Aviators Cheer 2021-2022 New Competition Athlete Induction/Assessment Booking Form
Thank you for your interest in joining the AV Family. Please make sure you have filled in this form to the best of your ability. This form is for athletes with previous Cheerleading or Gymnastics experience.

Please note this form is for our domestic Allstar and Allstar Elite teams. It is NOT for Aces or NT4. Please see the appropriate forms for those teams on our website.

Before attending any inductions, please make sure to fill out an Athlete Registration at www.aviatorscheer.co.uk/register

If you have any questions please email hello@aviatorscheer.co.uk
Athlete First Name *
Athlete Last Name *
Contact Email (Must be parent or guardian if under 18) *
Contact Number (Must be parent or guardian if under 18) *
Age as of 31st August 2021 *
T shirt size *
Have you read and understood our 2021-2022 Information Pack? *
Please describe your previous cheerleading or gymnastic experience. If cheer, what level you have competed previously and for what programs. *
What is your usual/preferred position? Please tick all that apply *
Please tick the current tumbles that you are able to perform on a STANDARD sprung floor with NO spot or tumble aids *
Which day or days are you attending inductions? We recommend as many as apply to your age group. If you are unsure which is the most appropriate time, just pop us an email to discuss! *
What would be your preferred team? Tick all that apply *
Would you consider a cross over into an age eligible team as well as your primary offer if it were appropriate? *
Are you interested in trying out for a travel team to compete at Varsity Cheerleading Championships in Germany in June 2022? *
Any additional information you'd like us to know or any questions?
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