Saturday Nitro Live Registration
If you would like to participate in the Saturday Nitro Live tournament, please register through this form.
Please only register once per person.
Minecraft Username: *
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Example: William#5204
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Region (Timezone): *
During the qualifier round, we will try to match you with users of a similar timezone.
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We're now only accepting registration for the 10th of August
Information for Registrants
By registering for Saturday Nitro Live you:
• Agree to the tournament rules:
• Understand that while we will try our best to match players together who live in similar timezones, we may not be able to match you in a perfect time.
• Understand that we expect competitors to attend each Saturday they are competing on (you do not have to attend both qualifier rounds, only the one you are qualifying in). If you are unable to, please let a referee know in advance. ☺
• Expect to be contacted by William#5204 or nossi#3693 via discord informing you of your game time before Friday the 2nd of August, 2019 or Friday the 9th of August, 2019. If we are unable to contact you for whatever reason, we will tag you in the Dogcraft Discord channel. Please ensure your discord privacy settings are set to allow us to do so, or add one of us as a "friend" on discord.
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