Will Blockchain Technology Change How Well National Archives Preserve the Trustworthiness of E-Records?
We invite you to the research by Dr. Özhan Sağlık from Bursa Uludag University and Associate Professor Dr. Victoria Lemieux from British Columbia University called "Will Blockchain Technology Change How Well National Archives Preserve the Trustworthiness of E-Records?"

The ethical approval is taken from the Bursa Uludag University on 29.04.2022 in the session of 2022/04 with decision number 53.

This research aims to examine the perspective of national archives and digital archivists around the world on blockchain technology, discover the activities in this regard, and analyze their views on how the mentioned technology can play a role in preserving trustworthiness. You are asked to allocate an estimated 10 minutes for the research. Quantitative research methods will be used and 10 questions (with sub-questions 18) are asked in the research.

Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. In order for the study to achieve its purpose, we expect you to answer questions sincerely, without being pressured or indoctrinated by anyone, with the most appropriate answers.

If you read this text and write your e-mail, it will mean that you agree to participate in the research. However, you also have the right not to participate in the study or to stop answering at any time after participating. The information obtained from this study will be used purely for research purposes. The answers will be published without specifying the name of the institution and your personal information. If you need more information now or later, apart from the information given about the purpose of the research, you can reach the researchers via the e-mail address ozhan.saglik@gmail.com.

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