Weekend and weekday Masses for June 27-July 3, 2020
Please let us know which Mass you plan to attend or if you are returning to Mass for the first time! Thank you!
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Which Weekend Mass do you plan to attend? Choose one. *
How many persons TOTAL are in your household who will attend? We need to know this for seating purposes. *
The cry room and nursery will be closed. I have young children and prefer to be seated at the end of a pew.
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Receiving Communion? Receiving Communion may increase your risk of possible contact. Those attending Mass are not obliged to receive Communion. If you/household plan to attend Mass but DO NOT plan to receive Communion, we will have separate seating for safety and logistical reasons. Those who do not wish to receive will be asked to sit in the transept area in front of the organ. Do you (and your household) plan to receive Communion? *
If you believe the risk is too high for you to attend Mass on Sunday, Would you prefer to attend a Daily Mass which will be limited to 20 persons? *
If you plan to attend Daily Mass, because you can't come on Sunday, which day of the week is best for you? You may choose more than one option but Tuesday/Thursday REMAIN LIMITED to at-risk parishioners only! *
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