SU Student Group Highlight
SU wants to highlight student groups at WashU that have a cool event coming up, have just won a prestigious award, placed at a competition, or just is awesome and doing great things on campus.

Student groups chosen can be featured on the SUp This Week weekly email, publicized on SU social media including our Facebook (@washusu) and Instagram (@washu_su), and also have a graphic created that will be shown on DUC and ResLife TVs around campus.

In order to qualify, you must provide:
1) A SHORT description of your student group
2) A student group photo or video (unless you are submitting a future event that you want covered on social media)
3) A description of why you want to be featured (did you win or do something cool?)

The purpose of this is to help publicize the accomplishments of student groups. We will NOT be simply doing an overview of your group. There must be a substantive reason you want your group to be featured.

Because event coverage on social media will be dependent on the availability of our PR team, other submissions may be considered first.

For event coverage, please only submit events for the current semester.

We will be choosing student groups at the beginning of every month and will reach out to coordinate event coverage and graphic designs. Submissions will be reviewed on a first-come first-serve basis.

If you have any questions, feel free or reach out to the VP of PR at

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Please describe why you think your student group should be featured: *
You can describe what award your group just won, what accomplishment your group achieved, what event you think would be cool for SU to cover, basically give the reason you want to be highlighted!
If you have a photo or video of your group/event, please upload it here:
If you are submitting for social media coverage of an event, please give the relevant event information such as date, time, and location.
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