Free online summer Music Enrichment Classes

The Music Enrichment classes are a unique opportunity for students to excel in music studies outside of their regular school timetable. Students can participate in group and individual lessons in Brass, Percussion, and Woodwind. These Classes also allow those planning to attend high and college a great opportunity to get ahead in their music theory and better their chances of making one of the performance groups.

This is a music enrichment program organized and taught by Mr. Barnes, musicians and music educators, who are dedicated to creating a fun, comfortable, safe, and disciplined learning environment.

The program assembles the very best musicians and future educators to push the boundaries of music education. This ensures the highest quality of educational programs and performances.

We believe that music is an essential component of the education of our youth and that every child should have an opportunity to be educated in the arts. Such education should occur both in and out of the classroom settings as part of an ongoing learning process.
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