Classic City Fringe Festival 2017 Performer Application

Welcome to the Classic City Fringe Festival Performer Application for 2017! We would like to thank you for your interest in participating in the 2017 Classic City Fringe Festival (aka CCFF) and wish you all the best in your performances.

We try to accept all applications, but in the case of having too many application we will fill all available performance slots by using a "first come, first served" selection process based on the date we receive your completed application. It is advisable that all applicants get their applications turned in a.s.a.p. to be among those selected early in this process. Once accepted, you may be required to pay a production fee. This fee will vary depending upon the scale and requirements of your production (see below for production fee info). We will stop taking applications on Aug 31st, 2017.


There are two types of Productions for which an artist or group of artists can apply. The "GENERAL PRODUCTION" option is for those who wish to focus on the production of their art and leave all the technical aspects and scheduling to CCFF. The "BOOK YOUR OWN VENUE" (aka BYOV) option is for artists or promoters who wish to book their own Showcase and take care of all technical details of their own show. CCFF will advertise and promote all of these productions together under the shared promotional umbrella of the festival. General Productions are also split up into different categories (Short, Basic, or Full productions) based on the length of the production, see more here:

SHORT: This category is for short performances with running times under 30 minutes. (i.e. buskers, stand-up, monologue, music, etc.) We will be grouping shorter productions together into one Showcase at one of our Fringe Venues, and the performers will split the production costs/payout equally.

BASIC: This category is for Productions over 30 minutes. These may have more backstage, setup, or tech needs. We will be grouping shorter productions together into one Showcase at one of our Fringe Venues, and the performers will split the production costs/payout equally. Where applicable, CCFF may provide an on-site technician to assist as needed.

FULL: This category is for shows running 45 minutes or longer. For these Full Productions we may require you to cover all production costs as we will not be able to group you with other productions at one of our Fringe Venues. Where applicable, CCFF may provide an on-site technician to assist as needed.

More info for BYOV: Book Your Own Venue participants will of course have to do more work themselves. As a BYOV it is your responsibility to take care of all technical details of your own showcase including: booking, scheduling, running the door, have your own tech personnel, and more. Also, your application must include the time and place of your performance Showcase (If this is unknown at the time of the application leave that info blank, but be sure to figure it out as soon as possible so we can include that info in promotions). CCFF will advertise your Showcase on our website and in the CCFF Program. We will also have all BYOV Showcases reviewed by our legal rep to determine that legal issues such as permits and permissions are addressed. If all legal hoops have not been jumped through we will inform you of the remaining steps to take. You must accept CCFF ALL ACCESS passes for admittance to your show.


Applicants may be required to pay production fees which will go toward covering all aspects of the festival costs including: venue production costs, promotions, technical support and house management. (NOTE: We may have an opportunity for each performer or group to have their production fees, or a portion thereof, covered by Sponsors or through our CCFF Fundraisers, so that no performer has to come out of pocket to be a part of this festival).

Since different productions have different needs, CCFF works to determine a fair production fee for each Production. We will determine each applicant's production fee individually based on criteria such as the length of your show, technical requirements, and set-up and breakdown time, and the costs of staging that show at a particular venue. For General Productions, the Festival will pay the venue directly out of money collected from performer production fees. For BYOV shows, the performers work directly with the venue to book their shows. BYOV performers pay no production fee to CCFF, so any venue fees are paid directly to the venue by the performers.


All of the CCFF Showcases will require all attendees to present their "CCFF ALL ACCESS" pass for admittance, or pay $5 (or more) at the door. These CCFF ALL ACCESS passes can be purchased by attendees in advance from our website, and will also be available during the event at our CCFF Box-Office (location to be announced).

All showcases will receive 80% of their box-office receipts from the door of their shows, plus $2 per CCFF ALL ACCESS pass presented at the door. For showcases that have multiple artist productions paired together we will split total payout evenly among individual productions in that showcase. If a BYOV Production wishes to provide their own door person they will keep 100% of their incoming door, and must accept all CCFF ALL ACCESS passes presented for admittance to their showcase. CCFF will cut checks within 30 days after festival's close and mail your production's box-office proceeds to the mailing address you provide on your application.


When you turn in your application you will also be required to turn in all legal papers applicable. Any permits for public performances not covered by CCFF venues are the responsibility of the artist, and performers must secure the appropriate rights and permissions. Any artist or performer caught using someone else’s work without permission will be removed from the festival.

Need Rehearsal Time? CCFF will try to schedule rehearsal time and space for all General Performers. Our intent is to provide performers with time at their venue during the day. If we cannot achieve this we will let you know. All BYOV performers will be responsible for setting up their own rehearsal time.

Classic City Fringe Festival may have multiple Free Fringe Stages during the weekend of the Festival. General Performers and BYOV artists will be encouraged to perform short busking style previews for the public to promote their acts. CCFF will schedule these performances, so please put in a request if you would care to participate. We can’t promise to fulfill all requests but we will do our best.


Note: Please fill in all required spaces to the best of your ability and with the most information you can provide. This will help us in organizing our scheduling and promotional efforts. There are areas of this form that are only for specific types of applicants, so be sure to fill in only those spaces that apply to you and your production.

Performer Application
Performer/Group Name? *
This is the name under which your production will be listed. If you are applying as a band please give band name. If you are applying as a single performer or group of performers, please tell us how you would like to be listed.
Your answer
What is the Title of your piece?
Please be sure to specify and spell correctly. This information will be used in marketing materials should your piece be produced in the festival. If your production does not have a title, or you are applying as a band, skip this question.
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What type of Production are you applying for? *
There are two different types of productions in which an artist or group can apply as: GENERAL PRODUCTION, is for those who wish to focus on the production of their art and leave all the technical aspects and scheduling to CCFF. BOOK YOUR OWN VENUE aka BYOV is for artists who wish to book their own space and take care of all technical details of their own show. CCFF will advertise and promote each of these productions together under the shared promotional umbrella of the festival.
Category for General Productions
Shorter productions may be paired together with other productions based on scheduling. If you are applying as a BYOV you can skip this question.
Indicate which of the days you are AVAILABLE to perform: *
Performances will be scheduled for Friday-Sunday only. It is advisable to choose more than one.
If space becomes available, are you interested and available for more than one performance during the festival? *
We would like to book your production for as many shows as you would like to perform during the fest. More shows = more chances to be seen!
Contact Information
Primary Contact's Name *
This should be the person filling out the application. Only one application per Artist/Group please.
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Primary Contact's Email Address *
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Primary Contact's Phone Number *
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Primary Contact's Address *
Include: apt#, street, city, state, zip code, country
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Secondary Contact Info
Include Name, Phone Number, Email, Address
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Online Presence Links
List your website, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, or whatever online presence you have so we can share it with the world! This info will be seen by the public. Please leave blank if you do not wish to share this info publicly. Include FULL URL or we may not be able to properly link to them.
Email Address:
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Google Plus:
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Phone Number:
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YouTube Videos:
Please list any youtube links you would like included in you performer profile? Links will show up as embedded videos. No more than 3 videos please.
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Other links?
Please list any other link you would like included in you performer profile?
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Production Details
Choose the categories that BEST describes your work *
You may choose more than one.
What type of audience is best suited for your show? *
We do not censor performances.
Short Description of your Production *
This should be a short "blurb" type of description of your performance. Please take care when drafting as this may be used in marketing materials should your piece be entered into the festival.
Your answer
Longer Description of Production *
Consider this an opportunity to "sell" your show to your potential audience. Include as much information about your production as you want. Please take care when drafting as this may be used in marketing materials should your piece be entered into the festival.
Your answer
What is the full Length (running time) of your Production? *
Please be sure to include set-up and break-down time in answering this question.
Your answer
Author/Playwright/Originator of your piece?
Your answer
Production Company Name?
Your answer
List all performers featured on stage in your production? *
Please list each person by Name and Character.
Your answer
List All Crew Members
Please list each person by Name and Position on the crew. Include Directors and all Tech Personnel.
Your answer
Is this an original piece?
Do you have production rights?
It is your responsibility to obtain the rights to any work under copyright in advance, and provide written proof of rights granted. Cancellation due to misuse or misrepresentation of performance rights will result in forfeiture of all fees. If you choose "working on it..." please specify the current status and when you expect to secure the rights on the "other" line provided.
What are your show's technical needs?
Please list a general overview of the technical requirements for your piece. Remember: minimalism rules in the fringe! It's a rapid fire setting and artists are encouraged to travel light! List any special needs you may have: lighting, sound, projection, equipment, type of floor (for dance productions), ceiling height. List anything that may affect the choice of venue. Please be very specific about what you need and what you will bring. This is the primary information used to determine appropriate venue placement. We do not make any guarantees about venues, but will do our best to honor requests. REMINDER: It is the responsibility of the artists to provide any additional equipment for anything specific needs for your show.
Your answer
How much total space will you need for your show?
Please describe the dimensions of the space you require in feet and inches. Consider stage area, wall space, floor space, ceiling height, etc. It is very important that you build a show for the dimensions specified so that the venue to which we assign you is not too big or too small for your show.
Your answer
Would you be interested in doing a short teaser to the public as an advertisement for your production?
"General" and "BYOV" shows will be encouraged to perform short busking style teasers to the public as an advertisement. There are a limited number of spaces available.
Are you willing and able to adjust your piece to a non-standard performance space?
(e.g. a space that is not a black box theatre space, limited lighting and tech available)
Artist Payment
What would you prefer to charge for tickets to your Production/Showcase? *
In the case of productions being grouped together into a showcase, CCFF may have to choose a standard admission fee based upon your suggestion and payout will be split equally between each Production.
Please List Name of Producer / Producing Entity to which you want box office proceeds addressed to. *
(to whom do we write the check? ie - "John Doe" or "Jane Doe Productions" etc.)
Your answer
Please give the mailing address to which you'd like your box office sent *
We will cut checks within 30 days after festival's close and send by mail 80% of box office proceeds turned in from your box office receipts.
Your answer
Other Information
Please tell us about your or your group's relevant experience and any critical acclaim you have received.
Please include links to any press materials available
Your answer
Do you have any special considerations you'd like to impart to us?
Something we didn't cover? Let us know.
Your answer
If accepted, and you are traveling from out of town, do you require housing?
Note: This may affect your production fees.
If yes, then what are your specific housing needs?
Include: Number of people, number of rooms, special considerations needed.
Your answer
(Skip this section if you are not applying for the Book Your Own Venue aka BYOV option)
Name Of Venue
If you are not using an actual venue (bar, store front, etc), explain where your BYOV will be held (tent, back alley, park, etc)
Your answer
Contact at Venue
Include: Name of person and Phone / Email
Your answer
Date and Times of Showcase
Your showcase should fall within the normal dates and times of the CCFF (Thursday-Sunday Oct 19th-22nd 2017). Contact us if exceptions apply.
Your answer
Have you obtained all Permits and Permissions for using this BYOV venue?
Explain what Permits and Permission were required to obtain the use of your BYOV venue:
Your answer
Waivers & Releases
If you (“Company”) are selected into the Classic City Fringe Festival (“Fringe”), this application will be considered a signed performance agreement between the Company and Fringe. By signing this agreement the Company acknowledges and agrees to abide by the rules and regulations contained herein, as well as the rules and regulations of Fringe. Withdrawals are accepted only from Primary Contact specified in this agreement and only in writing. Payment of production fee by the Company is considered by the Fringe as a commitment to participate in the Festival, and is nonrefundable. The Company agrees to adhere to the laws of Georgia, the ordinances of the City of Athens, and the policies and procedures of the Fringe. The Company accepts all responsibility for adhering to all applicable union, copyright, and immigration regulations, and agrees to acquire any necessary city or state permits. The Company agrees that the primary contact will sign a waiver of liability on behalf of everyone in their Company; this signed form must be in Fringe’s possession before the Company’s technical rehearsal. Fringe reserves the right to remove the Company from festival participation if it is in violation of any terms of this agreement, resulting in the cancellation of any and all of the Company’s performances at the festival and the Company’s forfeiture of all fees and box office revenue. The Fringe operates on the premise that all participants—artists, staff, volunteers, and audience—will treat others fairly and respectfully and are entitled to the same treatment in return.
The Company hereby grants Classic City Fringe Festival permission to photograph and record video of The Company's production for use in its publications, including website and social media, without payment or any other consideration. The Company understands and agrees that these photographs and videos will be the property of Classic City Fringe Festival. The Company hereby irrevocably authorizes Classic City Fringe Festival to edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish or distribute the photos and videos for purposes of publicizing Classic City Fringe Festival’s programs or for any other lawful purpose. In addition, the Company waives the right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written or electronic copy, wherein performers likenesses appear. Additionally, the Company waives any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of the photographs and video. The Company hereby holds harmless and releases and forever discharges the Classic City Fringe Festival of all claims, demands, and causes of action which may arise by reason of this authorization. I hereby warrant that I am of full age and have every right to contract in my own name with respect to the aforementioned provisions. Further, I warrant that I have read and understand the Waiver and Release, prior to its execution, and that I am fully familiar with the contents thereof. It is understood and agreed that this agreement is not to be construed as an admission of liability of any nature whatsoever on the part of the The Company. I have executed this Waiver and Release freely and without duress, economic or otherwise. I acknowledge that this Waiver and Release is contractual in nature and not a mere recital. I hereby acknowledge that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia.
Digital Signature *
By typing your name here you agree to all of the above. This is your digital signature.
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