End of Year Survey Example
How did your school year go?
Mrs. Mims knows her subjects. *
Mrs.MIms is prepared for class. *
Mrs.Mims knows me . *
Mrs. Mims helps me when I struggle with new things to learn. *
Mrs.MIms works hard. *
Mrs.Mims likes me. *
Mrs.Mims makes learning fun and interesting. *
Mrs.Mims has the supplies I need to complete the assignments in class. *
I understand Mrs.Mims' directions. *
Mrs.Mims likes her job. *
Mrs.Mims has prepared me for the 5th grade. *
Mrs. Mims is available to answer my questions. *
Mrs.Mims listens to me. *
Mrs. Mims is good at her job. *
Mrs.Mims is good at taking care of behavior problems. *
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