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We welcome you to apply at!

You may have heard that our interview process is tough, but we think of the process as thoughtful. We have carefully designed this process so you can get to know us better and vice versa.

We take this process very seriously and strive to not just evaluate you in the best possible way, but to build the foundations of our collaboration.

If you're feeling lost or just impatient - pick up the phone! Or shoot an email. Whatever works. Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions throughout the duration of the whole application process. We would love to give you an update and stay in touch with you.
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Here's what to expect during the application process
The following form and your resume will be screened by our hackers who are familiar with all open positions at, not just the one for which you apply. And they will seek the best match for you.
Based on your resume, we'll invite you into the office to meet us in person.

You should plan for at least 2 hour interview.

We'll do our best to make you feel comfortable during the interview and we'll make sure you feel good at the end of it.

We have designed a structured interview process, where candidates are asked a consistent set of questions with clear scoring rubric to assess the quality of responses.

What to expect during the interview:

- position-related knowledge questions (e.g. general computer science questions for the technical positions)
- behavioural questions (e.g. "Tell me about a time...?")
- situational questions (e.g. "What would you do if...?")

And we take a lot of notes during the interview.
At the end of the structured interview we'll introduce to you our work sample test.

Our experience shows that the best predictor of whether you are going to perform at is a work sample test. We give you a sample piece of work, similar to what you will do in the job and assess the results you produce.

After explaining the goals of the test, you can ask additional questions about it. You have the option to complete the test either from the comfort of your home, or schedule it as an interview where you can collaborate with one of our senior hackers on the work sample test.

The estimated time to complete the work sample test is about 2 hours, but some of our candidates are willing to spend twice as much. It really depends on how much you're willing to invest on it.

Then, we review your work.

We'll come with a decision as quickly as we can. It usually takes us up to 5 work days to score your interview and compile the feedback from our team of hackers.

We will take our time and contact you, even if we reject your application. You should expect a friendly response from one of our hackers, which might even share with you some advice and direction if you decide to apply again.

We welcome you to apply again!

Upon success, we extend an offer to you that is open for negotiation. When we reach an agreement, a trial period follows.
There are some things that can only be learned while you are sitting with another hacker to accomplish a shared objective.

Your first 3 months at are a trial period for both you and us. The interview process is never sufficient to predict if someone is going to perform in the job. It is also not sufficient for the candidate to get familiar with, our team of hackers and with the work.

Consider the trial period as an extended "getting to know each other".
You're about to start an epic hacker adventure!
Good luck!
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