Measuring Learning Outcomes at Scale
This form is for those educators in Higher Education who would like to join with the Advanced Learning Technologies Lab of the University of Toronto Scarborough to directly assess the potential of peer-assessment to quantify core learning outcomes (e.g., critical thought, creative thought, clear effective communication, etc) at scale.

If you currently use peer-assessment, or are willing to try our technology-enabled peer-assessment platform called peerScholar, then all we ask is that - as part of the assessment students apply to the work of their peers - you include questions related to whichever VALUE Institute Rubric you feel is most fitting for the assignment

By filling out this form you are only indicating your interest in knowing more about the project. We will then reach out to you directly to discuss specifics and to share additional information. For example, the research project has already been approved by our ethics board and we will happily share that information and assist you if ethics also needs to be obtained at your institution (which is likely).

What is your institutional and departmental affiliation?
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What courses do you currently teach, and what year of university are they associated with?
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Do you currently use some form of technology-enabled peer-assessment or would you like us to provide the technology and support?
Which of the following transferable skills are especially important to you?
The research will likely run from the Fall of 2018 until the Fall of 2019 ... which terms would work best for you?
What is the best e-mail address to use to contact you further about this project?
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Anything you'd like to tell us about yourself?
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