AIMS Society 2020 E-Board Application
All positions listed will be held for the 2020 calendar year. Below are

Vice President
The Vice President will support the president in decision making, and is the first person to step up should the President be absent, whether that be short or long term. The Vice President will assist the president with decision making by providing timely, accurate information regarding members, events, and reports from the rest of the executive board. The Vice President is also responsible for handling logistics for the society. Including but not limited to: executive board calendar, meeting minutes, documentation and archiving documents and information, compliance with ASLMU, making amendments as necessary to our constitution and book of rules, tracking progress on initiatives.

Head of Membership and Events
The Head of Membership will keep an active roster of all members, and be responsible for the growth and development of AIMS Society membership, as well as the overall happiness of AIMS Society members with their experience and involvement.
Main projects of the Head of Membership include but are not limited to:
- Coordinating with CBA to organize speakers and events for the society
- Recruiting for the next executive board
- Heading the mentorship program by helping to find alumni and people outside the LMU community to be mentors. They will also find mentors, and match mentors with mentees.

Head of Technology and Outreach
The Head of Technology role includes but is not limited to sharing the activity and progress of AIMS Society through our online platforms, and creating value for AIMS Society members, as well as the involvement of larger CBA and LMU community. This position should be held by someone personable and outgoing to communicate with and grow involvement of AIMS Society. The Head of Technology and Outreach should also be creative in order to find effective ways of growing interest. Additionally, the Head of Technology and Outreach is responsible for the AIMS Society calendar, updating it, and sharing it with external parties such as the CBA communications team to share AIMS Society events on the CBA calendar.

Hackathon Coordinator
Starting this spring, AIMS Society is bringing the first Hackathon to LMU. The hackathon position will require both technical skills and knowledge of data, and the ability to serve as a liaison between the AIMS Society team and the rest of the CBA faculty and staff to put on and promote the event. Duties include the following:
- Create an interesting problem and find a corresponding dataset
- Work as a liaison between CBA marketing, the dean, and other schools and parties involved to bring the hackathon to LMU

Certification Instructor
The AIMS society will provide a certification course for students in a relevant software in the Spring. The pilot program, a course in Tableau, was run this fall. An instructor needs dedication, the ability to learn, and the ability to explain and teach concepts to a class of students. The responsibilities of the instructors include:
- Choose a relevant software that offers an official certification
- Learn the chosen software
- Take the exam
- Prepare learning materials for students
- Teach students the software and prepare them for the exam

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