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Musical and Spiritual Summer 3 day summer program, culminating in a youth only production of Rob Gardners "Lamb of God" oratorio.
Witness Music was founded by Garin Hess in 2012. The goal of the organization is to bring audience members and performers closer to Jesus Christ through music. As a teen, Garin gained his own witness that Jesus is the Christ and his Savior while singing sacred music in his high school choir. From that point, he has wanted to help youth have a similar opportunity.

We believe that many youth that participate and those that come to hear their witness through this sacred music will be forever changed, as many have already been changed encounters with the Savior through this music. To begin this process, the Witness Music Youth will perform Rob Gardners Lamb of God. This is a program designed for motivated youth. It will be compact and require dedication and preparation prior to the 3 day set of rehearsals, and workshops. It is geared towards youth 14-18 yrs of age.

If you would like to volunteer as an adult for the program, please let us know below your strengths and how you would like to help.

If you have any question, please email

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