody Rides!" Scholarship Program. The Boston Cyclists Union strives to represent people from every neighborhood in the Greater Boston area, and for this year's Bos/treal ride we are providing scholarships to broaden access to participation in our signature ride.

Participation in this 7-day, 400-mile undertaking is a life-transforming experience. Not only do all riders perform feats of strength they might not have imagined possible and build long-lasting relationships with other riders, they also get to spend two full days in Montreal, riding on some of the best networked protected bike lanes in North America and learning about the advocacy that made Montreal's network possible.

We’re asking you to make our team even better by helping it become more reflective of Boston’s diverse communities and neighborhoods.

We understand that fundraising for this ride, obtaining the right gear, and having support to train might be barriers to participating in Bos/treal and we want this trip of a lifetime to be accessible to everyone! We’ll be awarding a minimum of two scholarships to allow riders who might not otherwise be able to sign up and complete the ride, and we'll provide assistance with gear and training.

Please fill out the form below to nominate yourself or someone else for one of the scholarships!

(To read more about the Ride and Scholarship program, visit our website: http://bostoncyclistsunion.org/events/bostreal/everybody-rides-bostreal-scholarship-program/.)

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