Canberra Gliding Club Incorporated Application for Membership
Conditions of membership. Please read before completing the application form.
I hereby apply to the Club Committee of the Canberra Gliding Club Incorporated (CGC) to become a member of the CGC. All flying members must also be members of the Gliding Federation of Australia (GFA). GFA subscriptions are paid online at

In the event of my acceptance as a member of the CGC I agree to be bound by the constitution and rules of the club, and those of the GFA, in force at the time and to carry out proper instructions issued to me by the CGC’s instructors and officials.

I agree that I shall make no claim against the CGC or any club member in respect of any personal or material injury suffered by me however so caused, while on the field where the club operates, or while gliding after being launched from a field where the club operates.

I agree to hold myself liable for all damage to aircraft and equipment in the custody or control of the club that is due to my negligence or failure to adhere to the best of my ability to my undertaking in Paragraph 2 above.

I agree that the club duty instructor may at any time refuse to instruct me or refuse to permit me to fly in the CGC’s gliders and that in such refusal the CGC shall not be bound to refund me any joining fee, subscription or other fee paid by me.

I agree to indemnify the CGC and its members against any action that may be brought against the CGC or its members as a result of my using any aircraft or equipment in the custody or control of CGC.

I know of no medical, physical, or psychiatric conditions that may impair my ability to fly safely as a passenger or pilot. To the best of my knowledge I do not suffer from EPILEPSY or DIABETES and I further agree to inform the CGC if I contract either of these diseases.
Membership types and fees
There are three classes of members - full flying, student, and associate.

Full flying members are adults over the age of 18 and not full time students. They have full membership rights and duties. Annual subscription - $395.00.

Student membership is for people under the age of 18, or full time students (at least 20 hours per week of course attendance) up to 26 years old. They do not pay a joining fee and do not have voting rights at general meetings. Annual subscription $120.00

Associate members may fly as passengers at visitors' rates. Being an associate is a good way to keep in contact with the club if you are temporarily away from the region. It also exempts you from repaying the joining fee should you decide to become a full member again. Annual subscription $30.00

In addition to the annual fee, a joining fee of $150.00 applies to full flying members
Approval process
On receipt of your application form and appropriate fees the committee will consider your application and you will be advised accordingly.
Applications by minors
If you are less than 18 years old you cannot use this online form. Please print & complete the form available at instead. Note that your parent or guardian will need to complete and sign the parent/guardian indemnity section on the form. You can either scan the signed form and email to, or mail to:

Membership Secretary, Canberra Gliding Club
6 Lalor St
Ainslie ACT 2602
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