Application to Adopt from                     Heartland Sheltie Rescue
Below is the body of the Adoption Agreement for ALL dogs adopted from Heartland Sheltie Rescue.  The entire document can be found on our website.

The following terms and conditions constitute a legal contract for the adoption of the dog referred to above (hereinafter referred to as “dog” regardless of breed, age or sex) between Heartland Sheltie Rescue and the adopter(s) identified above (hereinafter referred to as adopter). These terms and conditions are entered into and agreed upon by both Heartland and the adopter(s) and they acknowledge the legal worth of this contract.

To the best of Heartland Sheltie Rescue's knowledge, this dog has no defects or issues that would make it unsuitable as a family pet nor has the dog bitten or injured anyone unless otherwise disclosed.  At the time of placement all dogs are in good health; therefore, Heartland cannot guarantee the health of the dog after the placement/adoption takes place.

Adopter agrees to all of the following terms of this contract and understands that non-compliance with the terms of this agreement gives Heartland or their representatives the right to reclaim this dog without refund of adoption fee or donation.

To contribute an adoption fee in the amount of $_XXXX__.  This is non-refundable.

To immediately place identification on the dog in the form of tags with adopter’s contact info and retain the Heartland Sheltie Rescue ID tag on the collar for no less than 90 days after finalization of adoption.  Each Heartland dog has a microchip.  This is not a tracking device. The registration remains with Heartland Sheltie Rescue and may NOT be transferred from Heartland or to adopter or any other entity.

To notify Heartland Sheltie Rescue immediately if this dog is lost or stolen and to make every effort to locate the dog.

To abide by all laws and ordinances concerning this dog in the community in which it will reside.

To provide shelter inside your home, fresh water, proper food and adequate companionship at all times.

To provide annual veterinary examination, monthly heartworm preventative (year round), rabies vaccination according to the state’s laws, other vaccinations, monthly flea prevention  & dental care as determined necessary by a veterinarian.

To notify Heartland Sheltie Rescue if adopter relocates and provide the new email address, physical address and phone number in order to maintain contact for follow ups as necessary

If for any reason adopter is unable to keep this dog or provide proper care, adopter will notify Heartland immediately. At that time, Heartland will arrange return of this dog to Heartland Sheltie Rescue without refund of adoption fee or donation.

Transfer of ownership of this dog is strictly prohibited!

The above dog will not be euthanized in a non-emergency situation without notifying Heartland Sheltie Rescue by phone call or registered letter and giving adequate time to respond.

In the event of an emergency resulting in an evacuation from the home, area, or state by the owners, this dog is to be evacuated with said owners. No exceptions to this are allowed.

The adopter agrees to allow a Heartland Sheltie Rescue representative to periodically check on this dog and with your veterinary care office to be assured of compliance with these items.

The adopter agrees to a trial placement of this dog.  Heartland has up to 90 days to terminate the trial. The adoption fee may be refunded if the trial placement is not successful.  

Dogs adopted from Heartland Sheltie Rescue are not to be off leash in a non-secured area.  

NO use of retractable leash, shock device, invisible fence or abuse/neglect of dog is permitted under any circumstances.

Any violation of this agreement will result in a fine of $1,000 and immediate removal of dog from placement.

This Contract is binding and enforceable by Civil Law.  Any breach of this contract in part or whole requires that the adopter voluntarily relinquish said dog and any paperwork that pertains to said dog to Heartland’s designated representative within five days of notification at the adopter’s expense without entitlement of any refund or damages of any kind.

Adopter promises and agrees to be solely responsible for this animal and to indemnify and hold harmless Heartland Sheltie Rescue, Jenny Smith, Heartland’s Representatives and Volunteers from any and all claims of liability for the conduct of this dog on or after the date of this trial placement / subsequent adoption and agreement of contract.

Heartland Sheltie Rescue covers Indiana, Kentucky and the Cincinnati areas.  We cannot cover every corner of this area however.  Please apply with your regional Sheltie Rescue if you are outside our area.  We do, occasionally, work with our sister rescues in other states for placement if we have an established relationship with them and they agree to help with the required home visit and can provide support for the placement.
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