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In this online course, researchers in online learning will seek to iteratively improve the support for team project based learning through analysis of the data logged by the platform, the assignments students turn in, and their grades.The instructor has determined that your use of the course platform and associated collaborative environment is required for the completion of your assignment(s); however you have the right to opt your data out of any analyses that will be done as part of the research.The course and project grade information that may be accessed by the researchers includes but is not limited to information which may be deemed to be personally identifiable information from student education records as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or other applicable laws. However, personal identifiers will be removed from the data prior to analysis for research purposes. Researchers with appropriate human subjects training outside of Carnegie Mellon University may be granted access to de-identified data.Your allowing us to collect your data in this course is voluntary. If you decide to not allow us to use your data, it will not adversely affect your grade in this course, your relationship with the instructor or with the university. If you do not wish for us to use your data in our analyses, please contact Carolyn Rose at Do you consent? *
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