[T.T.I.] Public Controller Application
Players interested in Air Traffic Control, Airborne Warning And Control Systems, Ground Control Intercept, or Landing Signal Officer operations may apply here. Although applications will be thoroughly reviewed by the ADMIN/MOD team, it does not guarantee rights to an approval for a T.T.I. controller. We will contact applicants upon approval with details on expectations and additional training if necessary.
Discord Name with the 4-digit identifier. Ex: Jbox#4521 *
DCS In-Game Name *
Is your S.R.S. currently setup and operational within the T.T.I. environment? *
What areas of operations are you interested in? *
Do you have LotATC installed and fully functional with our servers? This will serve as your primary radar. *
Do you have the Combined Arms module?
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Have you applied to control for T.T.I. previously? *
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