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The purpose of this form is to capture information about current health care apps ideas as well as planned or developed apps in order to provide support for reducing duplication of efforts in developing apps as well as to facilitate collaboration between developers who are developing similar apps.
Name of App or App Project
Please tell us the name of the app or app project that you would like to register
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App Description
Please provide a short description for the app or a link to current description
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App Purpose
Please describe the problem that the app is seeking to address, its set tasks as well as its target users
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App Functionality & License
Please list key functionalities and relevant license of the app
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App Quality Assurance
Please tell us what measures you have taken or plan to take to quality assure your app.
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App Stage
Please tell us the stage of app development
App Cost
How much does it cost (if developed) or will it cost (if in development) to use the app?
App Health Outcomes *
Please tell us about key health outcomes that the app contributes to.
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App Requirements
Please tell us what your app currently requires in order for it to provide its full benefits and meet its key outcomes.
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App Improvement
What are the key improvements that are currently required for the app? These could be developments that you or others have identified to improve app usage or benefits.
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App Platform
Please state specific platform(s) that the app has been designed to work on
App Usage
Please tell us where the app is currently being used
App Developer
Please tell us about the app developer or intended developer. Please include information about the developer's background, location, development inspiration and contact information.
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App Registrar Contact Information (for those interested in networking with developers of similar apps)
Please provide contact information for the registrar of this app if different from the App Developer Contact details
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