Saturday AM #summerofmanga entries for MAY 2017

Our #SUMMEROFMANGA is a yearly experiment where we accept solicitations for ONE AND DONE COMIC SHORT STORIES!!

Want to appear next to APPLE BLACK and CLOCK STRIKER -- now it's YOUR TIME!


1. Materials MUST be SHONEN. No excessive cursing, violence, sexual situations and/or mature themes.
2. Materials MUST be SUBMITTED using DROPBOX via a folder with name "SUMMERMANGA (YOUR NAME) ( SHARE IT via dropbox to
3. Materials MUST be 2mb maximum JPEGS (go to
4. Materials MUST be in by 11:59pm EST at the dates shown below to be considered.
5. Materials MUST be EXCLUSIVE to Saturday AM. The work can exist on other sites but this version of the story must be distributed solely within Saturday AM's digital magazine and site for 1-yr.
6. Materials MUST be submitted in WESTERN left to right orientation (we will not publish right to left).
7. Saturday AM reserves the right to NOT publish any material submitted for any reason.
8. All material submitted is OWNED by the creators of said work.
9. Creators must be 18+ to be considered.
10. There may be no more than 35pgs submitted (up to 30 page story max; 5 pages maximum of material (i.e. character designs, story synopsis, plot details, pitch, art samples including sequential). We would prefer to receive sample material and explanation on plot and detail with just a few story pages 1st).

If you have questions--please e-mail us at

Email address
What is your age?
Online portfolio or website (must include examples of your character designs, backgrounds and sequential pages).
Saturday AM's #summerofmanga begins in Issue 66 our FREE COMIC BOOK DAY ISSUE (same weekend as Guardians of the Galaxy V.2 & new Star Wars movie trailer).
What issue would you want to appear in?
What genre is your work?
Saturday AM, is a digital, DIVERSE, Shonen Manga anthology!
What is the name of your work?
What is the PITCH for your series? *a pitch is literally 3 to 6 words which describe your series ala "Batman meets Pokemon"
What is the PLOT of your series? *Literally 5 sentences, avoid backstory.
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