First research - questions about "end time"
the new go plastic production 2018
Your answer
Your answer
Comedy or Tragedy?
Staying or leaving?
Bathrobe or dressing gown?
Single - or double room?
Cold or heat?
Clarity or intoxication?
Blinds or curtain?
Legal or illegal?
Leading or following?
Cash or credit card
Optimistic or realistic?
Minibar or snack machine?
Enduring or disappearing?
Dressed or naked?
Day or night?
Carpet or floortile?
Taboos or rules?
Shining or Psycho?
Better hidden "safely" or being constantly on the run?
The place you would like to be in the end?
Your answer
Your ultimate end - of - the - world scenario?
Your answer
The last song you want to listen to?
Your answer
The last things you have to do when the end is nigh? (name maximum 5)
Your answer
The last thing you want to see before it gets dark / bright forever?
Your answer
Your (famous) last words?
Your answer
Would you rather face the end alone by yourself or in company?
Thank you!!!
your go plastic team.
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