Winter 2019 Returning Tutor Application
We are thrilled you have decided to apply to join Project SPELL for another quarter of tutoring! We are excited to start off a brand new year. Even though you have tutored in the past, please read carefully as we will be implementing some helpful and exciting changes.

Please have accurate information about your schedule, and please include ALL your availability. Unless you request not to, you will be matched with the same learner according to the schedule you have worked out with them, if you indicate it below. However, I need to know when you're free in case your learner's schedule has changed, you are not free at a time they are approved for, or they drop and I need to match you with a new learner.

Please note Orientation is REQUIRED. Tutors who are no-shows for Orientation will not be able to tutor.

Applications are due Friday of Week 1 (January 11), and decisions will be sent by Monday of Week 2 (January 14). Please remember to either accept or decline your tutoring position once decisions are sent out.

Questions? Email Program Director Stephanie Youngblood at or
the Student Committee of Project SPELL at

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