Rapid Fitness Pre-Consultation Form
In order to undertake any service I ask all potential clients to complete the following Pre-Consultation Form, in detail, so I can get a better insight into you, your background and your goals.

I will get back to you with my Service Brochure, which lists all of my services with associated costs within 3–5 working days. I can also personally recommend a service based on your individual goals and budget.  
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About you: (Lifestyle, Occupation, Illnesses, Dietary Needs – NOT your goals)
What are your goals?  Be as specific as possible.(lose body fat, gain muscle, performance based, strength based)
How many meals do you eat on average?
Write down what a typical days food/drink looks like.(Breakfast/snacks/drinks/lunch/dinner)
Do you take any supplements or medication? If so, what?(Be specific, dose/frequency)
In very simple, practical terms, what is it that you need to do to achieve your goals? ie. what can I do for you?
The different services we offer vary in terms of the level of support, time and client effort required. To better help advise you on the most appropriate and effective service for your individual goals, please indicate the budget most applicable to your current situation.
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If we end up working together, what does success look like to you in 3 months, 6 months and 12 months?
Are there any joint problems//restrictions that limit your performance in the gym? If so, explain.
Females Only: Please detail information relating to menstrual cycle length, frequency or if you are postmenopausal:
Have you previously sought dietary advice? (If so, please expand)
Do you own digital bathroom scales?
Do you own digital kitchen scales?
Where are you geographically based?
Do you have access to Skype/Facetime should your consultation need to be remote?
How did you come across Rapid Fitness? e.g. Newspaper, Magazine, TV, Google search, Personal referral etc (Please expand if possible)
Would you be willing to provide a testimonial and/or before and after photos (if applicable) for the Rapid Fitness website?
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