Union members in solidarity with Palestine
In accordance with the union movement’s values of peace, justice and solidarity with working people, we are horrified by the current war between Israel and Hamas and the unspeakable bloodshed and violence it has caused. This tragedy is a direct result of Israel's blockade and siege of Gaza, and of the apartheid and ethnic cleansing it maintains in the West Bank and within its own borders.

In the first instance, we call for an immediate suspension of all hostilities and an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza. Gaza must not be cut off from food, medicine, fuel and humanitarian supplies, its power supply must be resumed, and critical health, water and other infrastructure must be restored immediately.

We also call for an end to the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and an end to apartheid and ethnic cleansing. As unionists, we stand in solidarity with all people who support the cause of peace, equality and justice for Palestinians, Israelis, and everyone in the Middle East.

We support the demonstrations around Australia for Palestine, and call on governments and police authorities to facilitate them. The union movement will never accept political restrictions on the right to protest, which is fundamental to democracy.

This petition was the initiative of NSW members of the National Tertiary Education Union.

Media contacts: Nick Riemer n_riemer@yahoo.com, Paddy Gibson paddy.gibson@gmail.com.

Maritime Union of Australia, Sydney Branch

CFMEU NSW Construction Division, Committee of Delegates

National Tertiary Education Union, Federation University branch

National Tertiary Education Union, Victorian Division

National Tertiary Education Union, UTS Branch Committee

Nick Riemer, Branch President, University of Sydney, National Tertiary Education Union

National Tertiary Education Union, University of Sydney branch

Warren Smith, Deputy National Secretary, National Maritime Union of Australia

Sarah Ellyard, Branch Secretary Macquarie Hospital, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Fiona Probyn Rapsey , Branch President University of Wollongong, NTEU

Paul Keating, Sydney Branch Secretary, Maritime Union of Australia

Damien Davis Frank, Branch Secretary St Vincent's Hospital, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Piper Rodd, Branch President Deakin University, National Tertiary Education Union

Mathew Abbott, Branch President Federation University, National Tertiary Education Union

Anastasia Kanjere, President Latrobe University, NTEU

Maryam Baba, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Alex McInnis, Australian Services Union

Seán Marshall, United Services Union, ACTU Health and Safety Officer

Tom Orsag, Construction Forestry Maritime Mining Energy Union

Brett Cardinal, Electrical Trades Union

Rassidatou Diallo, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Beatrice Tucker, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union, ANUSA

Nicholas Tribbia, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Amber Loomis, NTEU

Francesca Cruz, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Jean Parker, National Tertiary Education Union

Mark Goudkamp, State Councillor, NSW Teachers Federation

Jason Wong, Australian Education Union

Matte Rochford, National Tertiary Education Union

Padraic Gibson, National Tertiary Education Union

Ruby Wawn, UTS Branch Committee member, National Tertiary Education Union

Chris Breen, NSW Teachers Federation

Mark Gillespie, Electrical Trades Union

Niko Chlopicki, United Services Union

Eliza Wright, Delegate for Blacktown City Mental Health Branch, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Sarah Cheer, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Julia Farley, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Cassandra Barford, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Deanna Hayes, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Behrouz Jalilian, Construction Forestry Maritime Mining Energy Union

Silvia Silva, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Viola Morris, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Timothy Blofield, Branch President Westmead Hospital, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Melanie Lazarow, National Tertiary Education Union

Fahad Ali, National Tertiary Education Union

Hannah Reardon-Smith, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Gabrielle Maait, NSW Teachers Federation

Marcus Banks, National Tertiary Education Union

Ben Green, National Tertiary Education Union

Revan Oluklu, Australian Services Union

Abigail Fisher, National Tertiary Education Union

Kelly Livingston, NSW Teachers Federation

Nola Scilinato, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Kim Coleman, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Shane Reside, Organiser, Maritime Union Australia

Guy Webster, National Tertiary Education Union

Fletcher O’Leary, National Tertiary Education Union

Emily Kaji, National Tertiary Education Union

Markela Panegyres, National Tertiary Education Union

Bruce Crundwell, National Tertiary Education Union

Jo-Anne McKeough, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Finola Laughren, National Tertiary Education Union

Michael Clune, Australia Workers Union

Hala Abokamil, Health Services Union SA/NT

Jason Todd, National Tertiary Education Union

Alice Eggleston, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Zachary Price, Membership Services Officer, United Workers Union

Louise Corney, National Tertiary Education Union

Nathan Gardner, National Tertiary Education Union

David Brophy, NTEU

Dan Hickey , HACSU

Cathryn Bartley , PSA

Kearin Goodwin, Rail, Tram & Bus Union

Alev Saracoglu, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Michael Barber, Maritime Division CFMMEU

Lauren Gillin, Australian Services Union NSW & ACT

Michael Graham, National Tertiary Education Union

Harriet Blaazer-Grossi, MEAA∂

Lobna Yassine, NTEU

Sam Keating , Electrical Trades Union

Hannah Gissane , Community and Public Sector Union

Andrew Branchflower, Independent Education Union

Laura Joseph, NSW Teacher’s Federation

Simona Thornett, NSW Teacher's Federation

Cassandra Alford, The Services Union

Jordana Silverstein, National Tertiary Education Union

Peter Sowter, Communications, Electrical, Electronic, Energy, Information, Postal, Plumbing and Allied Services Union

Anna Ho, National Tertiary Education Union

Muhib Nabulsi, National Tertiary Education Union; Media, Entertainment, & Arts Alliance

Tony Williams, NTEU & RAFFWU

Lisa Phillips, Branch Vice-President, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Zareen MacDonnell, Australian Education Union

Romi Graham, NTEU

Ishbel Dunsmore, RAFFWU

Lina Koleilat , National Tertiary Education Union

Melissa Laing, National Tertiary Education Union

kristal burry, Australian Services Union

Alex Luke, National Tertiary Education Union

David Glanz, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Joseph Mann, Shop, Distributive, and Allied Employees Association

Matthew Meagher, NSW Teachers Federation

Angus Dermody, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Ethan Luxford, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Callum Alpass, National Tertiary Education Union

Conor Brett, National Tertiary Education Union

Sean McCarthy , Community and Public Sector Union

Nikki Wedgwood , NTEU

Peter Robinson, United Services Union

Sophie Cotton, Branch Committee member Sydney University, NTEU

Dr Phil Chilton, NTEU

Carlos Eduardo Morreo, Australian Services Union

Peggy Smith, NSW Nurses and Midwives association

Martin Andersen, Australian Services Union

Mick Bull, organiser, AMWU

Jessica Marian, Workplace delegate, National Tertiary Education Union

Pauline McLoughlin , Australian Services Union

Willow Ross, Delegate, NTEU

Voi Millett, MEAA

Jamie Bosanko, Australian Manufacturers Workers Union

Matthew Parsfield , IWGB

Tom Fiebig , Australian Services Union

Andrea M McCarthy, Health Services Union

Elijah Long, CPSU  

Feiyi Zhang, Public Service Association

Sinead Winn, CPSU

Dan Attwood , MUA

Carolyn D'Cruz, NTEU

Edward Hurcombe, NTEU

Elizabeth Strakosch, National Tertiary Education Union

Sophia Cao Hardy, Community and Public Sector Union

Miro Sandev, Annual Conference Delegate, NSW Teachers Federation

Mark Byron, National Tertiary Education Union

A’ishah , PCS

Jumana Bayeh, NTEU

Batool Moussa, ASU

Eliza Bowen-Smyth, Health Services Union WA

Lachlan Marshall, Australian Services Union

Sinead Wilson, National Tertiary Education Union

James Cruz, CPSU

Conor Flynn, Australian Services Union

Monica Campo, ASU

Alex Kakafikas , Australian Services Union

Ben Williams, United Workers Union

Giles Fielke, National Councilor, NTEU

Sophia Tipping, Australian Services Union

Kieran Bennett, Australian Education Union

Tommy Cameron, Electrical Trades Union

Jacqui Cameron , ASU Victoria

Briar Rolfe, Australian Services Union

Michael Johnstone, RAFFWU (Retail And Fast Food Workers Union)

Andrew Wallace, Australian Services Union

Nick Thieberger, NTEU

Sam Waterhouse , Rail, tram and bus union

Alex Bishop, Australian Services Union

Ari Russell, United Workers Union

Carol Que, National Tertiary Education Union

Tim Sullivan, Organiser, Australian Services Union

Genev, National Tertiary Education Union

Priya Kunjan , NTEU

Saeeda, ASU

Joanne Zou, NTEU

Amanda Zivcic, United Firefighters Union

Alexandra May , NSW Nurses and midwife’s union

Alexandra Hollis, Australian Services Union

Wesley Grey, NTEU

Robert Stainsby, CPSU

Sally Olds, NTEU

Ayaan Mahmud , NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Vincent Coleman , CEPU

Karunya Laxmi , Australian Services Union

Kate Clifford , CPSU

Violet Aisling, Delegate, Australian Services Union

Jessica Broadbent, National Tertiary Education Union

Isabel Formby, United Services Union

Rohen Snowball, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Dylan Lino, National Tertiary Education Union

Yowhans Kidane, NTEU

Alex Kelly , MEAA

Daniel Lang, RAHU

Mark Murphy, NSWNMA

Atef Kazi, DEPA

Chris Nash, MEAA

Wendy Bacon, MEAA

Melissa Sukkarieh, RAFWA

Eshna Gupta, National Tertiary Education Union

Seth Dias, United Services Union

Honey Christensen, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Gerald Roche, NTEU

Raif McMurtrie, RAFFWU

Alana Scully , NTEU

David Mir, Maritime Union of Australia

Elizabeth Connor, National Tertiary Education Union

Thomas Weight, National Tertiary Education Union

Enass Akkouch, NSW Nurse and Midwives Association

Michael Griffiths, NTEU

Callum Simpson, National Tertiary Education Union

Sheena Colquhoun, CPSU

Pan Karanikolas, Branch Committee Member and National Councillor, NTEU

Dan Pritchard, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Vaughan Macefield, NTEU

Tom Geue, NTEU

Ursula Robinson-Shaw, NTEU

Belinda Thalakada, ASU

Amanda Kerley, Australian Services Union

Innez Tulloch, MEAA

Lena Molnar , Australian Services Union

Adele Barnett, Australian nursing and midwifery branch Victoria

Eric Stacey, NTEU

Michele Vescio, ANMF Vic Branch

Jonathan Sherlock, Australian Education Union

Omar Ghazala, ASU

Poppy Burnett, Health Services Union

Alex Nosek, Australian Services Union

Caitlin Doyle-Markwick, United Services Union

Sophie Hardefeldt, ASU

Matilda Fay, National Tertiary Education Union

Sally Henderson, Australian Services Union

Kristy Lee Tyrrell, Lead Organiser, ASU vic tas

Joshua Pocius, Branch Committee Member University of Melbourne, National Tertiary Education Union

Alessandro Moliterno, Australian Services Union, Teachers Federation of NSW

Tahlia Nelson, National Tertiary Education Union

Ruby-Rose Laginha, United Workers Union

Hanna Kwan , RAFFWU

Michael McGrath, ASU

Anisha Humphreys, Nonprofit Professional Employees Union

Suli Lokollo, Australian Services Union

Matthew Holtom, Asu

Jamila Gilbert , ASU

Jeff Rickertt, National Tertiary Education Union

Ed Mortimer, Australian Services Union

Elena Gomez , NTEU

Al Bowd, Communications Officer, UWU

Sebastian Horey, Communications Officer, United workers union

Alex Prell, CPSU

Madeleine Burkitt, Australian Services Union

Melissa Gray, Australian Services Union

James Crafti, Delegate, Australian Services Union

Aygee Butcher, Australian Services Union

Liban Ibrahim , United workers Union

Ash Telford, UWU

Claire Farrugia , CPSU

S Kundasamy, CPSU

Andy Sinclair, ASU

Mikayla Prout, Australian Services Union NSW & ACT

Aaron Behmer, Organiser, United Workers Union

Luke Harrison, Retail and Fast Food Workers’ Union

Trent O’Brien, Organiser, United Workers Union

Violet Cully, ASU
Monty Hancock , Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Sarah Vanderfield , Australian Services Union

Jayne Hoschke, Delegate, Australian Services Union

Susan Price, NTEU

Elly Baxter , Australian services union

Ev Ramadan, Australian Services Union

Michael Schembri , United Services Union

Andrew Irvine, ETU

Jasmine Ali, NTEU

Pareen Minhas, Organiser, United Workers Union

Jenna christie, United workers union

John Brookes, ASU

Jessica Flood, United Workers Union

Aiden Magro , NTEU

Cari Lin, RAFFWU

Geraldine Fela, National Tertiary Education Union

April Cumming, Organiser, United Workers Union

Melissa Fawcett , United Workers Union

Hannah McCann , Branch Committee Member University of Melbourne, National Tertiary Education Union

Molly Glendenning, CPSU

Halime Ozciftci, UWU

Joanna Nilsson, Delegate, Australian Services Union

Patti Burton , ASU

Dr Laresa Kosloff, NTEU

Morgan Kain-Bryan, United Workers Union

Kazim Shah , Uwu

Kat Gerritsen, RAFFWU

Rachel Zeng, United Workers Union

Jessie Rea, Organier, CPSU

Alycia Economidis, UWU

Madeline Kemp, RTBU

Shen Wilson, RTBU

Liara Rozsa-Brown, RTBU

Jo Pall , NSW teachers fed

James Sherriff, ASU / Teachers Federation

Amie Churchill, Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association

Mark Taylor, National Conference Delegate, Australian Services Union

Thomas Reyment, Official, UWU

Claire Lewis, United Workers Union

Andonis Piperoglou , NTEU

Julie Kamber, Official, United workers union

Dylan McConnell , NTEU

John Morris, Conference Delegate, NSWTF

Abel Joseph, United Workers Union

Danielle McFarlane, United Workers Union

Danial Jalil, United Workers Union

Syed Nafiz, UWU

Bassam Daher, UWU

Sarah Assaad, United Workers Union

Arif, UWU

Khubaib Abdullah , UWU

Omar Abuobeid , UWU

Felicity Scarce , ASU VicTas


Steven Kwon, CPSU

Natalie Berry, Australian Services Union

Andrew Whelan, National Tertiary Education Union

Laura Pham, NTEU

Margaret Te Awa, United Workers Union

Michael Beggs, NTEU

Tanja Dreher, National Tertiary Education Union

Adrienne Arnot-Bradshaw, NTEU

Waheed, UWU

Intan Paramaditha, National Tertiary Education Union

Pat Simons, ASU

Chetan Sahai, Public Service Association

Chloe Mackenzie , National Tertiary Education Union

Liz cullen, AEU

Shane Bazzi , Australian Services Union

Marilyn Stendera, NTEU

Alexandra Nixon, Australian Education Union


Luca Cernaz, AEU and RAFFWU

Jenny Leong M, ASU

Bridget Deane, Australian Services Union

Paul McMillan, Australian Services Union

Stuart Burney , RTBU

Grace King, NTEU

Robyn Evans , CPSU

Niro Kandasamy , NTEU

Isabella Dabaja, NTEU

Fatih Oguzhan , NTEU

Matthew Jeffrey, Australian Services Union

Kye Harn Loh , UWU

Tim Nelthorpe , United Workers Union

Aira Firdaus, United Workers Union

Ben Golder, National Tertiary Education Union

James Godfrey , National Tertiary Education Union

Jackson Langshaw , United Workers Union

Uswa Qureshi, National Tertiary Education Union

Declan Kerger, Australian Services Union

Judy Kuo, Australian Services Union

Kath Albury, NTEU

Hamish McPherson, Australian Education Union (Victorian Branch)

Haruna Suzuki, NTEU

Tim Morandini, Australian Services Union + MEAA

Evan Gray, USU, NTEU

Dr Souheir Edelbi , NTEU

Elliot Dolan-Evans, NTEU

Oznur Sahin, NTEU

Natalie Wasley, Maritime Union of Australia

Zora Simic, NTEU

Rory Mullan , National Teritary Education Union

Kyle Harvey, NTEU

Lily Atkinson, NTEU

Maggie Munn, The Services Union

Dominic Firmager, RAFFWU

Bella Himmelreich , United Workers Union

Damiya Hayden, Australian Services Union

Anne Purdy , United Workers Union

Ellie Wilson, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Blair Williams, NTEU

Jon Piccini , National Tertiary Education Union

Kat Jones, ASU

Zara Saunders, National Tertiary Education Union

Julius Adamson, National Tertiary Education Union

Guy Mosel, CPSU

Amy Remeikis, MEAA

Maree Pardy, NTEU

Mollie O'Connor, ASU

Azja Kulpinska , Australian Services Union

Dan Conder, WA Nurses and Midwives Union

Chris Knight, HSU

Piergiorgio Moro, ASU A&S VicTas

Chris Martin, NTEU

Skye Predavec , United Services Union

Nihal Donmez, UWU

Che Bishop, Australian Services Union

Adam Mayers, CPSU

Maya Verma, NSWTF

Lisa Radford , NTEU

Adriana Boisen, CPSU

Tyberius Seeto, RAFFWU

Karen Crawley , National Tertiary Education Union

Daniel McKinnon, QTU

Sahar Ghumkhor, NTEU

Adair O’Brien, United Services Union

Darcy Calessi, USYD NTEU

Andrew Chuter, NTEU

Rosie Scroggie, Australian Services Union - Victorian Private Sector Branch

Tara Marocchi , RAFFWU

Melanie Ashe, Nteu

Harry Bonifacio Baughan, Australian Workers Union

Olivia Tasevski, National Tertiary Education Union

Jane Coakley, CPSU

Marcus Roberts, Australian Services Union (WA)

Chris Baguley, Financial Services Union

Jeremy Poxon , AUWU

Tara Nipe, ASU

Charlotte Buckton, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

Keagan Ó Guaire, National Tertiary Education Union

Kate Just, NTEU

Mohamed Hadi, University of Melbourne Student Union

Stephen Dobson, NTEU /MEAA

Paige Wiles, CPSU / ASU

Michael Karadjis, National Tertiary Education Union

Jodi Arrow, NSW Teachers Federation

Dr Caitlin Biddolph, NTEU

Emily McGowan, NTEU

Yaseera Moosa, NTEU, RAHU

Jarred Payne, Electrical Trades Union

Thomas Carson, NTEU

Erin Hodge, United Services Union

Alison Holland, NTEU

Robert Close, Australian Federation of Air Pilots

Usman Yousaf, United Workers Union

Chloe Turner, MEAA

Kelly Fawcett, ASU

Christopher Warren, Community and Public Sector Union

Jay Estorninho, Australian Services Union

Sinead, United Workers Union

Ben Kunkler, NTEU

Dan Tout, National Tertiary Education Union

Andrew Stapleton, NTEU

Shane McGrath, ASU

Grace Mairéad Walsh, NTEU

Timothy Hume, CPSU

Ana Stevenson , National Tertiary Education Union

Laura Rovetto , Independent Education Union

Kristin Perissinotto, ETU

Anna Langford, ASU Private

Hugh Keenan , CFMEU

Josie foster, ASU private

Emma Black, ASU delegate

Emily Hubbard, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Ethan Penglase, Community and Public Sector Union

Anders Russell, CPSU

Ruben Perez Hidalgo, NTEU

Neale Towart, United Services Union

Dani Andrée, National Tertiary Education Union

Anastasia Murney , NTEU

James Vassilopoulos , National Tertiary Education Union

Adele Wessell, National Tertiary Education Union

Lachlan McGregor, CFMEU

Callum Savage, NTEU

Nick Wittman, Transport Workers Union

Stephen Louis , National Tertiary Education Union

Oliver Caruana-Brown, Australian Services Union

Nathan Fioritti, National Tertiary Education Union

Fiona Vuong, ASU

Jacob Coorey, NTEU

Sarah Attfield , NTEU

Monique Hurley, Australian Services Union

Aliya Ahmad , ASU

Harry Sinclair , CPSU

Tristan Bunner, CFMEU, IWW

Elyse Cunningham, Australian Services Union

Phil Jackson, NTEU

Amelia Dale, NTEU

Daniel Dunne , National Tertiary Education Union

James Cummins, CPSU

Emma Dillon, CPSU

William Kelly, CPSU

Dr Martin Clark, NTEU La Trobe Branch

Lauren Materne , CPSU

Fiona Smith, CPSU

Daryl Bullen, ANMF South Australia

Ben McGowan, Fire Brigade Employees Union (FBEU)

Phoebe Kelly, CPSU

Clodagh Schofield, Australian Services Union

Natasha Heenan , National Tertiary Education Union

Pip Hinman, National Tertiary Education Union

Dirk Boundy, Together Union

Alec Ferguson , CFMMEU

Sara Rowe, Australian Services Union

Debbie Brennan, Australian Services Unikon

Sophia Verdon Williams, RTBU

Jacinda Woodhead, CPSU

Kim Nolan, United Workers Union

Kylie Wedge, RTBU

Naama Carlin, NTEU

Michael Richardson, National Tertiary Education Union

Simon Copland, Australian Services Union

Andrew Brooks, NTEU

Jordan A, Australian Education Union

Phillip Wadds, NTEU

Angie Sassano, NTEU

Jack Williams, USU

Lewis Gurr-Stephen, CPSU

William Reynolds, Professionals Australia

Andrew Irving, RTBU

Alana Lentin, NTEU, Western Sydney University branch

Zoe Gross, CPSU

Joshua Barnes, National Tertiary Education Union

Ben Etherington, NTEU

Maize Wallin, Game Workers Australia / Professionals Australia

Will Mudford, CPSU

Mitch McCausland, Professionals Australia - Game Workers Australia division

Laura Hayes, Australian Services Union

Georgia Peters, National Tertiary Education Union

Astrid Lorange , NTEU

Bianca Hennessy , Australian Education Union

Matt Kearns, CPSU

Bones Hillier, Game Workers Australia (Professionals Australia)

Daniel Levy, Australian Unemployed Workers' Union

Sarah Pavlich , Game Workers Australia / Professionals Australia

James Harding, CPSU

Layne Ngatai-Stokes , Professionals Australia - Games workers

Paddy Gordon, Australian Services Union

Clinton Shepherd, Game Workers Australia / Professionals Australia

Charlie Sofo, National Tertiary Education Union

Tom Richards , Professionals Australia

Carlos Lagos, UMSU

Grace Torcasio, NTEU

Marx del Rosario, CPSU

Aisha Malik, NTEU

Camille Thomas, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Nicola Badran , United Workers Union

Kym Chapple , CPSU

Michael Aguikera, Community and Public Sector Union

Natalie Osborne, NTEU

David Singh, NTEU

Dr Paul Taucher, NTEU

Paris Hadfield, NTEU

James Bryan-Hancock, Australian Unemployed Workers' Union

Tristan Damen, NTEU

Richard Bean, NTEU

Sean Simpson, CPSU

William Skinner, National Tertiary Education Union

Angelita Biscotti, NTEU

Jeremy Heywood, AUWU

Shannen Bethune, UWU

Mayank Gurnani, MEAA

Tom Raue, United Services Union

Rebecca Clements, National Tertiary Education Union

Igor Derkoun , AMWU

Nikolai Haddad, PSA

Dani Enas, United workers union

Tim Colwill, Professionals Australia (Game Workers Australia Division)

Jessica Collins-Bojovic, National Tertiary Education Union

Mason Rothwell, Australian Services Union

Melanie Morrison , NTEU

Aleesha, ASU

Hiero Bage, National Tertiary Education Union

Paul Kaletsis, NSW Teachers Federation

Kelly Flores, United Teacher's of Los Angeles

Shabab Hossain, CPSU

Finley Rickard , Together Union

Melanie Barnes, Australian Services Union

Omaim Al-Baghdadi, PSA

Lou Rickard , Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Jessica Ison, NTEU

Naomi Ruys, Game Workers Australia / Professionals Australia

Alma Signal, ASU

Henry Parker, United Workers Union

Sinéad Canning, CPSU

Trent Cheetham, Professionals Australia

Miles Hurrell, Australian Education Union

Madison Cartwright, NTEU

Luke Giblett, AEU

Holly kemp, Health Services Union

Nicky Minus, Australian Services Union

Tarkyn Watt, Australian Services Union

Claire Sonego, CPSU

Julian Garcia, NSW Teachers Federation

Fiona Moore, AUWU

Yuya Sudo, Australian Services Union

Sam Wallman, MUA

Percy Rickard, RAFFWU

Pete Landi, USU

Max Bledstein, NTEU

Hannah Rule, Health Services Union

Lucy Napthali, National Tertiary Education Union

Lauren Stinson, CPSU

Paul Gurney , Australian Services Union

Jake Bright, National Tertiary Education Union

Thomas O'Loghlen , ASU

Andrew Russell, NTEU

Tim Coronel, NTEU, MEAA

Rebecca McElroy , NTEU

Nikhil Senaratna, Finance Sector Union

Rebecca Malek, NTEU

Elizabeth Humphrys, NTEU, UTS Branch

Michael McLoughlin , United Workers Union

George Clarke, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Anna Himmelreich, United Workers Union

Sam Elkin, CPSU and MEAA

Michael Serra, RAFFWU

Jessica Whyte, NTEU

Caitlin McGrane, NTEU

Tyler Gleason, NTEU

Hunter Sommer, United Workers Union and Renters And Housing Union

Maureen Searson, CPSU

Glenn Harper , Australian Services Union

Belynda Reid, FSU

Kathryn Ticehurst, National Tertiary Education Union

Noam Peleg, NTEU

Mim Hamel-Green, ASU

Hayden Roberts, The Services Union

Micaela Pattison, National Tertiary Education Union

Freya Langley, National Tertiary Education Union

Emma Balfour , PSA

Kim Kemmis , CPSU

Mali Hermans, ASU

Niamh Felton, NTEU

Claerwen O'Hara, NTEU

Ahmad al isaa, Uwu

Matthew Kiem, NTEU

Natalie Ironfield, NTEU

Emma Hartley, ASU, MEAA

Neil Sarkar, Professionals Australia

Blossom Ah Ket , Australian Services Union

Nicholas Riggs, HSU

Sophie Loy-Wilson , NTEU USYD

Bill Skinner, NTEU

Antony Balmain, MEAA

Lara Drew, NTEU

Colette leber, NTEU

Mercedes Zanker , UWU

Chloe Genion, NSW Teachers Federation

Matt Knox, CPSU, United Workers Union

Eda Gunaydin, NTEU

Neera Kadkol, NTEU

Annika Taylor, NTEU

Roanna Gonsalves, NTEU

Clare Cooper, NTEU

Cameron Jewell, DEPA

Ron Guy, Australia Unions for western Sahara

Emilie Kolb, NTEU Sydney Uni

Asher Cookson, United Workers Union

Tori Hobbs, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

Alanah Parkin , MEAA

Jasdev Kang, United Workers Union

Katie Thorburn, ASU

Luka Golik, RAFFWU

John Stevens, CPSU

Harry Holbrook, CPSU

Catherine Treloar, ASU

Troy Byrnes, Australian Services Union

Ned Cutcher, PSA

Madi Weston, Independent Education Union NSW/ACT

Emma Rayward, Independent Education Union

Amanda Findley, Teachers Federation NSW

Flynn Franklin-Baker, Health Service Unión

Roe Buchanan, RAFFWU

Victoria Manifold, United Services Union

Jack Ford, Queensland Teachers’ Union

Joshua Davidson, AEU

Christopher Paxman, NTEU

Kirsten Chow , ASU

Ben Ice, MEAA

Jasmine Noud, RAFFWU

Sasha Wilmoth, NTEU

John Quelch, ASU

Sam Gardiner, United Workers Union

Gemma Beale, NTEU

Dylan Morgan, CPSU

Kit Herma, HACSU

John Wightman, NTEU

Erin O'Donnell , National Tertiary Education Union

Ingrid Matthews , NTEU

Marion Gevers, Professionals Australia

Al Scott, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Shirley Chen, NTEU

Kathleen Flanagan , National Tertiary Education Union

Randa Abdel-Fattah, NTEU

Christine McFetridge, NTEU

Em Chandler , MEAA

Emma McNulty, Together

Andy Kaladelfos, NTEU

Max Kaiser, CPSU

Astrid O’Neill, NSW Teachers Federation & AEU

Justeene Taylor, RAFFWU

Amelia Gee, Health Workers Union

Shen Black, Australian Services Union

Henry Adam, United Services Union


Cameron Piko, MEAS

Saskia Peachey , Australian Services Union

Alistair Sisson, NTEU

Naomi Mason, Professionals Australia

Marty Hirst, MEAA / ASU

Gemma Tarpey-Brown, NTEU - University of Melbourne Branch

Benjamin Graham, NTEU, Professionals Australia

Adam Toolin , United Workers Union

Bree Devereaux, Together Union

Krystle, CPSU/CSA

Catherine Steel, ANMF-Vic

Hayley Farquhar, MEAA

Evelyn Ranogajec, RAFFWU

Michael Terren, NTEU

Hal Leigh, United Workers Union

Drew Beacom, ASU

Natalia Figueroa Barroso, AWG

Matias Duarte Da Silva , CMFEU

Ben Adams, Shop, Distributive, and Allied Employees Association | National Tertiary Education Union

Fraser Pearson, CPSU

Evan Smith, NTEU

Josh Harris, ANMF

Alex Bomford, ASU

Isabella Gullifer-Laurie, RAFFWU

George Morgan, National Tertiary Education Union

Noel Willis, United Services Union

Mike Roberts, NTEU

Paula Abood, NSW Teachers Federation

Matt Beanland, NTEU

Clint Uink, ASU

Sophie Parker, MEAA

Stella Salvemini, United Workers Union

Cassidy, NTEU

Teishan Ahearne , ASU

Thomas Studans, Australian Services Union

Zeta Henderson, Australian Nurses and Midwifery Federation (Vic Branch)

Bec Anderson, ASU

Katie Lovelock , NTEU

Emily Rodger, Australian services union

Travis Jordan, CPSU

Mary Merkenich, AEU VIC branch

Lloyd White, NTEU

Kirk Graham, IEU-QNT

Ryley Edwards, NTEU

Benjamin Pope, National Tertiary Education Union

Dr Colin Salter, Australian Services Union

Ashley Sutherland, ASU

Jonno Revanche, MEAA

Benjamin Helliwell , UWU

Liam Donnellt, Australian Unemployed Workers Union

Yaegan Doran, National Tertiary Education Union

Cam Walker, ASU

Luke Ferguson, Australian Education Union

Eav Brennan, Media Arts and Entertainment Alliance

Phoebe Autumn, AUWU

Melissa fisher, Auwu

Theresa O'Brien , National Tertiary Education Union

Alex Massey, AUWU

Jemma Hooper, AUWU, Musicians Australia, IWW

Neil Robertson, NTEU

Jessica R , AUWU

Ben Hueppauff, Australian Unemployed Workers Union

Katherine Newman, NTEU

Jeffrey McCarthy, AUWU

Kristin O'Connell , Australian Unemployed Workers' Union

George Kanjere, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Joseph McCarthy, Community and Public Sector Union

Murray Pitts, Australian Unemployed Workers Union

Alex Maher, AUWU

Mark Hansen, Professionals Australia

Leonard O'Keefe, AUWU

Jules Kelly, AUWU

Epi Allingham, Australian Unemployed Workers Union

Ray Sutherland , CFMEU & AUWU



Antonio Sosa , CPSU

Joel Ribergaard , AUWU

Deepthu Mathew , ASU

Sharon Cooper, NTEU

Isaac Dunkley, Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Anna Corbo Crehan, NTEU

Eric Thomson , FSU

Simon Gorman, UWU

Cynthia Faulkner, AUWU

Amelia Cooper, NSWTF

Holly Giblin, Australian Services Union

Tom Fischer, CFMEU

Kate da Costa, ASU

Sharlene Jamieson, Finance Sector Union

Wayne Taylor, United Workers Union

Marina Chapman , Australian Unemployed Worker's Union

Aidan Popely , UWU

Elba Araya , AUWU

Jeremy Smith, NTEU (Federation University Branch)

August Scott, Australian Unemployed Workers Union

Naomi Oei, Health Services Union

Alisdair Bates, United Services Union

Nic Anderson, MEAA

Anwen Crawford, National Tertiary Education Union and MEAA

Lauren Collee, NTEU

Eli Long, CPSU

Luis Angosto Ferrandez, NTEU

Toby Nevill , Australian Unemployed Worker's Union

Cristian Rocha, NTEU

Jacob Thornton, Australian Education Union

Claire Parfitt, NTEU Sydney University branch

Kathllen Phillips, AUWU

Darren Cheah, HSUWA

Damian Ridgwell, RTBU

Maurice Windleburn, National Tertiary Education Union

Isabelle Hesse, NTEU

Emma Cooper, National Tertiary Education Union

Bianca Jewell , National Tertiary Education Union

Sandie Arnold, AUWU

Ben Eldridge, NTEU

Sally Rugg, Australian Services Union

Rosemary Saul, NTEU

Yung En Chee, NTEU

Riley G, United Workers Union

Liam O'Donoghue, CPSU NSW

Tom Sandercock , NTEU

Dylan Holdsworth, NTEU

Joshua Hoxha, Australian Education Union

Michael Thatcher, NTEU

Scott Stevenson , Electrical Trades Union

Molly Williams, ASU

Justin Takacs, NTEU

Katharine White, Australian Services Union

Audrey McCarthy, Electrical Trades Union

Aleksandr Wansbrough, NTEU

Renee Wilkinson, Australian Services Union

Mish Singh, NTEU

Paula Sanchez, NSWNMA/ NTEU

Joe Cornell, CPSU

Toby Fitch, NTEU

Andrea Jeffery, United workers union

Rebecca Harcourt, NTEU

Georgia Rose , Australian Education Union

Skyler Cal Sam Howard, Australian Unemployed Workers' Union

Meredith T, CPSU

Catherine Funder-Purdue , AEU Vic

David Kershaw, Maritime Union of Australia

Annette, CEPU

Belinda Martin, Rail, Tram and Bus Union (NSW Branch)

Toyah Webb, NTEU

Rosie Yasmin, NTEU

Melanie Baak , NTEU

Lea Redfern , NTEU

Kiloran Hiscock, NTEU

Joel Windle, NTEU

Kelly Bowey, CPSU

Tasnim Mahmoud Sammak, NTEU

Georgia Delaney, Australian Education Uniom

Yasmin Hassan, Australian Education Union

Aeryn Brown, Australian Unemployed Workers' Union

Lisa O’Keeffe, NTEY

Ben Warnock , Health Services Union NSW

Dahlia Khatab, Communication Workers Union

Serena Ashmore, Australian Services Union

Everett O'Donnell, CFMEU

North Strathdee , CPSU

Lucy White, NSW Teacher's Federation

Loukas Kakogiannis, RAFFWU

Cassie Derrick, MEAA

Robert Cook, CPSU

Mateja Simovic, United Services Union

Katie Summers, USU

Christine Fenton, National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)

Tom Tanuki , MEAA

Blair Dodge, UWU

Jessie O'Neill , Professionals Australia

Richard Joyce, NTEU

Helen Dunstan, NTEU (associate member)

Lucy Burnett, ASU

Eamonn McGrath-Lester , Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association

Kathryn McGrath , NTEU

Jo Langdon, NTEU

Natalie P, ASU and MEAA

Leyal Aksu, The Australian Workers' Union

David Caldwell, NTEU

Timothy Soewardjo-Powell, RAFFWU

Anna Cameron, NTEU

Jayne Mac , SDA

Romey Porcu , ASU

Emma Parkinson, CPSU

Alex Johnson , NTEU

Maddie Parker, NTEU

Alison Chan , Queensland Teacher’s Union

Hannah Piper, CPSU

Jadzia Heuvel, Electrical trades union

Ruwan Devasurendra , CPSU

Gabriel Evangelista, ANMF (SA Branch)

Margaret Flynn, SDA

Jade Wilmot, AUWU

Mai Jones, NTEU

Ege Karsanbas, RTBU

Fiona Sheridan, CPSU

Brendan Do, CPSU

Grace Brooks , NTEU

Nick Yates, AEU NT & Musicians Australia

Alexander Magree, Australian Services Union

Sail, Australian Unemployed Workers' Union

Kannagi Bhatt, NTEU

Ezreena Yahya, NTEU

Matt Partridge, CPSU

Michelle Surowiec, Australian Services Union

Adam Stodden, National Tertiary Education Union

Mick Myles , Cfmeu

Aidan Craney, NTEU

Nick Breedon, NTEU

Hannah Church, CPSU

Terina Skudder, Independent Education Union

Tash Howson, ASU

Jane Brophy, NTEU

Christina Kenny , NTEU

Tristan Ryan, Professionals Australia

Keira Schaefer, AEU

Linden Allen, PSA

Lachlan Monsted, GWA/PA and MEAA

Melanie Toyer, ASU

Jo Quick, NTEU

Paul Robson , NSWTF

Sophie Rudolph, National Tertiary Education Union

Matt Hrkac, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) and Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU)

Margaret Trail, AUWU

Katie Cherrington, NSW Teachers Federation

Ashley, NTEU

Liza Walling, NTEU

Naoise Caomh Halloran, NTEU

Cameron Rees, ETU

Nina Field, ASU

Emily McCrann, United Workers Union

Marley Hodgman, NSW Teachers Federation

Mitchel Cumming , National Tertiary Education Union

Julia Dehm, NTEU

Robert O'Keefe, CPSU

Jordan Beckerleg, AEU

Ben Eltham, National Tertiary Education Union

Sarah Rubenach , CPSU

Maria Smit, PSA

Marc Mierowsky , NTEU

Laura Irvine-Brown, Griffith University

Mindi Suter, ASU

Jason Harris, ASU

Meera Atkinson, NTEU

Zoe Horn, NTEU

Robyn Gilbert, PSA

Ben Spies-Butcher, NTEU

Issy Mildenhall, United Workers Union

Jared Zammit, MEAA

David Cribb, AEU

Noah Yeowart, MEAA + RAHU

Daniel Hollins, United Services Union

Bethany Patch, MEAA and CPSU

Margareta Windisch , NTEU

Rafael Aquino, SDA

Austin Fabry-Jenkins , Australian Services Union Vic/Tas

Emma Mitchell, NTEU

Briony Galligan , NTEU

Austen Venville, Australian Services Union

Dash Jayasuriya , NTEU

Benjamin Laird, NTEU and Professionals Australia

Sol Skeletor , Australian Services Union

Sujatha Fernandes, NTEU

Ambly McNicol, United Services Union

Matthew Barton, RTBU

Mary-Anne Georgey , CPSU

Madelyn Roof, ASU

Adelaide Dicken, WUFP

Megan Leonard, Australian Services Union

Simone van Hattem, Australian Services Union

Mariana Peñaloza, UE - University of Minnesota

Sean Budd, Renters and Housing Union

Eliza Dyball, CPSU

Seyhan ERYILMAZ , United workers union

Erica Kang, Australian Services Union

Ashley Dobozy, NSWNMA

Zac Gillies-Palmer, MEAA, NTEU

Hollie Bolton, ANMF Vic Branch

Glen Smyth, NSWTF

James Turner , United Workers Union

Christopher O'Neill, National Tertiary Education Union

Joshua Booth , UWU

Andrei Bilic , HSU

Rosalie Dickison, ANMF Vic branch

Christopher doyle, NTEU

Jayenna Dall, CPSU

Bridget Keane, NTEU

Janice Loreck, NTEU

Jordi Gilmour, UWU

Artemis Muñoz, Renters and Housing Union (RAHU)

Diego Garcia, Retail and Fast Food Worker's Union

Nina Crawley, ASU

Ben Halliday , CPSU PSU Group

Craig Lyons, National Tertiary Education Union

Elise Klein, NTEU

Sarah Fantini, NTEU

eloise mignon , National Tertiary Education Union and MEAA

Sarah Enderby, ASU

Andrew Shields, NTEU

Louisa Teakle, NTEU

Ivan Kotzur, NTEU

Adele Marum, National Tertiary Education Union

Melathi Saldin , NTEU

Maria Matheas , NTEU

Ellen O'Hehir, NTEU

Elise Chidiac, MEAA

Mark Gawne, NTEU

Mohammad Rabbani , UWU

Rebekah Reader, ASU

Rusaila Bazlamit , National Tertiary Education Union

Grady Fitzpatrick, NTEU

sarah chow, financial services union

Caitlin Parker, NTEU

Danielle Hynes, NTEU

Frankie Lloyd , Nteu

Sulagna Basu, NTEU

Cody Jensen, CFMEU

Bec Connell, NTEU

Michael Hatrick, Transport Workers Union

James Macaronas, NTEU

Petra B, ASU

Erima Dall, Maritime Union of Australia

Bridie Greene, UWU, ASU

Maximillian Thurnwald , United Workers Union

Mia Carey, MEAA

Isadora Poole, Australian Services Union

Grace Dowling, UWU

Kate Bellew, RAFFWU

Elizabeth Lim, ASU

Abdelrahman Ahmed, Professionals Australia

Briar Macdonald , Australian Services Union

Kathryn Daley, NTEU

Tara Nipe, ANMF (Vic)

Maneesha Todd, ASU

Maxine Eayrs, CPSU

Rafaela Pandolfini, NTEU

Susan Peterson , RTBU

Kay McCrimmon , RAFFWU

Kleo, ASU

Jessica Nguyen, ASU, UWU

Tamara Rafton, The Services Union

Jenny Cao, Australian Services Union

Pavel Sraj, CPSU

Genevieve Siggins, NTEU

Jon Tjhia, MEAA and NTEU

Katie Henry, NTEU

Kilty O'Brien, CPSU

Imogen McKay, Australian Services Union

Steph, ASU

Joannie Lee, ASU

Jordan Abela, RAHU

Raquel Araya, Australian Unemployed Workers Unión (AUWU)

Dylan Heywood, CPSU Victoria

Ian Scott, Student Workers Collective at Dartmouth

Rachel Burgess, CPSU

Saskia Doherty, ASU

Danny, AWU

John Murphy, NALC(Letter Carrier in USA)

Carolyn Monk, ASU

Kristal Allison, CPSU

Michael Dulaney, MEAA

Lyndal Moore, RTBU

Orlando Forbes, Independent Education Union

Drew McMullin, ASU

Emma Connelly , SDA

Gillies O, ASU

Jess Herne, ASU

Alison Bessell, ASU-Private Sector Branch

Morgyn Davis, UWU

Fletcher Beverley, United Workers Union

Andrew Beitzel, Together QLD

Jaimie Jeffrey, CPSU (PSU Group)

Jamrs Dunne, Austrian Services Union

Darren Jones, CSIRO Staff Association

Rafi Alam, Australian Services Union

Jaynaya Travis , UWU

Wade Gilmour, NTEU

Celeste Liddle, MEAA and ASU

Harry Gerber, MEAA

Emma Gallacher, Australian Services Union

Liam Hanlon, ASU

Jordan Daly, Australian Services Union

Sean Bowes, Australian Services Union

Jessica Mekhael, ASU

Dave Burrows, NTEU & CPSU

Amy Bartholomeusz , Australian Education Union

Sonia Qadir, NTEU

Michael Grahame Dillane, AUWU

Aggi Court, CFMEU & CPSU

Simon Schmidt, Independent Education Union

Wendy Xin, NTEU

Rosa Serratore, Australian Services Union (ASU)

Joel Marlan-Tribe, ASU

Phillipa Grylls, Community and Public Sector Union (Victoria)

David Lockwood, NTEU (retired)

Finn Kelly, RAFFWU

Kylie Newman, Australian Services Union

Jackson Balmer , ANMF

Simon Ti, Together Union

Yen Su, Australian Services Union

Suzannah Henty, NTEU

Rosie Poulier, NTEU Unimelb

Harry Millward, RAHU

Claire Osborn-Li, NTEU

Darren Roberts , UWU

Theodore Quinn, Australian Services Union

Paboda Ratnayake, ASMOF

Sam Konig, NTEU

Mia Watt, NTEU

Reece Gittins, ASU

MaryClare Woodforde , Australian Education Union

Mairwen Jones, NTEU

Zoe Goodman, CPSU

oscar dunscombe, HWU

Lornett Vestal, Progressive Workers Union

Stephanie Stojanovska, NTEU

Johanna Saltis, PSA

Claudia Cook, ANMF

Jeanna McKenzie, MUA/USU

Rose Dooley, PSA

Monique Hameed, Australian Services Union

Carolyn Dunbar, Australian Services Union

Amy Lavelle, ASU

JR Hewitt, RAHU

Maggie Korenblium, ASU

Susan Miller , MEAA

Teddy Machnyk, UWU

Edward O'Donnell, RTBU

Daelin Coutts-Bain, NTEU

Michael Inness , AMWU

Rachel Paton, University of Melbourne NTEU

Dominique Diaddigo-Cash, Progressive Workers Union

Georgie Proud, Community and Public Service Union

Rebecca Howe, NTEU

Loretta, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Zubaidah Mohamed Shaburdin, NTEU

Mi Nguyen, Australian Services Union

Gennivieve Collier, AEU

Jake Brown, NTEU

Oishee Alam, PSA

Krista McClelland, ASU

Brooke walker , ANMF

Monique, ASU

Caspian Baska, Professionals Australia

Robert Boncardo, United Workers Union

Danny Carney, NTEU

Martina Moshy, ASU

R. Gautam, PSA  

Dion Russell-Ford , CPSU

Jordan Rowand, Australian Services Union

Sara Gatica-Villalobos, Australian Services Union

Jack Zanardo, Professionals Australia

Anahita Salempour, The Finance Sector Union of Australia (FSU)

Dr. Andrew G. Allison, NTEU

Shanae Rowick, IEU Vic/Tas

Aoife Carli Hannan, Australian Services Union

Jesse Hodder, Australian Services Union

Samantha Elphick , United Workers Union

Trish Roan, HWU

Hana Arai, Australian Services Union

Alex Vaughan, Australian Services Union

Ian Woolford, National Tertiary Education Union

Millie Willetts, Renters and Housing Union (RAHU)

Gem Romuld, Australian Services Union

Zachary Doney, Renters And Housing Union (RAHU)

Riley Brooke, Australian Services Union (NSW/ACT)

Mikaela Pappou, Australian Services Union

Maudie Osborne, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Lachlan Good, MEAA

Amanda King, MEAA

Grant Gronewold, RAHU

Fabio Cavadini, MEAA

Isabella Sheridan-Moore, CPSU, and United Workers Union

Seabrook Huelsmann, IWW Aotearoa Branch

Hannah Ekin, Australian Services Union

Jennifer Hurrell, ANMF Victorian Branch

Sukanya Ananth, UWU

Paul Smyth, Australian Services Union (NSW & ACT) Branch

Emma Constantine, ASU and RAHU

M Sharmin , Health Services Union

Allister J, RAFFWU & RAHU

Imogen Brackin, ASU

Marc Pearson, HACSU

Rose Simonsen, NSWNMA

Tom Grindrod, Australian Services Union

Marti Kaiser, ANMF

Natalia Newling, MEAA

Ioannis Tsiavos, Australian Services Union

Stuart Venables, ASU

Josie Donaldson , NTEU

Emma Walton, CPSU

Ben Hjorth, ASU

Thom Ryan, Together ASU

Isabella Miller, AEU

Joey Matchett, HACSU

Carly Hanson, The Services Union (ASU)

Mark Maclean, NTEU

Ada Castle, Australian Services Union

Alysha Bond, CPSU

Ben Juers, NTEU / RAFFWU

Jinghua Qian, MEAA

Gracie , ANMF

Emil Cole, Australian Services Union

Liz Sutherland, Australian Services Union

Hannah Garvan, AEU

Matt Neville, Health Services Union

John Brooks, NTEU

Caroline Anderson , CPSU

Eliza Bicego, NTEU

Imogen Barker, United Workers Union

Heidi Claus, ASU

Tess Matthews , Australian Services Union

Romany Manuell , CPSU

Raul Sugunananthan, Faith Workers Alliance

Mads White, ASU, RAHU

Kate Proud , CSPU

Caroline Lenette, NTEU

Bree Ahrens, ASU

Chloe Sinclaie, ASU

Savannah Benson, United Workers Union

John Ryan, VAHPA

Abraham Polatkesen, UWU

Siane grant-hayes, ASU

Adam Slobodian, United Workers Union

Julia Shaw, University of Newcastle NTEU

Kane Hill, NSWNMA

Nida S, CPSU Victoria

Eirene Tsolidis Noyce, ASU VicTas

Kent Getsinger, VAHPA

Sangwon Lee, ASU

Ella Cutler, NTEU

Jade Lane , Australian Services Union

Phoebe Kerr, CPSU

Nick Holliday, IEU

Anna Sturman, NTEU

Mick power, UWU

Hamilton Kennedy, NTEU

Rory Randall, VAHPA

Masato Takasaka, National Tertiary Education Union

Tobia Zama, AMWU

Elysia Evers Wilson , National Tertiary Education Union

Nik Hurle, United Workers Union

Kent Shaw, AIMPE

Javed de Costa, NTEU

Lou Kerley, Australian Services Union

Rory Killen, Health Workers Union

Nhi Tran, Professionals Australia

Kathryn, MEAA

Amy McKenzie, VAHPA

Kristy Steele , Australian Services Union

Laura Gardner, NTEU

Gretta Nicholls , ASU

Daile Kelleher, Australian Services Union

Kathryn Joy, MEAA

Ashley Ronning, RAHU

Katia Pellicciotta, Australian Services Union

Grace Reeves, Independent Education Union

Lou Franklin, ASU

Jacob Dawson-Daley, NTEU

Tara Burnett, AEU

Sienna Baxter, AWU

SHAIBU chirakkal Balan, Health services union


Rebecca Scott Bray , National Tertiary Education Union

Nikita White , ASU

Darcy W, Australian Services Union

Matt Dennis, United worker’s Union

Luke, United Workers Union

Shae Farley, MEAA

Mila Heneck, NTEU

Liam Clapp, CPSU

Nic Mellor, NTEU

Aitak Salempour, Health Services Union

Grant Goodman , Transport workers union

Matthew Crossin, UWU

Izumi Tam, ASU

Emily Webster, Australian Education Union

Alice Quinn, UWU

Hijrah Ahmad, CFMEU

Claire Akhbari , NTEU

Annalese Jack, Professionals Australia

Lily Hawkins, MEAA

Chloe Maclean, United workers union

Bronte Colmer , AEU

Dan Younger, NTEU, RMIT Branch

Fin Healy, National Tertiary Education Union

Olivia thomas, ASU

Mel Newby, CPSU

Eleisha Mullane , ASU

Iurgi Urrutia, ASU

Jess Harrison, Australian Services Union

Eleazar Brixey, ETU

Jacinta Hennekam, ASU Vic/Tas

Rachel Rathjen, CPSU

Mitch Dougall, QNMU

Elijah Hartshorne, SDA

Amelia Anthony, Australian Services Union

Julie Pittle, AEU

Nicola Flook, CPSU

Sophie Knezic, NTEU

Josephine Langbien, Australian Services Union

Brighid Kelly , IEU WA

Rhiannyn Douglas , United Workers Union

Ines Gesang, ANMF

Sarah Schwartz, Australian Services Union

Louise Dillon, United Workers Union

Damian Dillon, Professionals Australia

Chris Maltby , ASU

Shae Anderson, Australian Services Union

Lucy Honan , Australian Education Union Vic branch

Michaela Rhode , ASU

Gem Walsh , ANMF, NT branch

Sofia Athanasopoulos, CPSU

Dylan Griffiths , UFU

Tim Viney, ANMF

Charles Game , Raffwu

Grace Ewers, CPSU, RAHU

Elizabeth Rancourt-Bond, ILA 1657

Ben Skevofilax , RAFFWU


ruby kerrisk , MEAA

Nat Podesser, RTBU

Philippa Clark, PSA NSW

Paul Keating , Maritime Union of Australia

Elizabeth Nicholson , Australian Education Union

Catherine Bouris, MEAA

Rosalind Read, CFMEU

Courtney Thompson, Rail, Tram and Bus Union

Indya McMahon, ASU

Jem light , Anmf Vic branch

Renee Dawson, ASU

Yvonne Montfort, ASU

Rachael Szumski, ASU

Chelsea Menzie , Health and Community Services Union

Georgia Robenstone, ASU

Yenni Hagman-Chafei , NTEU

Zoya Gill, CPSU

Danieka Montague, Australian Services Union

Chris Kennedy, NTEU

Matt Brougham, AMWU

Phoebe Rountree, ASU

Simon Gardam , NTEU

Tess Ritchie, University of Melbourne

Jordan Piggott , Community & Public Sector Union

Sarah Adams, AFSCME, DC 37, New York Public Library Worker

Deanna Taylor, United Workers Union

Faith Myers, CPSU

Donya Hassaninezhad, ASU

Desmond Marcenko, Health Services Union (Tasmanian Branch)

James Eddington, Health and Community Services Union

Amany Abdelkader, NTEU

Rosemary Forde, National Tertiary Education Union

Tim Dymond, ASU

Dorothy Liu, HACSU

Tori Ball, National Tertiary Education Union

Mahdi heidari , Professionals Australia

Lizi Ralph, HACSU

Emma Belfield, ASU

Eamon Gough, United Workers Union

Jo Preece , AMWU


Tim Baxter, ASU

Ian Ramirez, NTEU

Ella Webb, MEAA

Agata Nabaglo, ASU

Lachlan Barker, Public Service Association

Linda Mitchell, ASU

Natty Osorio, Professionals Australia

Aaron Scheibner, RAHU

Odette Shenfield, ASU

Rebecca Law, ASU

Gemma Borgo-Caratti, ASU

Chanda Parmar-Bonta, United Workers Union

Ersha Mohan , SDA

Dylan Friedland, HACSU

Tuffy Morwitzer, Australian Service Union VicTas

Leah Nathan, Media, Entertainment, & Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Jo Eaton, Australian Services Union

Jack Stewart, Victorian Ambulance Union

Amelia Klein, ASU NSW & ACT

Khyaati Acharya, ASU

Therese O'Loughlin, IEU Vic Tas

Cian Galea, United Services Union

Caitlin Woodland, ASU

Michael Skinner, NTEU

Ness Finn, HACSU Tasmania

Evan Atkinson, University of Melbourne NTEU

Jessica McMeniman, ASU

Imogen King, NTEU

Roj Amedi, ASU

Aimee Hulbert, ASU

Emily Hamilton, ASU NSW/ACT

Anneke Gouws, Australian Service Union

Benjamin O’Rance, ASU

Connor Barkey, Health Services Union (HSU)

Lucas, HSU

Phoenix Dang, Australian Services Union

David Kelly, NTEU

Romy Ash, NTEU

Cal Ashton, CPSU

Alix Sachinidis, IEUVICTAS

Leslie Ho, UMSU

Jason Fernandez,, Australian Workers Union


Aisha Swinton-Thomas, CPSU

Natalie Voermans, ASU

Zelda Grimshaw, MEAA

Jasmine Walker, ASU

Vince MacElroy, MEAA

Hermine Paco, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Ryan Nolan, ASU

Tristan Watson, NTEU

Jess Jeanfield, ASU

Ahmad Mohamed, USU

Michelle Bennett, Australian Services Union

Neha Subba, United Services Union

Yasmin Ellis, ASU

Gemma Black, UWU

Roberta Stewart , USU

Matthew Kneller, RAFFWU

Cameron Smith, United Services Union

Olivia Barlow, CPSU

Gia Crocetti, ASU

Ben Nunquam, NTEU

Adeyvah Virjee, University of Melbourne

Jayde D, CFMEU

Giselle Nixon, USU

Leah Reckord , United Services Union

Samuel Dariol, Australian Services Union

Josh Andrews, United Services Union

Olivia Nielsen-Gurung, ASU

Anna Morath, Australian Services Union

Julie Bain, VAHPA

Avery Wright, AMWU

Elizabeth Thompso , United Services Union

James Conlan, Australian Services Union

Lisbeth Latham, Australian Services Union Victorian Private Sector Branch

Lehana De Silva, Australian Services Union (NSW & ACT)

Julia Lomas, NTEU

Alison Thorne, Community and Public Sector Union

david Weblin, RTBU

Rhyall Gordon, NTEU

Lloyd Pumpa, ASU-SA/NT

Jess Dalrymple , RAFFWU - Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Nick Chesterfield, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Justin Dowswell, ASU

Adam Connor, United Workers Union

Julian Thomas, USU

Shulah Orloff, ASU

Ruby Bouwsema, USU

Ry Atkinson , ASU

Ruairidh Bevan, United Workers Union

Saada Khalil, ASU

Jemma Nott, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Peter Nyhuis, ASU & NTEU

Anthony Taylor, United Services Union

Nikolaas Vidler, United Workers Union

Luci Nicholson, CPSU

Giacomo Campbell, UWU

Liyan, ASU

Peter Murray, Rail Tram and Bus Union

Keisha Galbraith, Australian Services Union (NSW & ACT)

Aesha Awan, United Services Union (USU)

Thomas Freeman, ASU

Michelle Robertson, ASU

Steph Putker , NSWNMA

Lulu Kennedy , Usu

Kaitlyn Barclay , CPSU

Maddie Diamond, ASU

David Cazzulino, ASU

Dan Hogan, NSW Teachers Federation - NSWTF

Katie Hepworth, Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union

Matthew Saunders, NTEU

Emily Fuller, NTEU

Patrick Jovaras, ASU

Michael Harvey, CPSU

Andrew Markey, Media, Entertainment, and Arts Alliance

Naish Gawen, Australian Services Union

Josh Cullinan, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU)

Asad Kasim-Khan, Health Workers Union

Pala , CFMEU

Brandy Cochrane, NTEU Victora University

Karl Coombe, United Services Union

Imogen Richards, NTEU

Isabella Capezio , NTEU

Chris Dite, MEAA

Grace Vegesana, Australian Services Union

Zenobia Ahmed, NTEU

Alycia Gawthorne, ASU VicTas

Anna Carlson, NTEU

Tyler Williams , HSU

Sera Tarpis, Professionals Australia

Deeana Predic, ASU

Laura Shepherd, NTEU

Hannah Evans, NTEU

James Higgins, Community and Public Sector Union

Cynthia Naidu, NTEU

Cam, ASU

Sara Cheikh Husain, NTEU

Max Smith, Australian Services Union Victorian Private Sector Branch

Chloe Ryan, NTEU - UQ Branch

Massimo Calosi , UWU

Matt Kunkel, ASU & UWU

Samuel Boatwright, United Workers Union

Lee Carnie, ASU - VIC/TAS

Ama Somaratna, USU

Brigid Sullivan, ASU Vic

Elizabeth Mason, CPSU

Ushter Abbasi, United Services Union

Rohan Irvine , Professionals Australia

Jonathon Dykyj, United Services Union

Liam Ward, NTEU

Struan Malan , Maritime Union of Australia

Alysha Bush, United Services Union

Edwina Moran, CPSU

Rhyss Wyllie, United Workers' Union

Ella Longhurst , ASU

Zac Hughes-Miller, CPSU

Alexander Turnbull, communication workers union

Emily Foley, NTEU

Sean Murray, RAFFWU - Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Andrew Tjea, CSPU

Alexander Suhle, United Workers Union

Lauren Walsh-Buckley, Health and Community Services Union

Alec Beville, Electrical Trades Union NSW

Braden Sheehan , Health Services Union - NSW

Nish Morris, RAHU

Rhonda McQueen, Professional Pharmacists Australia (PPA)

Rachel Deans, NTEU

Jakob McDermott, UWU

Anna Wark, ASU

Karina O’Callaghan , MEAA & USU

Ben Hadziahmetovic, United Workers Union

Robin Kneipp, Public Services Association

Kirk Radunz, CFMEU

Emilia, BRU

Rathy Srikanthan, ASU

Xaviah Smolak, HACSU

Izabella Antoniou, ASU

Lillian Bender, ASU

Hass Barzani, NTEU

Skye Dannaher, United Workers Union

Jay R, Health Services Union of WA

Kamna Muddagouni , CPSU

Ben Stewart, Professionals Australia

Isabella zuch, CFMEU

Luke Kerry, AWU

Karina Chalouhi, NTEU

Clive Tillman, ASU

Tim Benfatto, United Workers Union

Christian Bryle Leano, ASU

Ciaran Rayner, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union, CPSU (SPSF) Tasmania

Abdul A Mohammad, United workers Union

Grace Lagan, United Services Union

Alana Ramshaw, USU

Liliana Blaazer-Grossi, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Gina Hay, Development & Environmental Professionals' Association

Ryan Dodd, United Services Union

Bill Storey Smith, RAFFWU

Carly Findlay , MEAA

Graham Hansen, ASU

Thamer Al-Mosawy , Awu

Liam Taylor, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Jules Lemke, AEU

Georgia Miller, ASU

William Barrett, Community and Public Sector Union

Cain Maddox, RAHU

Christine Morris, AEU

Ridah Hassan, NTEU

Olivia Ellis, Australian Services Union

Ayah Buenaflor, United Workers Union

Llew Stevens, United Workers Union

Taylor D, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU)

William ross, Uwu

Daniel Crute, ASU

Jack Hynes, National Tertiary Education Union

Harriet Adams, USU

Joshua Subramaniam, ASU

Panda Wong , NTEU

Leo Kiefel, United Workers Union

Chloe, MEAA

Naruaki Cann, United Workers Union

Zarina Braybrooke, PSA

James Phillips, Professionals Australia

Edie McAsey, NTEU

Oliver Blackmore, CPSU

Rohitesh Narayan, UWU

Teddy McDiarmid, Australian services union

Elese Dowden, NTEU

Jim Shaw, NTEU

Patrick Newbold, NSW Teachers Federation

Lizzie O’Shea, ASU

Penny Vickers , Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU)

Lyle Burness, CPSU

India Windsor, Australian Services Union

William Chiron, AMWU

Maggie Bridgford, NSWTF

Alma Torlakovic, NTEU

Pia Larsen, NTEU

Jackson Winter, IWW

Dane Higman, PSA

Isabella Tripp, ASU

Elisa Bone, National Tertiary Education Union

Naomi , Together Union

Eimhin McNamara, Teachers' Union of Ireland

Tanvee , NTEU

Zia Hakimi , CPSU/CSA

Jordan McSwiney, NTEU

Nick Fredman, ASU

Gareth Bryant, NTEU

Tracey Ollis , Nteu

Benjamin G., CPSU

David C, MEAA

Kristy Meikle , ASU

James Tidy, UWU

Edie Griffin, NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association

Rafaella McDonald, Australian Services Union

Donna Mason Muscara, HWU

Eliah Hedges, CPSU

Jacqueline Gildea, Australian Services Union

Tegan Evans, NTEU

Carolina Simpson, USU

Rachel Dann , ASU

Georgina Goddard, NTEU

Sharon L, Public Service Association

Anisha senaratne , Australian Services Union

Maria Strofalis , Australian Services Union

Anna Pilot, HACSU

Divina Blanca-Jackson, Australian Services Union

Katherine O’Driscoll, ANMF

Kiz Blanca-Jackson, Australian Services Union Vic/Tas

Trelawney Edgar, Australian Services Union

Jason Ray, Health and Community Services Union

Holly Orsag, Australian Services Union

Marziya Mohammedali, NTEU

Asmaa Anzar, SDA

Freyja Catron, NTEU

Alex Gettler, HACSU


Abir Kassem , USU

Gemma Crocetti, AEUNT

Lil Longman , ASU

Sarah, Australian Education Union AEU

Thomas McNamara , NTEU

Declan Maher, NSWNMA

Rosanna Maclean , ASU

Cyma Hibri, NTEU

Patrick Harrison, United Services Union

Jay Fletcher, United Services Union

Michael Bukowski, IWW

Dominic Thomas, United Services Union

Sean Knight, Australian Unemployed Workers Union

Mara, UE

Lucy Beaton , ASU

Zoe Pittman, Health Service Union

Cosmo Renfree, ASU

Laurence Lacoon, United Workers' Union

Kim Sattler, ASU NSW SACS Branch

Chase Kauffman, RAHU

Rita Metzenrath, CPSU

Madison Bramley , NSW teachers Federation

Ange Hale , The Services Union

Ann Debono, National Tertiary Education Union

Paul Cooper, United Services Union

Annette Lin, MEAA

Tim gooden, Cfmeu

Kerry Davies, Australian Services Union

Gareth Bailey, Australian Services Union

Emmanuel Monteiro , New South Wales Teachers Federation

Thomas G, ASU

Catherine S, ASU

Tom Barnes, NTEU

Bella D-P, CPSU

Roy Poynton, ASU

Lana Howitt, AEUNT

Sonal Patel, PSA

Chris, Australian Services Union

Michael Mcdonnell, NTEU

Ruthi Hambling , NTEU

Murtatha Abotbeek, United Workers Union

Corwin Ollis, SDA/RAFFWU

Robin Cameron , NTEU

Tom Kiat, USU

Merinda Foster , The Services Union

Alexander Brown, Australian Services Union

Max Burrows, RAFFWU (Retail and Fast Food Workers Union)

Belle Gibson, AEU Vic branch

Anna Norton, CFMEU

Steph Sprott, CPSU

Alex Klages, United Workers Union

Scarlett Abramson, NTEU

Sophie Clarke, RAFFWU

Liam Gillespie , NTEU

Jim Murphy, National Tertiary Education Union

Lenka Hadravova, NTEU

Sofie Onorato , NTEU

Charlotte Mertens, NTEU

Paul Holgate, Nteu

Felix Pal, National Tertiary Education Union

Sean McCourt, ASU

Kamilia Al-Eriani, NTEU

Joseph Schwarzkopf , USU

Akramul HOQUE , CPSU

Emily Hirst-Johnson, ASU

MJ Tamargo, Together ASU

Sophie Thompson, Victorian CPSU

Tom Wright, NTEU

Jannine Graham, USU

Frances Clarke, NTEU

Clare Harris, NTEU

Owen Lewis , PSA

Natasha Spengler , CPSU

Jasmine Barrett , National Tertiary Education Union

Samuel Pearce, HSU

Catherine Huang, MEAA

Julia Packard, ASU

Tess Scholfield-Peters, NTEU

Jamal Nabulsi, NTEU

Lara Week, Renters and Housing Union

Anna Tweeddale, NTEU

Faiza, NTEU

Lauren , Raffwu

Kajsa Lundberg, NTEU

Abigail , NSWNMA

Jen Peden, NTEU

Anna Higgins, NSWNMA

Anj Hansen , Asu

Jasmine Opdam, Australian Services Union NSW & ACT

Barry Stark , NTEU

Paisley Suggett, ANMF

Manar haidar, Manufacturing workers union

Matthew Ford, HACSU

Alice Drury, Australian Services Union

Hassan Jaber, Australian Services Union

Josh Reinecker, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU)

Brooke Murphy, Mining and Energy Union

Chris Garvin, United Workers Union

Justin Reinecker , CFMEU

Emily Edwards, CPSU

Cassie Tongue, MEAA

Sky Croeser, NTEU, Climate Justice Union

Sib Hare Breidahl, ASU

Djarrah , RAHU

Tim White, National Tertiary Education Union

Haris Jamil, National Tertiary Education Union

Stefan Alfar, Rtbu

Dahlia, CEPU

Sumedha Choudhury, NTEU

Ryan Mcgibbon-Thompson , MUA

Alexis Vassiley, NTEU

Katie Wood, NTEU

Mark Lupton, Maritime Union Australia

Tiaki Teremoana, United Workers Union

Isabel Jackson, NTEU

Lucy Kenny, Australian Services Union

Carolina Cooksey, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU)

Callum Turner, RAFFWU

Darcy Reading, UWU

Cameron Colwell, AEU

Bernard Kay, Transport Workers Union

Elly Scrine, NTEU

Alexandra Missiris, NTEU

Bianca Delorme, MEAA

Melinda Venn, AMA/ASMOF

Kimberley Dibben, United Workers Union

Jia Guo, NTEU

Kevin Fine, NTEU

Gerard Buttigieg, Australian Services Union

Kathleen Misuraca, Australian Services Union

Greta Robenstone, NTEU

Maduvanthi Venkatesan, Climate Justice Union

Dominic Sidoti, NTEU

Bianca Prujean , CPSU

Francesca Branagan, NTEU

Jaime Yallup Farrant, Australian services union, Climate Justice Union

John Koster, United Workers Union

Gus Austin , ETU

Camille Fitzgerald , Australian Services Union (ASU)

John Ellery, CEPU Comms Telecommunications & Services

Charles Nicholls , Electrical Trades Union

Paul Collins , IEU

Gayatri Nair, ASU

Moriah Verma, United Services Union


Rosie Joy Barron, NTEU

Frances Ardern, Australian Education Union

James Searle, RAFFWU

Jamal Elhindi, NSWTF

Amelia Johns, NTEU

Stephanie Morris, Scottish Artists Union

Gizem Karsanbas, Rail Tram and Bus Union

Stephanie King, MEAA

Shonagh Gibson, EIS

Edwina Farrell , NSW Teachers Federation

Dave McDonald, National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)

Nikau Irvine , MEAA

Isabella, CPSU

Ellie Windred, CPSU

Jen McLean, CPSU

David Bloom, MEAA

Can Yalcinkaya, NTEU

Bronte Small, Australian Services Union

Petar Rogan , Maritime Union of Australia

Archie Thomas, National Tertiary Education Union

William Shepherd , AMWU

Ayano Sunaga, Maritime Union of Australia

Chris McPherson, NTEU

Matthew Donovan, United Workers Union

Florin, NTEU deakin

Jordan Sorby , National Tertiary Education Union

Sal Mcmanus, UWU

Larissa Payne, Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Scott Ludlam, MEAA

Samantha Bond, ASU

Laura Coleman , Media Entertainment Arts Alliance + United Services Union

Sienna Barton, NTEU

Alissa Tan, New South Wales Teachers Federation

Cornelius Pelzing , VAHPA

Akvan Gajanayake , NTEU

Mia Campbell, UTSSA


Lejla Erceg, NSWTF post svhool

Rachael Haynes , NTEU USYD

Davey Heller, Australian Service Union

Athena Bellas, NTEU

Jane Thomas , Australian Services Union

CLB, NTEU Unimelb

Lorelei Links, CPSU

Jill Trotter, Teachers

Jack Howard, RTBU Victoria

Samuel Kwon, CPSU

Isobel D’Cruz Barnes, NTEU

Paddy Keys-Macpherson , United Workers Union

Alexander Frost, Renters and Housing Union (RAHU)

Louisa Bufardeci, NTEU

Memphis, Cpsu

Anicca Maleedy-Main , University of Melbourne

shaheen, AMWU

Dani Barley, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Emily Collins, ANMF

Percy Francis, NTEU

Raquel Pantelic , NTEU

Madalene Roper, CPSU


Mish Furner, ASU

Emil, CPSU

Mara Moon, NSW Teachers Federation

Alegra Dajic, NTEU

Ella Barclay, NTEU ACT

Ekta Sharma, NTEU

Jorge Sotirios , MEAA

Elias Nasser, ASU

Alex White, PSA

Megan Carle, ASU

Drew Ashton, PPTEU

Gabriela Martinez , Health Services Union

Alejandra Troche, Health services union

Raheel Itrat, Humanity

Hayden Williams, Health & Community Services Union

Maryam Khazaeli Dobson, Community and Public Sector Union

Marcus Strom, MEAA + NTEU

Nikki Chopra , MUA

Dexter Davison-Ling, RAHU

John Sebastian, NTEU

Lewis O'Donnell, United workers union

Jac Meddings, MEAA

Jack, ASU

Jacqueline Larcombe , CPSU

Mohamed Ibrahim , AIMA

Stephanie Convery, MEAA

Caitlin Cassidy, MEAA

Kerry farrell, Maritime union of Australia

Cameron, PMBC branch

Miles Herbert, MEAA

James Brennan, ASU

Sanam, NTEU

Amy Hoogenboom , United Workers Union

Miles Carter, ASU

Han Reardon-Smith, MEAA

Mostafa Rachwani, MEAA

Sandra Di Giantomasso , CPSU

David Mejia-Canales, ASU

Meredith Russell, NSW Teachers Federation

Bob Carnegie , MUA / ETU

Sophie Raynor, Australian Services Union

Jack Kirne, NTEU

Jen Currie, Australian Education Union Victorian Branch

Rhys Dolby, Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Meg O'Shea, NTEU

Cecilia Saravia, Australian Services Union

Sara Dehm, NTEU

Miranda , AEU

Angie Moore , Maritime Union of Australia

Mark Tregonning, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) and Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU)

Dylan Clements, Australian Services Union

Matthew Barclay , CPSU

Yasser Al-mosawy, MUA

Megan Mahon, Australian Services Union

Pia Cerveri , CPSU Victoria

Salman Panahy , ASU

Niamh White, NTEU

Ilya Bonch , Cpsu

Angus Hoy, PSA

Chris Dyer, USU

Mel Campbell, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Bee Spencer, NTEU

Alexi Karahaliou, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Benjamin Riley, ASU

James Raffle, ANUSA

Bryan Ward , Together

Tricia Condran, Australian Sevices Union

Alexander Oluk, RAFFWU & MEAA

Joshua Melbourne, CEPU

Dina Elenbaas, Australian Services Union

Jeff Sparrow, NTEU, MEAa

Farzin Yekta, Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Hannah Forsyth , NTEU

Mez Butler, ASU

Mati Keynes, NTEU

Martin Garner , NSWTF

Elizabeth Pender , NTEU

Oliver van Ingen, Finance Sector Union

Liz Turner, ASU

Owen Kaddatz, United Workers Union

Marcia Conlan, United Workers Union

Tessa Minns, CPSU

Louise Scarce, CPSU

Kate Rowe , NTEU

Shelagh Stanton, NTEU

Evelyn Araluen, NTEU

Jonathan Dunk, NTEU

Casper Gal Sela, Australian Services Union

Campbell Rider, NTEU

Gary Karpa , ASU

Maria Giannacopoulos , NTEU

Jesse Edgar, Victorian Allied Health professionals Association

Julia Stewart, VAHPA

Robin Eames, NTEU

George (Kev) Dertadian , NTEU

Hristijan Popovski, NTEU

Cheryl Ryan, NTEU

Kate Brown, PSA

Liz Wright, NTEU

KIm Davies, NTEU

John Bourdouvalis, NTEU

Alice Bellette, NTEU

Mark Rahimi, NTEU

Abigail Lewis, Australian Services Union

Amelie Katczynski, NTEU

Nicholas Payne, NTEU

James Perkins , CWU

Elizabeth Clancy, NTEU

Ange Pestell, NTEU

Jake Alexander Cruz, PSA

Jo Ingold, NTEU

Olivia Thornton, USU

Jacqui Adcock, NTEU

Jill Brown, NTEU

Alinta Williams, AEU Vic

Shannon Bourke, Australian Education Union

Meagan Sharman, ASU

Debbie Billson, Sda

Hamish John Wood, NTEU

Emma Hayman , PSA

Ingrid Neilson, ASU

Mark A.V. Ambay III, NTEU

Dan Crumlin, MUA - ITF

Esther van Arend , CFMEU

Alex Gawronski , NTEU

Joe myles , CFMEU

Tatjana Seizova-Cajic, NTEU

Scott Arthurson, NTEU

shuddhasattwa rafiq, NTEU

Nick Tesoriero, NTEU

Kylie , Brown

Ju Bavyka, PSA

Mark Lawrence, NTEU

Autumn Royal, NTEU

Sophia Staite , NTEU

Clare O'Hanlon , NTEU

Glenn Auld, NTEU

Charlie Murphy, Sex Worker

Shahzad Lakhiar, NTEU

Pia, ASU

Chris Butler, NTEU

Vicky Batten, CPSU

Mike Lim, Public Service Association of SA

Nam-Phuong Tran, IEU-Vic/Tas

Amanda Peng, Australian Services Union

Dale Sheahan, ANMF

Georgia Craigie, VPA, NTEU

Vivienne Porzsolt , PSA NSW

Vicky Tzioumis, NTEU

Amy Nethery, NTEU

Laura Melville, ASU

Desiree Cai, ASU

Godfrey Moase, United Workers Union

Holly Creenaune, ASU

Sam Prater, Professionals Australia

Antony Restifo, ASU

Laura Ticehurst , NTEU

Ian Kruger , TWU

Warwick Gow, The Services Union, QLD

Ron Witton, Professionals Australia

Shirley Jackson, NTEU

Alice Wighton, NTEU

Bernadette Nunn, NTEU

Gabrielle Pei Tiatia , Professionals Australia

Hannah Murray, NTEU

Rachel Evans, Teachers Federation

Brigitte Garozzo, Australian Services Union (ASU)

Claire Weekley, NTEU

Bridget Harilaou, Australian Services Union

Kai Tanter, NTEU

John Porter, RAHU

Gavin Williams, HSU

Allyson Hose, CPSU

Sarah Tam-Perez, ASU

Caterina Cinanni, UWU

Adele Welsh, ASU

Jennie Bloom, AEU

Robert Wagner, AWU

Shona Beswick, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Angela Carr, Australia Services Union

Amani Hawa, HSU

Aimee Bull-McMahon, ASU

Vinil Kumar, NTEU

Harriet McKenzie, National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)

Vasiliki Franco-Klothos, NTEU

Avia Davey , NTEU

Sally Stevenson, ASU

Katia Munoz, ASU

Lisa Ronneberg, ASU

Janice Florent, ASU

Lawrence Farrar, NTEU

Layla Pope, ASU

Max Chandler-Mather, ASU

Cuchulainn McElduff, Community & Public Sector Union

Claire Connelly , MEAA

Alice Di Maggio, ASU

Jacqueline Andersen , AEU

Charlie Joyce, ASU

Dharani, ASU

Alex McKinnon, MEAA

Gabrielle Bennett, ANMF

Nicholas Sgro-Traikovski, NTEU

Amy MacMahon, The Services Union

Alison Millward, NTEU

Aisha Khan, NTEU

Justin Tutty, ASU (NT)

Sean McMorrow, NTEU

Reihana Mohideen , NTEU

Tony Clifton , retired

Ian Wilson, NTEU

Tian En, National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)

Ben McKenzie, MEAA

Patrick Howland, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Fatima El Wazni, PSA

Nadeen Madkour, NTEU

Emma Dalton, NTEU, ANMF

Hikmah, NSWTF

Azza Zein, NTEU

Stacey Roberts , NTEU

Jack Stubley, RAFFWU

Amelia Bright, ASU

Therese Grimes, National Tertiary Education Union

Brianna Akins, United Workers Union

Jo Church, NTEU

Jarrod Ralley , PSA

Peter Arfanis, PSA

Mariam Latifi , Teacher's Federation

Kween, MEAA

Thomas Cullen, CPSU

Hannah Pasakarnis, Health Services Union - NSW

Brett Dillon, AMWU

Zoe Roberts, CPSU

Naomi Prosser, Black Peoples Union, Unemployed Workers Union

Shane , Maritime Union of Australia

Jaclyn McCosker, Australian Services Union

Margaret Gleeson, retired, life member The Services Union /ASU

margaret pestorius, ASU

Joseph Borellini, ASU

Greg Dare, MEAA

Holly Matthewson, MUA

Michael Samperi, Maritime

Zev Powell, ASU

Niccolò Palandri, NTEU

Jayden Pan , Professionals Australia

Deshal Patel, United Workers Union

Kelsey Cooke , ASU

Sara Salam, NTEU

Anette Bremer , NSWTF

Lou Herrick, United Workers

Bryce Lewis , Australian Services Union

Hannah Lawrence, PSA

Denan Begic, CFMEU

Evgenia (Zhenya) Bourova, National Tertiary Education Union

Lev Bromberg, National Tertiary Education Union

Eann Lister, ASU

jennifer mills, Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Marisa Wikramanayake , MEAA

Jules LeFevre, MEAA

Charlene Edwards, NTEU

Tanya Hardy, ASU

Imogen Boyle, NTEU

Yusuf Fahri, Australian Federation of Air Pilots

Keiran Stewart-Assheton , Black Peoples Union

J Kerr, Australian Services Union

Jack Patterson, NTEU

Stephen Stefanac, CPSU

Jack Roberts, NTEU and Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Ethan Grindlay, ASU Victorian Private Sector

Artemio Soto, NTEU

Teddy, United Workers Union

Adil Hasan Khan , NTEU

Tom Allinson, TWU

Avril Hannah-Jones, Faith Workers Alliance

Angela Smith, NTEU

Claire Johnstone, NTEU

Amanda Carr, ASU (NSW & ACT Branch)

Dr Heela Popal , NTEU

Monika Karlsson, ASU

Razia Shaik, Not in union

Alex Di Giorgio , ASU

Josh Chen, RAFFWU

Thomas Feng, Australian Services Union

Osama elsayed , Cfmeu

Josie Gregory-Walker, ASU

Lewis Golding, United Workers Union

Zuzia Buszewicz, ASU

Daisy Catterall, ASU

Rosie Yasmin, NTEU

Jaspar McCahon-Boersma, ASU

Jess Bigby, ASU

Jonathan McCoy, National Tertiary Education Union

Camilla Mason , USU

Lisa Gronich, NTEU

Zachary Moore-Boyle, RAFFWU

Simon Holmes, ASU

Hareem Abbasi, Australian Services Union

Ella O'Keefe, Community and Public Sector Union

Vincent Mai, FSU

Fiona Finlayson, Australian Services Union

Mridula Shankar, NTEU

Ivy Murray, UWU

Kathleen Winter, Australian services union

Fiona Crotty, Australian Services Union

Ann Borg , QNU

Dr Neil Mudford, NTEU (Life Member)

Melinda Bolton, Australian Services Union

Dettie Onus Browne, Australian Services Union

Sean Stebbings, Australian Services Union - Private Sector

Heather Pate, NTEU

Kaye, ASU

Graham Matthews , United Services Union

Seamas Pragnell, NTEU

Jonathan Strauss, National Tertiary Education Union

Mark Stubbs, UWU

James Newbold, AWU

Bryony Walters, Together

Gabriel Waldron, AWU

Eugenia Lim, NTEU

Jessica Bakewell, Australian Services Union

Angelina Gu, United Services Union

Jayden Awarau, Professionals Australia

Gemma Stubbs, Teachers Federation NSW

Mohammad Akasha, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Lexi Kelly, Health Services Union

Bianca Hester, National Tertiary Education Union

Dr Mhamed Khaled Abu Mahmoud, General union of palestinion engineers GUPE

Jess Wheelock , Australian Services Union

Stephanie Reynolds , Australian Services Union

Paige Santelli , NTEU, RAHU, IWW

Cooper Jones, RAFFWU

Mike Schroeder , NSW Teachers Federation

Maria Carty, QNMU

Lan Courtney, ASU

Penelope BP, NTEU

Bill, CPSU

Maximilien Littlemore , CPSU Victorian Branch

Zoë Marni Robertson , NTEU

Susan Chen, United Services Union

Caitlin Holme, NTEU

Alexandre Fleck, NTEU

Claudia Payne, AFULE

Sebastian Broadbent, United Firefighters Union Victorian Branch

Catherine Hartung, NTEU

Sophie Gillfeather-Spetere, Australian Services Union

Adam Fernandes, NTEU

Shirley Hall, ASU

Brooke Williams , Australian Services Union

Emile van Lieshout, NTEU

Rebecca Campbell, ASU

Caroline Shore , QNMU

Sam Mirhaghani, NSWTF

Chris Mitchell , MUA

Rima Hayek, Mua

Oscar Iemke Roos, NTEU

Clare Silcock, The Services Union

Indre McGlinn, ASU

Abbey Kendall, ASU SA NT

Dean P, Australian Services Union

India Candy, ASU

Nisha Thapliyal , NTEU

Tom Short, NTEU, RMIT branch and RAHU

Margaret McKenzie , Asu

Alice Bitmead, Australian Services Union

Robin Mack, CFMEU Manufacturing Division

Clare King, AEU

Gregory Marks, NTEU

Erin Campbell, The Services Union QLD

Nicholas Avery, NTEU

James Madsen-Smith, RAFFWU (Retail and Fast Food Workers Union)

Rhianna Keen, FSU

Taylor Manderson, Professionals Australia

Graham Wilson, ASU

Joe McLaren, AEU

Zhia Zariko, NTEU

Emma Kefford, Australian Education Union

Tyler Martin, Australian Education Union

Jai Trebilcock, AEU

Patricia Lau, ASU

Tiana, SDA (Retail, Fast Food & Warehouse Workers Union)

Tom O’Connell , Australian Education Union

Melissa Cannon, USU

Natalia Maystorovich Chulio, NTEU

Kate Clark , NTEU

Patrick Sandeman, ASU

Isobel Yates, AEU

Aimee Pitt , Australian Services Union

Sigmund Lapstun, USU

Jill Sparrow, ASU

Finn Dawson, NTEU

Kayte Flanagan, USU

Lachlan Pragnell, NSW Teacher's Federation

Emma , NSWTF

Claire Ollivain, PSA

Vanessa Stathopoulos , ASU

Anthony Kelly, Australian Services Union

Jake Field, Maritime Union of Australia

Therese Keogh, NTEU

Anastasia Gramatakos, NTEU

Jeremy Kay, ASU

Leanne Yearsley, ASU

Carey Wolhuter, Health Services Union NSW

Vivienne Guo, NTEU

Alex Dowell-Day, NTEU

Adnil Ramos, NTEU

Ellen Curtis, Health Services Union

Hannah Gillard, Australian Services Union

Yi-Hung Chen, NTEU

Lucia Ritch, ASU

Casey Balmer, CPSU

Georgia Woods , ASU

Liam Armstrong, United Workers Union

Ayla Yuyucuoglu, Occupational Therapy Australia

Katarina Byrne , HSU

Dilek Basli, United Workers Union

Dario Mujkic, UWU

Brighid Donovan, Australian Services Union

Laura Boehm, ASU

Annamaria Scarimbolo, NSWTF

Deborah Peake , ASU

Zeina, NTEU

Tami Gadir, NTEU, RMIT branch

Soon-Tzu Speechley, NTEU

Hayden Moon, NTEU

Babs Caust, Australian Services Union

Zoe Edwards, ASU

Celia Milton, Australian Education Union

Alexandria, Australian Services Union

Stephanie Lee, ASU

Dexter Duckett, United Services Union

Jessica Lord, NSWTF

Cassandra Deon-Wierda, ASU

Tara Mulholland, USU

Amelia Smillie, ASU

Jackie McMillan, Australian Services Union


Sukhmeet Grewal, ASU

Zena Youseph, NSWTF

Fleur Taylor, National Tertiary Education Union

Greer Allen, ASU

Nicolas Hausdorf, NTEU

Robert Austin Henry, NTEU

Gearóid Brinn, NTEU

Aleeta Carmody, RAFFWU

Abigail Boyd, USU

Aisha Trambas , Australian Services Union

Jemima McKenna, NTEU

Niki Phillips, HSU

Mitch Rose, ASU

Hanifa Masri , PSA

Kieran C, United Workers Union

Kiran Castellino, United Workers Union

Jeannine Barakat , Public Service Association NSW

Gretchen Shillabeer, NTEU

Amal Naser , United services union

Alice Blackwood, United Services Union

Ben Moroni, AEU

Emma King, ASU

David Blaazer, NTEU

Danielle Svede, CPSU

Pippa Lukin, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

Rastko Antic, Australian Services Union

Chris Woods, CPSU Victoria and MEAA

Cinzia Myatt, AMWU

Jasmine Kirk, Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union

Damian Srbinovski, Communication Worker's Union

Tegan Milliken, United Workers Union

Alex Burchmore, National Tertiary Education Union

Stacey Akasha, ASU

Elizabeth O’Connor , NTEU

Mike Nodding , NTEU

Cian McMahon, CPSU

Wei Huang, NTEU

Frankie Hanman Siegersma, HACSU

Lloyd Riman, Independent education union

Nick Everett, CPSU/CSA

Karla McGrady, ASU

Elizabeth MacNeil, SSTUWA

Brian Newman, NTEU

Paul Desney , NSW Teachers Federation

Kathy Brunning, ASU

Alex Dini-Roshier , ASU

Shaffira Gayatri Haneen, Australian Services Union

Abbi fenton, Australian education Union

Ella Francis, Australian Education Union

Paul Russell , NTEU

Bridget Kramer, NSW Teachers Federation

Brett Woods, NTEU

Mani Lemmon, CPSU

Amy Findlay, Australian Services Union

Ariana Reid , NSWNMA

John Brennan , ASU

Julie Macken, MEAA

Michael Hallpike, Australian Education Union

Kevin Bracken, MUA Victorian Branch

David Hermolin, CPSU

Edwina Minner Saines, Australian Education Union

Catherine Timmins , Together Queensland

Marc Lyons, CEPU

Greg Brown, CPSU

Sara Aberdeen, ANMF

Rosa Monsour , Queensland Teachers Union

Sharlene Leroy-Dyer, National Tertiary Education Union

Sig Boman, The Services Union

Jarrad Carley, CEPU

Tina Ventoura, Australian Services Union

Ferah Ocal, VAU

Rohan Whiteley, Services Union

Ahona guha , VPA

Fae Morgan, Qld Nurses and Midwives Union

Alyssa Hanson, Victorian Ambulance Union

Caitlyn M, AEU

Michelle Toy, Australian Services Union

Lu Lin, MEAA

Lisa Divissi, MEAA, RAHU

Sarah Thompson, Victorian Ambulance Union

Erica Newby, The Services Union

Sam Allen, ASU

Kelly George , Western Australia Prison Officers Union

Fran Weston, NSW Retired Teachers

Merritt Mitchell, United Services Union

Nicholas, VAU

Amin Hanoun, CPSU

Veronica , United Services Union

Jackson elliott, United Services union

Evie Isaac, Australian Services Union

Alice Richardson, MEAA

Laura Eales, Victorian Ambulance Union

Catherine Greenhill, NTEU

Emily Rayner , PSA

Freya Pollard, Australian Services Union

Gavin Scott, Australian Services Union

Jessica Frawley , NTEU

Ty Wilson-Brown, Professionals Australia & NTEU

Patrick Gashi, Victorian ambulance Union

Elias Deprez , NTEU, ANU

Nicholas Best, NTEU

Maddie Sarre, Australian Services Union

Sarah Lang, Australian Writers Guild

Sena Ismail , Australian Services Union

Valentina Baú, NTEU

Chris Vincent, RTBU

Jacqui Leadle, HSUWA

Nicola Purcell , Australian Services Union

Matthew Harper-Gomm, United Workers Union

Rukhshana Sarwar, ASU

Billy Dostine, Finance Sector Union

Zoe Porter , Queensland Teacher’s Union

Emily Vaughton, NTEU

Marlo , Australian Education Union

Antonina Gentile , NTEU

Hiro Suse Chan , NTEU

Danielle, USU

Leonardo Farrawell, SDA

Jodi Brooks, NTEU

Amanda Taylor, NTEU

Afroditi Hondzeas, United Workers Union

Mitch Alexander, Community and Public Sector Union Victoria

Emma , PSA

Audrey Bester, CSIRO Staff Association

Cian O'Dwyer , Public Sector Union

Rachel Fletcher, VAHPA

National Tertiary Education Union, Monash University Branch

Rebecca Donato, Victorian Ambulance Union

Michael Thomson, National Tertiary Education Union

Amar Hamed , NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Sarah Constable , Victorian Ambulance Union

Asanthika Kappagoda, DEPA

Amy Elizabeth , USU

Bilynda Palmer, Independent Education Union

Seph M, CPSU

Belinda Mahoney , Communication Workers Union

Erin Killion, NSWNMA

Lauren Lawson, NTEU

Carly Heinrich , NTEU - UniSA Branch

Suzanne Murie, ASU Private Sector

Jeremy, RTBU

Alana West, ASU

Johannes D'Costa, Community & Public Sector Union

Ricardo Sosa, NTEU

Alexandra Griffin, CPSU

Rita Martin, NSW Nurses & Midwives' Association

John Adley, CEPU SA

Emma Brown, United Services Union

Catherine Plewa , QNMU

Sioux , ASU

Brenna Dempsey, NTEU

Vikki Steeneveld, AEU

Renata Field, ASU Vic/Tas

Ruby McGrath-Lester , Community and Public Sector Union

Erin Wedgwood, Professionals Australia

Steven Tapping, NTEU

Lachlan Daly, USU

Tim White , Independent Education Union

Eman, USU

Vanessa Natale, VAU

amy griffiths , NTEU

Rosie Asplet, NTEU

Eleni Stamenitis, NTEU

Ginny Adams, HACSU Vic

Andrew Macdermid , Professionals Australia

Elizabeth Romeril, Australian Education Union Northern Territory

Emily Herbert, VAHPA

Vinnie Molina, CFMEU

Jennie Bates, Scottish Artists’ Union

Ken Davis, ASU

Mia Mussett, CPSU

Jack Boddeke, NTEU

Linda Karafili, ANMF

Melody Kelly, Professionals Australia

Rosie L, ASU

Martin Barry, MONSU

Tarek Zakout, Nurse and midwife’s

Julie Fraser, ASU SANT

Lucy Kelly, ANMF

Tania Tran , The Service Union

Grace Wearne, ANMF TAS

Josh Mann, Finance Sector Union

Jacob Andrewartha, United Workers Union

Vanessa Meagher, MEAA

Nerida Grant, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Oli Hittmann, ASU

Sam Brennan , CPSU

David Garland, CPSU

Alistair Montfort , ASU

Anisha Gautam, CPSU and the International Workers of the World

Mary Jo Kelly, Australian Education Union

Robin Lao, RAFFWU

Hannah Thomas , Australian Services Union

Elizabeth McLean, NSW Teachers Federation

Anna D'Onofrio, NSW NMU

Lisa Mason, Independent Education Union

Jacobta , Australian service union

Reed O'Loughlin, HACSU

Georgia Broderick-Crawley, CPSU

David Haidon , MEAA

Benjamin Garrett, MEAA

Adam Knudsen, AWU

Cat Pacialeo, NSW Teachers Federation

Laura Carthew, Australian Education Union

Lokesh Sangarya , CPSU

Steven Trippetta, Cfmeu

Chris Ray, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Kristen Proud , ASU

Sean Goodger, Professionals Australia

Alasdair King, PSA

Evan Curnow, CPSU

Manal Tuncer, NSW Teachers Federation

Remy Regan, NTEU, USYD Branch

Giselle Diego, CPSU (Vic)

Cam Peter , CPSU Victoria

Miriam Ellwood, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

Helen Greer, Teachers' Federation

Julian Guinane, NTEU

Mike Collins, Australian Services Union (VIC TAS Local Government)

Emma Davidson, NTEU

Stephanie booth, IEU

Donna Elizabeth Wheeler, MEAA

Laura Carroll, CPSU-Vic

Amelia Varua , ASMOF

Sam Wren Quan Sing, NTEU

Leo Milesi, MEAA

Rosanna ralston, Teachers union

Grace Dulawan , NTEU

Angus Middleton, ASU

Winnifred Lake, RAFFWU

Stephanie Thuesen, Health and Community Services Union

Amelia Glass, WA Rail Tram and Bus Union

Brianna Spinks, AEU

Leah Subijano, NTEU

Jeanie Lucas, Public Service Association of South Australia

Laura Toose, USU

Sinead Dunbar, Community and Public Sector Union

Kai Niezgoda , Australian Services Union

Jasper Denton, NTEU

Minna Fitzpatrick, NSW Teachers Federation

Christopher Kenna, Australian Education Union

Farhana Laffernis, NTEU

Vaylira Passionfruit, RAHU

Alaa Baky , AMA

Natalie Scott , NTEU, ASU

James Whitfield , FSU

Jennifer Bibi, SDA

Patrick Faulkner , MEAA

Hesham Abdo, Public Service Association (PSA)

Ghena Krayem, NTEU

Shawna Marks, ASU

Chloe Flannery , United Workers Union

Mehal Krayem, NTEU

Noah Hamodeh , TWU

Ahmed Hamodeh, Fire Brigade Employee Union (FBEU)

Shae S Foreman-Sim, ASU

Matisse Strong, NTEU

Ciaran Summerton, CPSU/CSA

Yusra Metwally, Australian Services Union

Gamal Kerbatieh, CFMEU

Anaum Zahid , Teachers Federation

Ash Gupta, Rail Tram and Bus Union

Angus Middleton, MSAV

Kennedy Edgington, Teachers federation

Aisha Adra, NSW Teachers Federation

Melletios Kyriakidis, NTEU

Jihad El Cheikh, NSW Teachers Federation

Breanne Hobden, NTEU

Daisy Smith , CPSU

Rose Siegenthaler-Allison , NPAA

Nathan Wratten, FSU

Sammy Dixon, Community and Public Sector Union


Maha Bassal , Teachers Federation

Claudia Sinacori, ASU

Noor Aljassim, AMA/ASMOF

Kylie Tran, NTEU

Hayley Sestokas, Australian Services Union

Maha Rathborne , NSW Teachers Federation

Riley James, ASU

Maryam Zahid, NSWTF

Angie Kocsisek , ASU

Ally Curtain, AEU

Ellen Hodgson, CPSU

Alex Mcleay, MEAA

Cassie Leong , NSW Teachers Federation

Zac Smith, CEPU

Rhiannon Bennett, ASU

Meaghan Morris, NTEU

Charlotte Epstein, NTEU

Michael Cruces, Australian Services Union

Sertan Saral, NTEU

Norlela Husen, NTEU

Nesrudin, ANMF

Maiya Mathwin, SDA

Nick Croggon, NTEU

Snowy, Sex worker (we have no union)

Bethany Dunlop, HACSU

Christine Kousidis , ASU

Annette Burke, NTEU

Laura King-Grey, CPSU

Julian Wood, NTEU

Jen, HSU

Corinne Meers, NSW Teachers' Federation

William Foley, CSPU/CSA

Brendan Keogh, NTEU

Stephen Rudge, AMWU

Nicholas Harrigan , National Tertiary Education Union

Laura Owsianka, Australian Education Union

Mitchell Lewis, Public Service Association of NSW

Riya Kundu, ASU

Peter Riley, I.W.W.

Erin Hendry, NSW Teachers Federation

Diane Wanasawage, NSW Teachers Federation

Terry Costello, Communication Workers Union

Siobhan Irving, NTEU

Elyse Curley, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Linly Wang, NTEU

Laura Janes, CPSU

Karl Melvin, ASU SA/NT

Llywie Scholes, AWU, RAHU

Aidan George, NTEU

Effi Vass, ASU

Alannah Cavalieri, ASU

Anthony Veal, CEPU

Elise Esquenazi, USU

Tessa Sparks, Australian Services Union

Nicola Bailey, ASU

Richard Cuskelly, Community & Public Sector Union Tasmania

Kial , ASU

Phil Griffiths, NTEU (retired)

Daej Arab, NTEU

Tasnia Ahmad, Community & Public Sector Union

Ioana A. Dumitru, NTEU

Asha-Mae Chapman, United Workers Union

Sam Stolke, NTEU

Calem Burton Dark, Australian Education Union

Lucy Weber, CFMEU

Julie Nelson, NSW Teachers Federation

Damien Williams, HWU Victoria

Steve O'Brien, CPSU/NSW PSA

Nathan Retmock, CPSU

Dom Caesar, Australian Services Union

Frances Long, United Workers Union

Milo Peltier, ASU

Brett Milton, APESMA

Georgia Trousdale, Australian Education Union

Rockya Faoual, CPSU

Melike Latifoglu, AEU

Benjamin Jelfs-Smith, CPSU

John Garang , UWU

Jacqueline Mackaway, NTEU

Aisha Aboulfadil , CPSU

Mariam Aboulfadil , ASU

Monique Duggan, CPSU

Dylan Strahan, CPSU

Al-Shayma Nahya, CPSU

Isabel Bradley, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Rachel Killean, NTEU

Calum Thatcher, Together

Hunter Morgan , ASU

Mairi Burford , Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Mickie Quick , NTEU


Katherine Samiec, CPSU

Emma Russell, National Tertiary Education Union

Aoife Nic Dhiarmada, National Tertiary Education Union

Georgina Bell, Australian Services Union

Darryl Snow, FBEU

Davis Morrison, RAFFWU

Lisa Godwin, ASU

Sophie Rigney, NTEU

Isabella Richardson, NTEU

Matthew Krishna, Public Service Association

Jane Halson, NTEU

Alex Hill, Professionals Australia

Tobie Lukin, AEU

Sam Matthews, MEAA

Dee Gustafsson, CPSU

David Abkiewicz, CPSU

Niyati Libotte, MEAA

Owen Bennett, UWU

Nemo Cambridge, CPSU

Brendan Ragan, Professionals Australia

Luis Van Slageren, GWA

Melodie Grafton, Health Services Union (NSW)

Sadie Grant Butler, NTEU

Chathuri Mawananehewa , UWU

Asil Khan, Professionals Australia

Meriem Idris, Australian Services Union

Annette Herrera, NTEU

Sarah Hathway, HACSU & VAHPA

Mojgan Hamzaei, CPSU

Valentina Garcia , ASU

Mohammed Mardawi , HSU

Sadra Bayat Tork, NTEU

Nooralhuda Hussain, Teacher's Federation

Peter-Julian Tanti , CPSU

Phillippa, ASU and MEAA

Rebecca McFarlane, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Sabrina Clarke, UWU

Emily Corbett, NTEU

Yanna Durnan-Silva , Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Victoria

Clare Sawyer, CPSU

Romy Listo, Australian Services Union (NSW/ACT)

Frank Gafa, CSIRO Staff Association (CPSU)

Anastasia C, ASU

Ben Hattingh, HACSU & NTEU

Althea Francisco, CPSU

Eleanor, Health Services Union

Lilly nicholls , ANMF

Hanady Touchan , Federation of Education Unions FEU

Emily Stuart , ANMF

Isabella Neal-Shaw, Australian services Union

Tom Russell, Aeu

Donna Pateman, Australian Services Union

Lucy Watson, Australian Services Union

Kat Capel, NTEU

Adrian Mouhajer, ASU

Christos Floratos, Australian Services Union

Cory Capgogrec, AEU

Victor Jose, Australian Services Union - Victorian Private Sector Branch

Nick Heath, AEU

Sarah Haar, ASU

AEU Sub branch- Virtual School Victoria, Australian Education Union

William Girdled, NTEU

Jade Parker, ASU

Nicholas Moreno, ASU

Siobhan Hannan, ASU

Chloe Wilson , ASU

Sarah Thorne, ASU Vic/Tas

Sam Galvin, ASU

Victor Komarovsky, ASU

Eliza Shalley, AEUSA

Yasmin Karaata, Australian Social Union Vic Tas

Vicki Mastihi, ASU

Ben Kruse , ASU NSW

Andy Bosch, Professionals Australia

Judy Fernandez , Cpsu

Andrea Bortoli, VAHPA

Anthony Bortoli , CFMEU

Joseph Tafra, HACSU

Anne Newton, ANMF

Camilla a'Beckett , NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

John Pilgrim, ASU

Jade Andrews, ASU

Millie Andrews, CPSU

Kage Gold, ASU

Shana Roberts, Australian Services Union

Megan Snelgrove, ASU

David De Boos, Professionals Australia

Damon Ellis, AEU

Emily Higgins, ASU

Bella Ambrose, AEU Vic

Dylan Barden-Allan , UWU

Mohammad Javad Ahmadi , united workers union

Sher Hussain Shahrestani , United worker union

Steven Young, United Workers Union

Michelle Green, ASU

Kate Wiggins, ASU

Saleh Almasri, United workers union

Lynn Walker , Uwu

Nyashinde, Uwu

Julien Gibson, United Workers Union

Angie Perez , ASU

Tarek Soueid, UWU

Emilie Owens, AEU, NTEU

Angella Liu, AEU

Adrian Lidsey, United Workers Union

Olivia Blackney, United Workers Union

Claire Lawrence, UWU

Thomas Whiteside, UWU

Corinn Strating, Australian Services Union

Surya Nagulapalli, UWU

Bernadette Barrett, ASU, SA & NT Branch

Emma Johnson, Australian Services Union SA/NT

Chloe Holliday, United Workers Union

Darren Matthews, UWU

Lucy Hackworth, PSA

Hannah Walker, CPSU

Shaez Mortimer, Australian Services Union

Charlotte Brady , Australian Services Union - Victoria Branch

Iona Julian-Walters, ASU

Layla Saddik, Teachers federation

Fadia kaddour , United union

Jordan Vu-Abouzeid, Australian Services Union

Ahmed Abdelraheem, Australian Services Union

Mohammad Hassa , Professionals Australia

Fatma Akkawi , NSW Teachers Federation

Ado Barker, ASU

Dylan Storer, ASU & MEAA

Ahmad Syahir Mohd Soffi, Australian Salaried Medical Officer Federation

Lachlan Morgan-Fraser, RAFFWU

Cass Chang, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Sophie Schmidt , AEU

Judy Attwood, Queensland Teachers Union (retired)

Remah Ismail, NTEU

Kira Puru, MEAA

Samantha Pena Roshier, Australian Education Union

Perry McDonald Moult, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Suzanne McCarthy , NSW Teachers Federation

Kath MacDonald , AEU

Kate Worsley, Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Tyson Baird, HSU

Hannah Treacey, ANMF

Becci Love , NTEU

Alan Halim, Professionals Australia

Kate Glenie, Australian Services Union

Pat Allan, Professionals Australia

Diana Covell, NSW Nurses & Midwives Association

Kelly Donati, NTEU

Jeff Knight, Plumbers Union

Kate Leaney, ASU

Lucy Dodd, MEAA

Hayley Gifford , NTEU

Catherine Nelsson, AEU Vic

Lily Ingram , ANMF

Max Baumann, Professionals Australia

Lorraine Curtis, Australian Services Union

Matthew Lumsden, NTEU

Jude Elton, Public Service Association SA


Maliha Aqueel, Community and Public Sector Union

Ash Phthalo, UWU

Norah Bawab , NAATI

Nathalie McLean , Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Steph Tashkoff, Australian Education Union, Victorian branch

James Trauer, NTEU

Charlotte friels , MEAA

Ariadne Sgouros, MEAA

Symon Smith, RAFFWU

Jackie Campisi, USU (retired)

Len Cooper, Communication Workers Union(CWU)

Poppy de Souza , NTEU

Milica Milinkovic , UWU

Gemma Baker, Australian Education Union

Ella Scott, Teacher’s Federation

Hayley Rochefort , CPSU

Judy Gillett- Ferguson, AEU

Laurie Krepp, IEU

Safa Al Khulaifawi , NSW Teachers Federation

Gabrielle Bakker, Australian Education Union

Muhammad Zafar , Australian Manufacturing workers union

Kirsty McGuire, PSA

Maeve O’Callaghan, ANMF

Dominique Mitchell, PSA

Lucia Tường Vy Nguyễn, Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Amanda , CWU

Greg Manning, Rail Tram and Bus Union

Remy Dovers, NTEU UniMelb branch

Natasha Bonnici, HACSU

Pamela Gurner-Hall, CFMMEU

Romy Blacklaw, QNMU

Holly Quin, Public service association

Michael Fensom, NSW Teachers Federation

Shane Richards , Community and Public Sector Union

Megan O'Connell, MEAA

Yasmeen, Australian Services Union

Harita Sridhar, CPSU


Ellen , UWU

Lena Li, USU

Madeleine Lush, ASU

Adam Karim, Australian Services Union

Kayte Peters, NSW Teacher's Federation

Shannon Brincat, NTEU

Thom Smyth, United Workers Union

Paris Taylor , Electrical Trades Union

Xiaole Zhan, UMSU

Breanne McClafferty, PSA

Henrietta Byrne , National Tertiary Education Union

Bonnie Gordon , PAA

Denise Abou Hamad, Public Service Association, NSW

Mohammed Shamim-ul-Islam, United Workers Unoin

Janice Ampt, Australian Education Union

Hisham Faalil, Community and Public Sector Union

Caprice Alder , Queensland Teachers Union

Mandy Ho, Shop, Distributive, and Allied Employees Association

Kate Green, Australian Services Union

Daniel Brown, Communications Workers Union

Tanya Manolios, ASMOF

Max McLaughlin, United Workers Union

Catherine Till, QNMU

Fayeq Najib, AMWU

Margaret (Maggie) Bryant, Australian Education Union (AEU)

siriluck ovenden , Professionals Australia

David Boston , Australian Education Union Victoria

Farrah Shaikh, AMWU

Hena Jawaid, ASU

Josten Myburgh, Musicians Australia

Jonathan lamptey, CFMEU

Adrian Waters, Together Branch, Australian Sevices Union

Monica Lee, Australian Education Union (SA Branch)

Nigel Cooper, Independent Education Union

Zander Czerwaniw , MEAA

Merah Hashmi , Community and Public Sector Union

Erika Knott, CFMEU

Katie Haden, NTEU

Steve Vogel, United services union

George Moyo, United services union

Brett Porter, United services union

ketayoon bhathena, The services union

Jan Hawke, Together

Anastasia La Fey, IEU

Jasmine , ASU

Amy C, Financial Sector Union

Rowena Specht-Whyte , AUWU, SEQUR

Jacqueline Martin , ASU

Harley Jackson Willmott, Health and Community Services Union

Mila Sumich, United Workers Union

Alice Cleveley , Health Workers Union Victoria (branch of HSU)

Shahabuddin Khan , ASU

Primrose Tyson, IEU

Tina Rizza, Australian Services Union

Fiona O'Connor, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Robert Holmes , PSA

Sarahanna Holmes, PSA/CPSU NSW

Ray Goodlass, NTEU

Geraldine Hakewill, MEAA

Sarah Photiadis , Independent Education Union

Claudia Vera, NSW Teachers Federation

Dane Robson, Australian services union

Alex Creece, CPSU & ASU

Benjamin Hutton, CPSU

Moira Williams, Australian Services Union

Clare McCook, Professional Scientists Australia

Terese Wilcock , The Services Union

Mietta van Dam, ANMF

Tom Stokes, MEAA

Kate Hansen, ASU

Alexia Sawkins, NSW Nurse’s and Midwive’s Association

Josh Price, MEAA

Summer George, Phlebotomist Council of Australia

Anne Thompson , VAHPA

Ruth Allaburton, CPSU

Nathan Unwin, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland and Northern Territory Branch

Ben Van Berkel, Australian Education Union

Adriane Daff, MEAA

Ellen Stephens, AEU

Catherine Turner, Australian Services Union

Tom Hogan, NTEU

Hanna Kaiser, CPSU

Jessica Tovey, Media, Entertainment, Arts Alliance MEAA

Nazila Kazemi , AMWU

Kira-Che Heelan , MEAA

Catherine Ritchie-Holder, Australian Services Union

Catherine Van-Davies, MEAA

Simon Maiden, MEAA

Hannah Courtin - Wilson, HWU

Amy Letch, Professionals Australia

Louisa Mignone, MEAA

Megan James , Australian Services Union

Amanda Lee, Australian Education Union

Caitlin Phillips-Peddlesden, NTEU

Allen King, FSU

Rachel Rainey, Australian Services Union

Sharyn Dickeson , ASU

Tom Rainsford, Together union

Alicia Mitchell, Australian Services Union

Katherine Tonkin, MEAA

Amberlie Jane, Australian Services Union

Amelia Wheeler, National Tertiary Education Union

Peter Nisbet, The Services Union

Jade Taylor , Australian Worker's Union

Hannah , National Tertiary Education Union

Katrina Molloy, NSW nurses and midwives

Lulu Littler, QNMU

Kellie Jones , Media Entertainment Arts Alliance

Rebecca Collin, MEAA

Joanna Hewes, Community and Public Sector Union

Wasif Hassan, Engineers Australia

Vanessa Weir, Australian Services Union

Clare McFarlane , Together Union

S Henderson, CPSU

Cameron Darling, ASU

Dakota Barker, ASU (Australian Services Union)

Shireen Boone, SDA Union

Ashling Morone, ASU, RAHU

Sara Ricupito, MEAA

Tasch Arndt, PSA

Michelle Shackleton , ASU NSW/ACT

Amira Nunn, CPSU

Tony Oldfield, United Workers Union

Bonita Hammond-Brown, United Workers Union

Vanessa Musolino , PSA

Marin Richardt, Together Union

Ally Phillipou, Community and Public Sector Union VIC

Jo Coleman , Australian Unemployed Workers Union

Tyler Rotche, ASU

Gabriella Piemonte, ANMF Vic

Nicole Barakat , Media, Entertainment Arts Alliance (MEAA)

Alexandra Schepisi, MEAA

Kathryn Allman, NTEU

Christopher Quaye-Sowah, CFMEU

Madeleine Russell-Ford, PSA

Gabrielle Stolp , ANMF

Mɑх Gօօԁbսrу, FSU

Rebecca Hayes, NTEU

Kate, Australian Education Union

Putri Nazeri, United Workers Union

Elle Marsh, MEAA

Loretta Gasparini , Professionals Australia

Meg Vierboom, NSW Teachers Fed

Gay Breyley , NTEU

Justine Makdessi, Australian Education Union

Kelly Bergsma, MEAA

Piper Horvat, Health and Community Services Union

Glenn Osboldstone, CPSU

Lloyd COx, NTEU

Jean-Étienne Parrot, Professionals Australia

Summer Edwards, CPSU

Binari Almeida, ASU

John Wishart, Australian Education Union

Zoe Dealehr , CPSU

Grace Sweeney, Professionals Australia

Kasey , ASU

Ethan Jones, MEAA

Sam Davis, UWU

Jack Gibney, ASU

Kira, MEAA

Maxine Ellah, MEAA/Equity

Angela Wong, CWU

Shannon West, CPSU

J Lennie, ASU

Alexandra Partington, ASU

Tegan Hall, NTEU

Georgia Copeland, SDA

Osca Monaghan , NTEU

Nina Whittaker, CPSU

Sarney Holmes, Public Service Association

Joshua Bauer, TSU

Stephen Fodrocy, AMWU

Nenagh Brosnan, Australian education union

Luka Smith, ASU

Gemma Pitcher, Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance

Madelon Yorke, Australian Services Union

Jill Vaughan, NTEU

Natascha , United Workers Union

Kaite Head, MEAA

Emerald Dunn Frost, CPSU

Medha Sengupta, NTEU

Ashley Perusco, NSW Teachers Federation’s

Aimee Flores , ASU

Paloma Cole , Australian Services Union

Kuot , UWU

Alek Makuei, Uwu

Wendy Allan, Australian Education Union

Alison Bazzana, Australian Nursing Federation WA

Greg Sher, MEAA

Nic Wood, Finance Sector Union

Max Castle, ASU

Ali Nissenbaum , ASU and MEAA

Sarah Gabriel, Qld Nurses Union

Louisa Haywood, NSW Nurses and Midwives

Samuel Taylor, NTEU and Together (ASU) member

Tim Raftery, Australian Services Union

Caitlin Benson, Australian Services Union

Amanda Mitchell, CPSU/CSA

Tessa Mullen , ASU

Penny Pryor, MEAA

Adam Price, ASU

Dr Rada Germanos, ASMOF

A. Landy, Together Queensland

Louise Pine, CPSU

Sarah Smith, Public Service Association

Vanessa Lamb, AUWU

Tessa Jones, CPSU/CSA

An Nguyen, NTEU

Michael Coleman , ASU

Jac Beecroft, CPSU

Randa Al-Hasan, CPSU

Jas Bell, CFMEU

Claire Pereira, Australian Services Union

Ella D’Abbs , Australian Services Union

Raymond Grenfell , NTEU

Julia Mann, RTBU, Victoria

Grace Flanagan, UWU, MEAA

Stephanie Beza, MEAA

cecilia tran-pham, ASU SA Branch

Anna Heldorf, CPSU Victoria

Shane Hamel, HACSU

Isabella Cooper-Wilson, CPSU

Arlia fleming, ASU

Jarod Kingston-Brown, NSW Teachers Federation

Lachlan Hodgins, CPSU

Jaime, CPSU Victoria

Katrina Byrne, CPSU

Katrina Kiernan-Walker, CPSU

Batoul Ismail, United western union

Lonnie Mackertich, IEU NSW

Scott erreingtin, Uwu

Marty, Uwu

Jade johnson, Uwu

Arlo Valmai, CFMEU

Wana Omid, United workers union

Katrina Bicket, United Workers’ Union

David Coady, NTEU

Lauren , ANMF

M Faisal, NTEU

Romaine McSweeney, MEAA

Rebecca Buratto, MEAA

Jack Moon, ASU

Roger Markwick, NTEU

Maya Graham, AEU

Nell ferguson , MEAA

Simon Croker, MEAA

Gen Cox, ASU

Bee Honey-Cinnamon, CPSU

Angie Grills, CPSU

Grace Hensel, Australian Services Union

Ivanka Buczma, Australian Education Union

Paddy McGrath, HACSU

Erica Murrihy , VAHPA

Emiel Eddy, CPSU

Jack Cassidy, Public Service Association

Mariam Tohamy , IEU

Melody paloma , NTEU

Carolyn Gill, USU

Zeina , CPSU

Renate roeterink, Uom

Sarma Jopson, NSW Teacher’s Federation

Georgia Misurelli, Australian Services Union

Nese Duran, ASU

Stephanie Agius, ASU

Jess Keepence, MEAA

Aimee Osborn, ASU

Christine Stapleton, Australian Services Union

Zeina iaali, Teachers Federation

Chris Julian, Australian Services Union

Jess Eggleton, Together Queensland

Ziver Talat, HACSU

Verity Appleby, ASU

Matthew Bull, CPSU


Sam Nachar, Teachers

Jesse Roberts, NTEU

Heath Lamaro, United Workers Union

Bonny Ross, NTEU

Freya Zaknich, ASU


Fiona Yeh, Australian Services Union

Daniel, ASU

Jeremy Blewitt, MEAA

Marianna De Liseo, ASU

Lucy Peckham, ASU

Samantha Buenen, Australian Services Union

Brayden Aguilera, Professionals Australia

Andrew McLean, NTEU

Bailey White, National Tertiary Education Union

Camille Todhunter, EISS

Andrew Nicholson, CPSU

Jessica Collingburn, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch)

Sian Halloran, RAFFWU

Jarrod Kenney, CPSU

Lucy O’Connor, CPSU

Prenna Sergent, United Workers Union

Florrie Verity, National Tertiary Education Union

Yasmin Gleeson, CPSU

Wyndham Morland, Professionals Australia

Alinde Bierhuizen, USU

Amanda Morris, RAHU

Angela Fennell, Australian Services Union

zarina Sallie, State School Teachers Union of WA

Ingrid Wilson, United Worker's Union

Inari Saltau, Australian Services Union

Mike Read, ASU

Maia Buckley Lennox, AMWU

Lilian Alateras, Australian Services Union

Anwen Krause-Heuer, Professionals Australia

Kelli Bain, Awu

Joseph Tracey, CFMEU Queensland

Colin MacLean, firefighters union

Emma Owens, National Tertiary Education Union

Meghann Smith, NTEU

Violette Ayad, MEAA Equity

Sheldon Oski, UWU

Alex Faehrmann, National Tertiary Education Union

Bridget Moore, MEAA

Dina Bowman, Australian Services Union

Joelle Peters, ASU

Mah-Noor Rizwan, HACSU

David Wilke, CPSU

Dan Spencer, Australian Services Union

Kathryn Hemsley, ASUWA

Emma Hardley, CPSU

Jennifer Sell, AEU

Krista Brown, Australian Nursing Midwifery Federation

Kate McAll, AEU

Jenny, VAHPA

Michelle Reeves, CPSU Vic

Rhiannon Bull, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Kathryn Lee, ASU

Alan Woodcraft, AMWU RMD

Daisy Farnham, NSW Teachers Federation

Al-Aabid Chowdhury, RAFFWU/NTEU

Chloe Walker, Australian Services Union

Stephanie Booksmythe, Australian Education Union

Scott Kitchiner, ETU QLD & NT

Torrent Woodard, FSU

Giovanni Costanzo, CPSU

Fiona Waters, ASU

Mingjia Chen, United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America

Erin Hardaker, NSW Teachers Federation

Hanzel-Jude Pador, United Workers Union


Kristina Hall, Queensland Teachers Union


Nathaniel Mazari, United Workers Union

Roger Dawod, NBN-LL

Teresa Pinto, CWU - Communications Workers Union

Tess Newport , Australian Services Union

Kathryn Delaney, ASU

Alison Randall , ANMF

Michelle Sverdloff, MEAA

Jasmine Francis, ASU

Rawan Hijazi , NSW Teachers Federation

Kate Graham, United Workers Union

Jordan Creasey, Australian Services Union

Helen Sourlas, AMWU


Amy Shaw, Australian Services Union

Nathan Hunter, CPSU

Emma Allen, Australian Workers Union

Alexander Rohde, ETU QLD & NT

Kate Harper, Australian Nurses Federation WA

Lisa Grubb, NTEU

Javed noor tanoli, United Workers Union

Elise Chua, CPSU

Kyleigh Larson, Uwu

Carolyn Copic, ASU

Lucy Davies, Australian Services Union

David Gonzalez, National Tertiary Education Union

Farah Khairar, Australian Education Union

Luke Byrnes, Musicians Australia (MEAA) and CFMEU

Isabella Cooke , NTEU

Grace Schiavello, NTEU

Sidney Sape, AWU Qld

Craig Johnson, NTEU

Emily Wood-Curran, Australian Services Union

Caitlyn Hayes-Dwyer, ASU

Marcus Atkinson, SDA

Liam Lilly, Australian Workers Union

Zarae Davis, VAHPA

Keir Meredith miller, RAFFWU

Dan O’Leary, CPSU/CSA

Carina Ene, Australian Services Union

Isabella , Victorian Education Union

Geoff Barker, United Firefighters Union (UFU) Vic Branch

Amy Abikhair, ASU

Tim Delany, NTEU & AEU Vic

Victoria Leach, ASU

Georgina Crisp, Australian Services Union

Alessio Russo , ANMF

Alexander Celestial , ANMF

Michelle Thorne, ANMF

Connor Jolley, ASU

Denise Wasley, NTEU

Thuy Linh Nguyen, Australian Services Union

Ruth Honner, Australian Services Union

Jasmine Harris, Australian Services Union

Peter Sibly, Australian services union

Sid Littlewood, ASU -nsw

Emma Druett, PSA

Clinton Duncan , ASU

Sofiyah McCormack, RAFFWU

Heather Pereira , PSA

Rosie Dodd, ASU

Mine Konakci, Public Service Association

Hazel Abbott, RAFFWU

Claire Gray-Starcevic , United Workers Union

Leya Reid, MEAA

Matthew Hayward, AEU

Jim Haut, Australian Doctors Guild

Lorcan Nicholson, AMWU

Alistair Rolls, VAHPA

Terrence Bottcher, CFMEU

K M Rahman, Transport Workers’ Union

Dimitra Giannacopoulos , NSWTFxf

Ann Howie, ASU

Kate Larsen, Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Suelin McCauley, United Workers Union

Fatma Al Mansoury, Australian Services Union

Elisha Neal, QNMU

Lazaras Panayiotou, Professionals Australia

Sian Hardy, NTEU

Nic Bailey, ASU

Danielle Roubin, ASU

Holly Dixon, Australian Education Union

Joseph Lumanog, ASU

Stacey Batterham, ASU

Kashif Sheikh, Public Service Association

Chandra Shah, NTEU

Conroy Blood, Retail and Fast Food Workers Union

Dylan Goldsworthy, ASU

Amina Sehic, FSU

Albey Amakiir, Game Workers Australia

Adam Walmsley, Professionals Australia

Madeline Anderson, HACSU

Bernard Tonkin, ASU

Alex Short, Game Workers Australia / Professionals Australia

Timothy Chaston, Professionals Australia

Cameron Lum, ASU

Levi Weitenberg, Professionals Australia

Tim Dobson, AEU

Jemma Rule, CPSU

Adam Anderson, CPSU

Rory Dungan, Game Workers Australia / Professionals Australia

Emily Bennett, Professionals Australia

Phil Scott, ASU

Luke Miller, PSA

Phoebe Myatt, ASU

Madeline Briskham, ANMF Victorian Branch

Therese Breen, PSA

Habibah Jaghoori, Australian Workers Union

Phil Evans, ASU

Ernesto Molina, CFMEU

Manal Monsour, Together Union

Cam Davies, CPSU

Elizabeth Yared, ASU

Amelia Tauoqooqo, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

Ella Woodridge, Australian Services Union

Lachlan Mullins, AMWU

Sarah Abeysena, ASU

Michael Hamilton, United Workers Union

Leilani Fatupaito, NTEU

d davis, NTEU

Emily D, United Workers Union

Ama Somratna, USU

Chris Ardley, AEU

R Gautam, PSA

Laura Bieniak, United Workers Union

Niam Foxcroft, ANUSA

H Dale, CPSU

Daniel Morey, CPSU/CSA

Sophie Gordon, CPSU

Liam Coventry-Poole, CPSU Victoria

James Johanson, Professionals Australia

Tom Hume, PSA NSW

Helen Wang, PSA

Shaylee Leach, ASU

Valeria Caceres, ASU and RAFFWU

Chris Ardley, AEU

Rose Albiston, NTEU

Justin, MUA

Sarah Ella, UWU

Mia Birrell, ASU

Wren Pleasant, NTEU

Jade Lane, NTEU

Damian Pavlyshyn, NTEU

Adam Young, CPSU Vic

Jack Rabi, CPSU

Rory McKay, PSA

Sarah Jones, CPSU

Llanon Davis, ASU

Connor Sweeney, MEAA

Marissa Castillo, United Food and Commercial Workers Union

Alex L-S, NTEU

Gary McCarthy, CFMEU and MUA

Ari Burkhart, FBEU

Samuel Prater, Professionals Australia

Belinda Lowe, ASU

Janet Walk, NSW Nurses and Midwives Association

Henrietta Smith, ASU

Niki Bateman, United Workers Union

**Kierra Crump, Australian Service Union

Ayesha Harris-Westman, MEAA/Equity

Elin Gubbin, AEU

Khandoker Taseen, PA

Cameron Doig, Australian Services Union

Brian Miller, ASU

William Clarke-Hannaford, CPSU

William, CPSU

Anne Kane CWU Victoria/ASU Victoria

Francis Graham, HACSU

Eleni Vergotis, PSA

Claudine Leslie, NTEU

Zoe Kingsley, ASU

Michael McAuley, NTEU

Nicole Atkins, ECU branch committee member, NTEU

Adam Ahmad, HACSU

Thomas Dryburgh, ASU

Meyne Wyatt, MEAA

Lia Van Arkadie, AEU Vic


Paul Byron, NTEU

Aiden Stalker, HACSU

Lia Van Arkadie, AEU Vic


Paul Byron, NTEU

Aiden Stalker, HACSU

Carol hoang, PSA

Arundhathi Lekshmi, ASU

Dave Carter, UWU

Ben Lambell, Professionals Australia

Jessica Nguyrn, ASU

Atiya Ali, NSWNMA

Ariana Reid, NSWNMA

Mabinty bah, NSWNMA

Eloise Stonw, NSWNMA

Josiah Herma, ASU

Alice Burgess, ANMF Vic Branch

Josiah Herma, ASU

Alice Burgess, ANMF Vic Branch

Jameela Truman, NSWNMA

Lesley Powell, FSU

Adelaide Rief, MEAA

Hiny Hernandez, UWU

Teleisia Falesiu, UWU

Rosa Nolan, HSU

Sajit Shakya, Organiser, UWU

Robert Houghton, NTEU

Lesley Powell, FSU

Carmel ní Leocháin, ASU

Clare O’Callaghan, ASU

Michael Phillips, ASU

Adrian Vitez, ASU

Dr Kelly Lee Hickey, ASU

Kieu Gavin, ASU

Shauna Stanley, ASU

Fazkia Nugraha, AEU

Dylan Reynolds, ASU/CPSU Vic

James Macdonald, FSU

Sharmiah Sritharan, ASU

Reed O'Loughlin, HACSU

Elizabeth Bryer, NTEU

Tracey James, CPSU WA

Lachlan Judson, UWU

Nick Cheesman, NTEU

Al Rainnie, NTEU

Lesley Powell, FSU

Lia Perkins, UWU

Hashina Tarafdar, The Red Union

Nicholas Desjardins, ASU

Indeya Raphael, RAFFWU

Aniela Pepe, USU

Joe Tedeschi, CPSU

Jennie Bloom, AEU

Dr Imran Lum, FSU

Lara Smal, ASU

Kerrie McGrath, ASU

Mark West, HSU

Mark McDonald, RAFFWU

Thomas Lockwood, ASU Vic

Jasmine Nash, AWU

Janice Yeung, PSA

Elsy Joumaa, PSA

Anushe Khan, ASU (NSW/ACT)

Matt Rogers, HACSU

Souay Keokham, UWU

Joanne Linden, ANMF

Louisa Xia, AEU

Brad Homewood, UWU

Ender Baskan, RAFFWU

Anastasia La Fey, IEU

Moya Richardson, AEU

Maria Salazar, Professionals Australia

Matthew Payne, CEPU SA

Lorren Hill, NSWNMA

Estella Latham, ASU

Sotir Stojanovic, ASU

Georgina Rullis, FSU

Dan Cook, CPSU

Tristan Langerman Thompson, UWU

Kate Robertson, AEU

Elizabeth, UWU

Molly Stanley, ASU

Holly Juratowitch, ASU

Bailey Sharp, NTEU

Charlotte Campbell, USU

Georgina Rullis, FSU

Eve Mayes, NTEU

Simone H, ASU and RAHU

Sebastian Peady, UWU

Jemma Horsley, FSU

Michelle Bui, ASU

Chloe Holmes, FSU

Georgina Rullis, FSU

Elizabeth Morris, ASU

Erin Carolan, ASU

Jake Neville, RAFFWU

Matthew Plumb, ASU

Graeme Fraser, CSOA

Isabel Martin, UWU

Huw Gregory, MEAA

Sam Galvin, HACSU

Stasi Kapetanos, ASU

Mouhamad El Kheir, MEAA

Samuel Prater, Professionals Australia

Say Leng Kapsis, UWU

Anna Tate, ASU

Rachael Lahiff, NTEU

Stella Salvemini, UWU

Tadhg Porter-Cameron, UWU

Robert Seals, ASU

Meaghan, CPSU

Thomas Cafe, Australian Services Union

Fergal Connolly, CFMEU

Paris Nicholls, CFMEU Manufacturing Division

Ellie Nguyen, ASU

Jessielea Skillicorn, Hacsu

Stephanie Downing, National Tertiary Education Union

Trace Ollis , Nteu

Asil Khan, Professionals Australia

Kathleen Melendez, Progressive Workers Union

Holly Barnewall, Australian Education Union

Luke Lovell, ASU VicTas

Hala Shanableh, HSUWA

Alexza Nival, UWU

Isaac Brady, Together Union

Paul, ASU

Meg Kimber , ASU

Farid Shamim, ETU

Paul Robson , AEU NSWTF

Stewart Burkitt, PSA

Sheridan Ormerod, Australian Services Union

Brandon Delahey , Egsc

Anne Newton, ANMF

Myvanwy, ETU

Samanthi Gunawardana, NTEU

Savannah Young , NTEU

Daisy McNeill, AUWA

Christabel Smyth, United Workers Union

Marion Gevers, Professionals Australia

Peter Murphy, Media Entertinmetn & Arts Alliance

Cal Jobber , CPSU

Kate Rowe, ASU

Liz Chapman, NTEU

Michael, NTEU

Sel Ellett, NTEU

Andrew Olsson, Australia unemployed workers union Volunteer X CFMEU /

Talen Rimene, United Services Union

Christy Cain, CFMEU

Astrid, CPSU Vic

Emma Allen, AWU

Lach Challis, AEU

Gamze Erkoru , CFMEU


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