NAVADAL - The National South Asian Youth Dance Competition
Thank you for your interest in NAVADAL 2017 - The National South Asian Youth Dance Competition, produced by Akademi in partnership with One Dance UK, held at The Patrick Center, Birmingham Hippodrome, 15 July 2017.

NAVADAL is a celebration of up and coming young classical South Asian dance artists within the UK.

DEADLINE: 30 April 2017

The categories are as follows:

Age 11 - 16 Solos

Age 17 - 25 Solos

Age 11 - 16 Groups

Age 17 – 25 Groups

Our panel will assess you against the following criteria:

Criteria for Soloists:
- The strength of your technique in your chosen dance form
- The quality of performance - including use of different dynamics, focus, and expression
- The Musicality demonstrated in your performance
-The use of choreography to show your technique and abilities (please note that it may be a teacher, the dancer, a guest choreographer, or a mixture of contributors which create the choreography of your piece).
- Your ability to relate and communicate with the audience

Criteria for Groups:
- The strength of overall technique within the group in the chosen dance form
- The quality of group performance overall, including use of different dynamics, focus, and expression.
- The Musicality demonstrated by the group in your performance
- How the choreography best shows the technique and abilities of the group members (please note that it may be a teacher, the dancers, a guest choreographer or a mixture of contributors which create the choreography for your piece).
- The quality of choreographic elements such as differing spacial patterns, formations, levels, transitions, rhythm, tempo, and dancer relationship.
- The quality of audience and group engagement
- The relationship between dancers

Please note that all performances must be between 3 and 5 minutes.

Prizes for the competition will be announced in the coming months, with opportunities to perform at the prestigious Alchemy Festival at the Southbank Center, Trophies, and more!

Why not make the most of your time at U.Dance 2017, by coming for dinner at Birmingham Hippodrome on Friday 14 July and watching the opening night performance on the main stage? The show will include a range of vibrant youth dance companies from across the UK. After staying the night in a private ensuite room at Aston University, you will be able to take part in a South Asian Dance workshop, before preparing for your Navadal performance. Price: £68.40 (Package also includes dinner, breakfast, and lunch). Ideas for how you can fundraise for the costs can be found here:

Excitingly, this year NAVADAL has also teamed up with ISTD to provide their students aged 11-18 with a chance to win an additional award. Applicants to NAVADAL do not need to be ISTD students to apply, but only ISTD students will be eligible to receive the additional award. If you are shortlisted for NAVADAL, you will also automatically be submitted to the shortlist of the ISTD Bursary.

To be in with a chance to win this ISTD prize you must be:
- Studying under an ISTD qualified teacher
- Completed at least one ISTD examination
- Be between the age of 11-18
- Performing in the solo category of either Bharatanatyam or Kathak style only
- Click the appropriate box on the application form to state you would like to compete for this prize

If you have any questions, please contact Shivaangee on, 020 7961 3210

*Please note, if you are successful we will provide you with basic lighting and sound support on the day. Please contact us to discuss any further requirements and we will do our best to accommodate within reason.

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