Rees Fitness Client Questionnaire
Please answer these questions so I get an idea of you, your health/injuries and your goals.
Thank you.
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About your health.
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Do you have a family history of heart conditions? *
Please detail any family history below
Do you suffer from asthma or any chronic respiratory condition? *
Please detail any asthma or respiratory conditions below
Have you been diagnosed with any current illness/condition (diabetes, epilepsy etc)? *
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Do you currently suffer from any joint problems/aches (hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, neck, back)? *
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Do you smoke? *
Are you on any medication/drugs with side effects? *
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Do you have trouble sleeping or are stressed/anxious? *
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Would you class yourself disabled in any way (physical, learning etc)? *
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Any other health related issues not covered so far, you think I should be aware of?
About your training.
In your average week, how often do you currently do deliberate "exercise"? *
Please detail your current exercise levels below
What are your 6 month exercise goals *
What are your 12 month exercise goals *
What exercise equipment do you currently have access to? *
Full gym, weights, bands etc
Where did you hear about Rees Fitness
Disclaimer *
Fitness training may include activities such as running, stretching, lifting weights and using fitness equipment. PLEASE ask questions if you are not clear about anything. PLEASE also notify your coach if you feel you should not do a particular exercise for ANY reason. Any fitness training contains certain risks. This training is designed to minimise these risks. However, if at any time during an exercise session you feel pain or discomfort YOU MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY and inform your coach. I hereby state that I have read, understood and answered all the questions truthfully. I also state that I wish to participate in the range of activities including cardiovascular and resistance (weight bearing) exercise. I realise that these activities involve the risk of injury or even death.
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