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Welcome to our adoption process for the most amazing little animals we feel are available as pets. Sugar Bears are amazing pets and with our simple bonding process, you can have the most loyal little companion you could imagine. The good thing is that the care and husbandry is very simple and we walk you through everything you need to know as long as you can follow our simple instructions. Over the years we have legally and ethically adopted over 70,000 animals into homes all throughout the world and we are excited to offer this opportunity to you.

Even though we have adopted out tens of thousands of animals over the past decade, we are VERY particular on who we bring on as our customers. Most of our sales happen face-to-face but because we have distributors all over the country, we are able to take orders but ONLY from good parents.

With such a high demand for these little guys, we need you to take your time and fill out this application. We will then review each applicant to make sure that you will be a good parent and bring our animals into a safe and healthy environment. Please understand that we ONLY want to find the Best Parents for these animals. This is why this application is as lengthy as it is. If someone does not want to even fill this out in full, then we do not want to put an animal in their hand.

Thank you for taking the time and we will get back to each applicant as they are received. We will hopefully be setting up a way to get you your new baby soon.

Pocket Pets Team

P.S. We are only able to adopt our animals out to adults over the age of 18 so there will be an age verification. If you are under 18, please speak with an adult to fill out this form.

P.S.S If you are are a currant customer and need assistance, we are so happy to help you and we have customer service available for you 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. This form is strictly to purchase a new animal or to purchase additional animals. for anything else please email

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What is a good contact phone number? This will only be used to reach out to you about your adoption...especially if you want your animal immediately.
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Due to our animals only being adopted to adults, please state your age.
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Number of adults in your household?
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Number of children in your household (w/their ages)?
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Is your house suitable for caring for Sugar Bears?
Where did you come to the realization you wanted a Sugar Bear. *
Please explain what happened when you realized you wanted a Sugar Bear.
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What are your top 2 reasons why you believe a Sugar Bear would make a great addition to your family?
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Due to the extremely high demand- and only having a limited number of babies, we need to know a little more about how quickly you are hoping to adopt. We only place our babies in specially selected homes when they are between the ages of 8-12 weeks out of their mother's pouch so please select how quickly you are wanting to adopt from the options below:
Do you rent or own your home?
How many Sugar Gliders do you plan on adopting?
Are you aware that the Sugar Bears we place for adoption have an average lifespan of 12-15 years- and come with a lifetime warranty?
Do you understand that a sugar BEAR requires a specific diet which costs about $40 a year?
Sugar bears require love an attention, do you have time to interact with them on some level every day?
There is no ongoing vet care for these animals as they don't carry rabies or anything like that but being that it is a live animal, in the rare case that something happened to your animal, would you be willing to take your baby to get the proper medical attention?
Are you comfortable following instructions (we provide) on how to care for and bond with your sugar bears?"
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