Design Questionnaire
Design Meeting Questionnaire
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Client Name. *
Email Address *
Phone *
Property Address. *
Current Mapping of Property. *
Do you have accurate survey, topographical or architectual plans available?
Landscape Location. *
What is the location of desired landscape?
Existing Issues. *
Are there currently any pest or property issues?
Referred By. *
How did you hear about us?
Budget. *
Have you had a chance to think about a budget?
Dream House. *
Is this your dream house?  Or is it a stepping stone to that house?
Install Deadline. *
How soon do you what to start install?  Is there a special event you are trying to prepare for?
Permits, Licenses and HOAs. *
Are there any special codes or ordinances to follow?
Where does your water come from?
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Type of gas service?
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Are you connected to a sewer service?
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Availability. *
What days of the week work best for you to meet?
Meeting Time. *
What time of the day is best for you to meet?
Is there a particular landscape or architecture style that you prefer?  There might be several.
Seasonal Interest.
What is your favorite season?  When do you the maximum amount of interest in your garden?
What type of shapes or movement do you prefer?
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Garden Maintenance.
Who is the gardener in your house?  Do you enjoy working in the garden or do you prefer to have the maintenance taken care of so that you can relax in your exterior space?
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What hardscape features would you like to be included in your design?
Are there any materials you especially like?
Are you drawn to certain material colors?
Do you have any favorite plants?  Any plants that you dislike?
Is there any wildlife that you would like your plant material to attract?
Water Conservation.
Would you be interested in Smart clocks for your irrigation system?
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Water Conservation.
Do you want to try and incorporate a drainage feature to replenish groundwater?
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Is there existing irrigation?
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Please use this space for other ideas you'd like to share.
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