Pakistan International Film Festival - 2018
Join us for the #PIFF2018 happening from March 29th till April 1st in Karachi, Pakistan!
Pakistan International Film Festival is happening for the first time with the aim of becoming the largest film festival of Pakistan. With a range of marvelous films scheduled to be screened in the festival, experience the VR screening exhibits in Pakistan for the first time along with the phenomenal star-studded talks with talented storytellers, creators, and filmmaker and sessions that celebrates films and cinemas in Pakistan.
That's not all, we have surprises for you along the way, including Sachal Orchestra performance. Above all, the most exciting segment of #PIFF2018 will be the electrifying Gala Screening that will feature the premiers of some of the marvelous movies, while, our prime screenings will feature the selected films from our filmmakers in the categories of shorts, features, documentaries and VR films. Other thrilling events happening in #PIFF2018 are Guddu Archive Exhibition, EMI - Music Library and Seminars on film storytelling, and the rising cinema and much more.
Reserve your seat as we have limited seats for PIFF, 2018
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