CH-UH P. E. Waiver Application 2020-2021
Section 3313.603 of the Ohio Revised Code gives school districts the authority to adopt a policy to excuse students from all high school physical education requirements if they participate in District-sponsored interscholastic athletics, marching band, show choir, and cheer-leading for at least two seasons, or an approved Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) program for two years. With this policy, the board would not require the student to complete any physical education courses as a condition to graduate. However, the student will be required to earn a one-half unit of credit, in another course of study to meet graduation requirements.

Key Points of Information/Frequently Asked Questions
This policy is not retroactive. Districts are not permitted to implement a retroactive policy. The two full seasons and the additional one-half unit of credit must begin after the implementation date of the policy. This means students would have the opportunity to complete the waiver intent for a sport, marching band, or cheer-leading starting in the summer of 2015.

Other activities (non-school-sponsored athletics, etc.) that involve physical activity on the part of students may not be counted toward the two semesters of physical education. The statute specifically limits participation to interscholastic athletics, marching band, cheer-leading, show choir, and JROTC. There is no authority granted to a board of education to include any additional participation.

What is the impact of being “cut” or quitting?
The statute requires participation “for at least two full seasons.” The season during which a student was “cut” or quit the activity could not be used to meet the two-season requirement.

If a student participates in only one full season of an approved activity, can the student be excused from 0.25 units of Physical Education and thus have to take only 0.25 units of physical education to complete his or her requirement under the Ohio Core?
No. The statute requires participation for at least two full seasons, or years for JROTC. There is no provision in the law that would permit any type of partial excuse.

If a student takes advantage of the PE waiver in Cleveland Heights-University Heights, does the waiver transfer with the student if he or she moves to a district without PE waivers?
Students are subject to the graduation requirements of the district where they will graduate. In the case of a transfer student, the receiving district is not obligated to honor the PE waiver earned in the prior district. The district should count any non-PE credit the student earned as a condition for receiving the PE waiver while in the prior district, but the student will still need to earn the required PE credit as required by the new district. Districts may decide how non-PE credits apply to their graduation requirements.

What happens if a student is injured during the season?
The injury will not prevent the completion of one season if the coach/director concedes that the student actively participated and made contributions in spite of the injury.

Can team managers or statisticians complete the waiver?
No, team managers and statisticians are not eligible for the waiver. Only students physically participating in the activity are eligible.

Can the student earn the waiver by playing two (2) consecutive sports?
Yes. The waiver specifies that a student must complete two seasons to earn one quarter (1/4) credit and not the order or timing of the season.

Can a current senior begin earning credit through the P.E. waiver?
In order for a senior to be eligible to participate, he/she must complete two full seasons by the end of the first semester. This provision is in place to ensure that seniors successfully complete the requirements the semester before expected graduation. This would exclude students from earning credit by participating in winter or spring sports during their senior year.

Are there any other requirements students must meet beyond the two full seasons of participation in interscholastic athletics, marching band, or cheer-leading?
Yes. Exempted students must meet the 20 credits toward graduation in another elective/course for the .5 credit waived.

Band Camp begins two weeks before the start of each school year. Students who plan to waive PE requirements through their marching band participation must attend band camp.

Procedure for Documenting Physical Education Course Exemptions:
1. Students should complete this online CH-UH Physical Education Waiver Application by the following dates:
Fall – September 11, 2020
Winter – December 18, 2020
Spring – March 19, 2021

2. At the end of the season, the Athletic Department will verify with the coach/advisor that students who completed Waiver Applications have completed a full season. The school counselor will ensure that the student’s transcript is updated to reflect the successful completion of the PE waiver.
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