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TEAM-UP is a program that connects guild members from Associations. The goal is to
provide guides who are on a visit to any place an opportunity to connect with members from the
respective association for the purpose of getting on-site guide-related information and
networking. Guides who complete and return the information below are added to a list
maintained by their respective Guild.

How it Works: If seeking a buddy/mentor while on a visit to a place, submit a request at
least 1 week prior to the date a buddy is needed. Your request will be sent via an email blast to
the respective association, and potential Buddies will respond directly to you.
Participant’s Responsibilities: Those requesting a buddy are expected to provide a
paragraph summary (50 words or less ) of their visit and/or photo with caption that could be used
in their respective guild newsletter, website or other activity. Submission of this summary is

1/ TEAM-Up helps to facilitate connections, but does not guarantee fulfillment of a
request; and is not responsible for travel, lodging or any costs incurred by a program participant.

2/ Don't forget to bring your ID and Association Membership card with your WFTGA CULTOUR CARD so you enjoy its full benefits during your visit. If you don't have one, please let us know.

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The Team at Team Up
Maribeth Oakes at ( for DC)
Ibrahima Diallo (for NYC)
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