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This is a sign-up form for YWAMers in Asia who would like to join an online Mentoring Circle for a period of 6 months. We will strive for each circle to be made up of 2 Elder/Facilitators and 4-6 other leaders or emerging leaders. By completing this form you are indicating that you would like to join a Mentoring Circle. If you have questions about how these Mentoring Circles function, see please or email Alan Lim at or on WhatsApp at +62 822-3781-6915. After you complete this form, the ALLC will contact you with more information about any Mentoring Circles that are available for you to join.
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Which of the following leadership topics would you like your Mentoring Circle to focus on? (Note: These are the top 15 highest leadership needs of our YWAM leaders in Asia, according to a 2018 survey. Your circle will focus on just one of these topics for 6 months.) *
If your 1st topic choice is not available, are there any other topics that you be willing for your Mentoring Circle to focus on? *
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