Fractalfest 2017 Volunteer Application
The time has come for us to band together and co-create a Fractalicious Tribe-a-delic experience for all who are drawn deep into the Fractal Forest for our annual celebration. We are excited to welcome many volunteers with strong value systems and work ethics to participate in making this years Fractalfest a special place. Creating this space takes time and dedication, with your help we can uphold a structure which gives all attendees the best possibility of a positive experience.
Here's the Deal
This position will require you to:

* Work 2 six hour shifts before, during or after the festival
* Submit a $20 accountability amount via TicketLeap
* Give positivity, hard work and respect to your position
* Communicate with Team Leaders before and during Fractalfest 2017
* Be sober and alert during your shifts.

This position will entitle you to:

* A Fractaltribe crew T shirt
* One meal per shift completed (3)
* The support of a team who loves what we do as much as you!
* Being an important part of making Fractalfest happen!


If this works for you, select Huzzah! and proceed
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Have you worked with Fractaltribe before?
If 'Yes', what did you do? If 'No', what makes you want to join the Tribe?
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What's your day job?
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In what part of Fractalfest would you like to be involve? (Choose 3)
Are you interested in an internship position?
You'd be working closely with some core Fractalfest leaders, learning a bit more about what goes into the production of Fractalfest behind the scenes. Help guide and lead other volunteers with regards to their duties.
If you answered yes, which area are you interested in working more closely with?
What is your T Shirt Size in Men's?
There's a bathtub full of animal masks. Which one do you pick to wear?
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